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New trader Art makes $2990 in 1 trade using 13marketmoves formula

Oct 22, 2020

Good afternoon, traders are, this is Art. Today is Monday the 19th of October, 2020. And today I'm sharing another fantastic trades that I took courtesy of the team at 13 Market Moves. All I wanted to thank God for the, the, the privilege and the, and, and, and the, the connection that he has allowed me to have with the teaching market moves.

There are, this team is truly helping me to, to change my trading life. And I'm so grateful. And I thank Chris, I thank Mike, and I thank all the folks behind the team 13 Market Moves about the most that make these kind of trends possible, or today our tread was when spy and it was a typical move, three trade, um, and the study door. Um, if I did the open with a quick pop in, um, at the Alton, which presented very good entries for, for spike poets.

And then, and I took advantage, um, after I received the, I led from Chris and med and end any entry into, into, into spite poets. And, and, and then, um, I continue on, um, something, um, four, four, four total position. It'd be at the, at the top of my position. I had up to 40 poets or spy, but then, uh, as is typical, um, I disciplined trader, um, the, the iPod did some point and I closed half of my position while, because, because fire was continuing to go up and, and then, and then that, that is maybe grateful today that, um, that panic, that I discipline cost me a lot of money, but, but still I held onto some positions.

And this was the result that, um, the, that guy was no, that was able to, to come up with a profit of $2,990 and percentage gains of one, or focus in one, one, 3% on some of those, some of those positions that I took, and this was, and this is again, I'm so thankful to police officer holding my hand and helping me to stay disciplined. So, so this video release, I want to just to encourage somebody, um, and trade may be, um, you know, losing money and just trying to figure out what else can they do to change their trading. Um, the teammate attention, like it moves can really, can truly help you. I am experiencing that right now.

And I'm so happy also, as I said, thank you, Chris. Thank you, Mike. Thank you 13 Market Moves Team. Thank you.


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