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Jul 19, 2021

What's up guys. I've been working with you for two weeks. Guys, working with Leo is like riding in the roller coaster. You jump out, you can be dangerous, but to count. Let me show you why.

All right guys. So let's just Tuesday right now. I'm looking at my account. I'm down on Amazon, a thousand dollars. I'm done on VIB, a thousand dollars. I'm done MRN MRNs, $700. My conscious got cut in half guys now, and from $6,000 to long to $4,000. So I texted the O I said, Leo, should I exit the trade at open bell? Because Powell speaks, the federal reserve speaks at 12 o'clock and we'd know when he speaks. Everybody a bit, the whole market. This is the bed. So I said, under these conditions with three red trades guys, I'm nervous. I don't want to blow up my account. I don't want to lose all my money, guys. I didn't hear from Leo until one o'clock. And I told him, look, I saw MRN $3,000 in a different Amazon had neon summons. I said, sorry, man. He said, no, why you did it?

So he said, buy MRA. Now I told him, look, man, I only have $2,000. I'll be able to cash. And I said, to be honest with you, man, I'm already in one trade and I don't want to blow up my accounts. So right now I'm pressing the risk management guys. So basically it was an excuse to not get back into trade guys. So now I'm cherry picking. I don't want to get back into Amazon MRNs. None of that I'm nervous. So he sent me a text three minutes later, get into FSLR. 90 puts put 2000 thousand guys immediately. I jumped in all that risk management, playing it safe when you'll send me that text out. I thought that out the window, when Leo talks guy, sometimes I feel confident. You know, I just want to jump in, jump into a trade. And that's what I did.

So basically, um, you know, I told him I just bought a FSLR two K. So now he says selled FSLR. Um, cause right now I'm like 2000 thousand FSLR so I sold it to arm, you know, to get some more profit going so I can getting up in all the trades. So basically guys, um, bib, Katon dropping eight, went from two 50 to two 20. It dropped about $20. So I'm writing out. My con is up 23,000. I made about maybe $13,000 on bib puts. So basically you said get Netflix. So I got Netflix and I don't like Netflix guys. I'll tell you about it later. So right now I'm an M N a on Netflix and bib right now, Viv is a $4,000. Am. RNA is up $3,000. Netflix is down $7,000. So right now I'm deciding guys I want to, so I never made it some type of money before I picked Leo, I was like, yo, Leo, should I sell in a market spot to drop?

Because the fed, the federal reserve is speaking. He said, that's the reason why we want to hold these trades. Oh, that's not what I want to hear guys, because now I'm $23,000 in profit. I'm going to lose none of that because I know tomorrow, the mocking, my tent and my drop. I didn't want to risk it. So I held, I held MRN a overnight. So I'm in Maine right now guys. And I'm driving back. I receive a text from Leo saying, Hey, MRNs is up to $20. Um, after hours, when I heard that guy, I was driving, you couldn't tell me nothing. That's how I was. Because my home waving at people, it was pitch black. I was so excited guys. I was size and thinking like, man, I see that new Benz I want, I see that. I see me on the beach, sipping pina colada.

God's about to call my job and tell him, look, man, I quit. I quit. But then as was like, you know what? Come on, calm down. You just want a $20. I couldn't wait for the morning bill to open up man that night, God, I couldn't ever sleep. I slept with my phone. Listen. If somebody broke into my house, this Nick would take anything they want, but don't take my phone guys. I thought it was a newborn baby. I said so cooked to my phone because I know tomorrow when that belt opens up, I was going to be like 20,000, 30,000 thousand profits. So guys saw the bell opens up to the next day. I'm on the road. Now I'm driving. I have to pull over. So I hopped in my bunk. I started looking at MRN day. I texted Leo. I was like, good day.

I was locking in prophecy and someone MRN at open. So a half an hour goes by. I started to hear from Leo. Then the market started dropping my, I went from 23,000 to 15,000 gods. I was nervous. I was sweating. My, my job calls me like, Hey y'all are you on? Are you at the delivery? Because I'm in the truck. I got the delivery. I said, yeah, man, 10 minutes up to my foot to the side guys knowing well, I'm two hours away. I didn't care. I really wanted to tell him I quit. I don't miss the money off MRN. Hey, well listen guys. Right? So I didn't hear from New York half an hour later, I remember what Leo said. He says stop jumping out of trees. So when I heard that, when I remember what he said, I held and all of a sudden guys I'm watching MRNs go from $23,000 to $30,000 to 40,000.

I'm like, oh Man, feeling good. Now guys, my icon is at $54,000, $54,000. I'm still listening. I'm still down on Netflix. The trailer gum to guys I'm done negative $9,000 am already named Leo, Tom to so happy to contract. I sold half. I'm still at $19,000 guy. My comes up $54,000. Check this out guys. Right? If I didn't get into MRNs, if I let my emotions get the best of me and I got in my feelings, I wouldn't have got an MRI, but you see Netflix right now is down $10,000 guys. That's okay. Because if you stick with a strategy, even though I'm down $9,000 guys and marinade is still carrying the load because I'm still up $19,000. Am I ready? I'm like, am I a constant $54,000? God, I don't let Netflix though. When I get home, I'm going to do it next with Netflix on, off my, on TV.

My girl, she might, she might kick me out, but I don't care. Guys. I got, I got her ton of money. I'm $54,000. You can't tell me nothing. So I sold, I sold all my contract and MRN. A Netflix is down $10,000. So what I don't care right now, guys, I'm my concept. A $57,000. Bib is up $2,000 because I sold some earlier MRNs still at $4,000. Netflix is down $10,000. I'm ready to go home guys. I'm ready to sell. I sold MRNs. I sold all my, I sold all my trades guys. And I'm up. I'm up right now for the day 50 to $50,000. I'm excited to be honest with you guys, I'm going to be honest with you. We've got stick twisted our strategy. We can't cherry pick that our emotions get to get the best of us because if it does, we're going to miss out good trades.

I would've missed out. I would've missed out on MRA night. If I were, if I were to, um, if I would have played it safe, I'm not trying to get into this trade, that trade I would have lost, but you see how, even if you're stuck with a strategy and you get into his Strayed's, you see how, um, I was down $10,000, but with MRN a, he basically, it made up for that. So for all you guys were on defense, I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I'm ready to take my car from $50,000 to $500,000, but you asked help. It can be done. We've got to make it happen. And for you guys who are still on the fence, you ain't going to feel good because it could be us making that money. Right. You can be on this side. All right.


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