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New Trader takes $1.3k into $5.7k on Friday, what trades did he take?!

Oct 25, 2020

Hello and happy Friday to all you watching this video. My name is Abi and I'm recording this video on the 23rd of October, 2020.

A great day of trading for me, once again, I'm a small account holder and I'm slowly growing my account with the help of 13 Market Moves and specially my mentor and my guide, Chris, who has been helping me out, understand the course, understand the patterns and also he's been helping me a lot with my trades.

So as I said, today was a great day. I was able to convert $1.3K to $5.78K in just two trades. One of them was a swing trade, which I took yesterday and I sold today and the other was a day trade, which I took today.

So before I talk to you about these trades and the details, I would once again like to talk about 13 Market Moves Formula. It's a great course.

I have been trading using this course for some time now and I do see the results. I do see the difference in my trading style.

I, for sure trade, fearlessly now. I used to be impatient. I used to be scared of trades. I used to pull out of the trades soon, sometimes making losses, but now with 13 Market Moves Formula, I know that there are certain moves that happen on certain days, and I'm able to understand those moves better because of which I'm able to stay in the trades better and also I am now able to stair-step my way into the trades and also stair-step my way out of the trades, ensuring that my winning trades give me more profits and it ensures that I stay in winning trades for a long period of time.

Once again, thank you to the 13 Market Moves Formula, the 13 Market Moves team, Leo, Brandon, and of course, my coach, my rock, my mentor, Chris, as I said, who has been helping me every day, day in and day out.

So without further ado, I will talk about these two trades that I took. As I said, the first trade was a swing trade.

This was Intel. Intel, as you know, was coming out of its earnings release yesterday and they had some negative news around one of the areas in which they operate and I got into puts right before the close of market.

I took five puts, five put contracts, at 54 cents and right after the close bell yesterday, the stock dropped from about $54 to $47. So when the market opened today, I sold those puts at 3.49, and that's $3 and 49 cents per contract and it was a huge profit, from 54 cents to $3 and 49 cents.

The next trade that I took was a Snowflake.

Snowflake, as a stock, has been doing extremely well.

They just went public, as you would know, I think on the 16th of September and the stock has been trading extremely well.

It was trading at around 300 on yesterday, but Chris, again, helped me with this trade and the stock had started looking weak because it had started dropping since morning. And Chris asked me to stair-step in and buy put contracts for Snowflake. So I bought contracts in four steps.

I bought three contracts first at 68 cents and then I bought two contracts for a dollar and 15 cents and then three contracts for a dollar and 9 cents and again, two contracts for $1 and 73 cents.

Again, I waited on this trade and finally the trade started materializing towards the last half hour of the trading day today and it was a beautiful trade. I sold the first two contracts for $5 and 33 cents.

The next three contracts cost $6 and 67 cents and the last five contracts for $4 and 54 cents. So with both these trades put together, my profits were over 400%, which again, I'm extremely happy.

As I said, I am growing my account. I have been operating off a small account and definitely the education that I'm receiving from the 13 Market Moves course, and before that I took the charts and patterns and divergence courses.

These courses have really helped me understand the markets better. I am absolutely able to understand chart patterns, divergences, and I'm able to take really well-informed trades.

So once again, I would strongly urge people that are watching this video and who have been wanting to trade for a long time, but they are not able to trade because they don't have the right education, I would certainly request you to make that call, talk to a senior trader in 13 Market Moves and try and understand how you can become a better trader.

You will not find out unless you give it a shot. And I would suggest you to give it a shot because this is one of the best things that happened to me this year and I'm so thankful and grateful, once again, to the 13 market move team for helping me every day, each day, make a better trader.

Thank you so much.

Have a very good weekend.


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