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Options Trader Documentary $500k to $5,900,000 in 4 days

Dec 11, 2021

If you're a trader, we have a special guest today who will be sharing his secrets of how he made over $5 million this week trading options with 13 market moves. First of all, congratulations. And can you give us a quick summary of what happened in the last 10 days?

Well, if you remember in the last interview, we took the account from 60 K to 1.3 million. Since that time we withdrew some money and, uh, we restarted the account with 500, 500 K 520 K uh, then, uh, we traded Friday, Friday. Wasn't that great. We came in, we lost, uh, 200,000 and, um, you know, we went into the weekend, you know, not, not feeling, uh, the greatest, but, uh, the determination never broke.

We came back Monday, we made the money back, we made 3 75 back up. Um, and then Wednesday, it just started getting crazy. We made $2.2 million, uh, closed the account came in, came home two, $2 million. Went back, went back in Thursday, was down 1.1 and, uh, you know, crazy. We finished Friday at, uh, $5.9 million. So we pretty much took the account from 500 K to $5.9 million. And I don't know, four trading days, five trading days.

That's absolutely amazing. Could you walk us exactly day by day and comment on each day, what trades you took the ups and downs, the emotions, what have you learned? So what I learned is to stick to the trades and, uh, stick to the plan. Uh, for example, on Friday, we, after at exiting, we had made 1.3 million and I was ready to make it happen.

And come Monday, I had a big reality check because I started the day, you know, with some money and towards the end of the day, I was down $230,000. Uh, we didn't really get a bounce in Amazon when we wanted it. Um, so it was it a little bit frightening. That's

A really big hit. How do you feel about That? Uh, so tell you the truth. I was devastated. Uh, there's nothing like, you know, making a lot of money one day and feeling good, feeling the, the confidence and then, you know, finishing the day losing money. It just makes you feel horrible.

So it seems that trading requires a lot of mental toughness to survive the, the down days.

So, yeah, it's pretty devastating. And what I recommend to everybody find ways to distress. I mean, a lot of people like to work out. I don't know, after, for example, that day after I was down 230 K I just went out on my Canam and I was just shredding it. I mean, I try to just, uh, get my mind focused, get the, the fears out the way and, and get ready to start trading again.

Hold on. Robert, you mean you went from negative 230,000 to positive 395,000 in just 24 hours. That's a 600 and thousand dollars swing to the positive. So I'm wondering what, what trades did you take?

So, yeah, I remember this day pretty much like yesterday. Uh, we were trading, uh, the S and P 500, uh, futures. Uh, we had about 70 positions in puts and, uh, we had about another 80 to a hundred positions in Moderna puts the next morning and, uh, helped us turn the account around.

Well, how did this come back, make you feel? Did you talk to any friends or family

About this? Well, to be honest with you, I mean, yes, I did talk to my friends and family and, and I was embarrassed to tell some of my friends the truth, you know, I had just won some money and here I am, I I'm down again. So, I mean, it was just a lot of emotions of, um, a lot of mental tricks that, you know, you go through as a trader. So what happens next? So, yeah, what happens next was pretty crazy. We made 2.3 million the next day. That Is absolutely amazing. Can you tell me a little bit more about your emotions that day?

So, yeah, it's a lot of emotions and I gotta, you gotta just remember yourself, you know, to stick to the plan and stick to the 13 market moves. Uh, I remember that day, uh, we were in put positions and, uh, while we were in put positions, everybody on TV and everybody under the score channels, they were buying calls. They were on the opposite side of us.

And, um, you know, we stuck to the moves and, uh, know all of a sudden the market dropped and sure, sure enough, we, uh, we were up, you know, a million million and a half and, and I could have settled right there, but, uh, we stuck to it. We stuck to the coaches plan and, uh, you know, we stuck it out to the end and we ended out with 2.3 million that day. That

Is absolutely incredible. So what have happens on Thursday?

Okay. So what happened Thursday? Again? It it's all crazy. Um, you know, we stuck to the plan. We stuck to the sequences. Uh, we were expecting a move 11 and, uh, we were building our position based on that. Uh, unfortunately for us, the move 11 didn't happen until after hours.

So, uh, you know, the $2.3 million that I had made before had now disintegrated and I was down 1.3 million, and I didn't know what to tell my wife. I didn't know what to do. I was embarrassed to even mention it to my friends, everyone around me was telling me, make sure don't risk that money, take that money I out. And, and sure enough, Thursday night I was, I was closing the market being down 1.3. Did

Your friends and family know about Thursday's losses? How did they respond to

That? Yes. All my friends and family gave me. I mean, uh, my wife gave me. She was devastated the next day. I mean, uh, she was so happy thinking we were gonna pay off the house. We were gonna take care of all our bills and you know, the next day I go in closing the market, uh, you know, being down.

Um, I remember that day like yesterday, uh, I remember, I, I never complained. I remember studying the move movie 11. Um, it didn't come out right when we were wanting to, it was, it came out a little bit after market hours, but, uh, we saw the formation. We saw the, the volume, we saw how people were bullish and it never broke certain levels.

Um, so we stuck to the plan sports. It was very painful that I stuck to the plan. Cause again, I, I had just made 2.3 million and now I'm going home being losing more than half. Um, it was devastating. Um, but we stuck to it and, um, the next day everything just changed.

So your close friends and family, no matter how much they love view, they made it so much harder for you. Uh, do you think what happened would've happened if you actually listened to them?

Yeah. Well, if I would've listened to everybody, I mean, I, I would've cut my position and I would've taken a loss. I mean, uh, I see a lot of guys on the score they're drawing lines or their, everybody has their own opinion. Um, and, and yeah, uh, I would've taken a loss, but you know, we stuck to the 13 market moves and, you know, we, we came out on top.

Would you say psychologically, that was your lowest day when your account went negative 1.1 million.

So, yeah, it was a pretty low point. And, uh, I actually ended up calling Neil that day. I told him to gimme a call and, uh, you know, it's for money that day. When, when Neil called me, he didn't even mention the trades. He didn't mention the, the loss we were at. All he did is explain to me the, the plan and explain to me the charts, what was happening.

And, uh, you know, I saw that move 11 was happening. It just hadn't really confirmed until market hours. So it happened right as he was telling me, like, he, he, he started telling me that, you know, there's a possibility the market was gonna go down after hours and sure enough, it did, um, everything after that is just, uh, it's crazy how it happened. I mean, we opened up the market the next day and, and, and sure enough, it dropped enough to make us, uh, a big amount.

How do you hold your ground and stay sane when you are down over a million in positions?

Great question. All I did was pretty much just listen to my coach. Uh, I remember after the market, he called me, we didn't talk about the size of the loss. All we focused was studying the move and the market, and, um, talking about what was gonna be our game plan for the next day.

Can you Describe your positions the day before and how much you were losing on Each?

Yeah, so pretty much that day we went down, uh, we, we ended up the market with being down a, a million 0.3 and we had a lot of spy puts positions. We had about 500 SP foot positions we had, um, I think it was a total of 500 Tesla position put positions as well. And, uh, I think the biggest one was, uh, 2000 S and P 500 puts, um, you know, we went in being negative at the end of the day.

We held those positions the next day. Um, we were down and, uh, you know, just like Leo said, he called me in the morning, told me, Hey, you know, within 30 minutes, the market is gonna break down and sure enough, uh, we, we added some more on, on, on some of the positions like Amazon and, and it was just an amazing, it was just a amazing for every time that Tesla made me suffer for every time that I lost money with Amazon, I made it all up in just a matter of minutes. E every tier, everything that happened throughout my trading career was made up seeing me being $2 million up on Tesla. It was, it was amazing.

So do you think Leo can see the future in the stock market?

So I've gotten to know Leo with time and I could tell you, no, he cannot tell the future, but I just know that he's really smart. And he also believes in God the way I do. And I don't know, but maybe God helps him study the charts a little better. Um, I just know that, um, he's also a, a pretty determined person.

I remember he helps me understand the moves. He helps me build the courage to stay on these place and, uh, you know, the results are there. You know, my count is where it's at and, um, we're just, you know, I'm just so grateful to be here. And so, uh, I I'm feeling the blessings

After adding all this up, you end up with 5.9 million for the week. Congratulations, first and foremost, would you like to share any final words of wisdom with any traders that are watching?

Well, guys, if I gotta say anything, just gotta stick to it, man. Never give up for one. Even if you're down, don't ever give up, there's always gonna be a better time. Um, also I would change a little bit of your strategies. I see a lot of guys out there that are trading or putting stop losses based on, uh, PNLs. I wouldn't, I wouldn't do it off of that. I wouldn't get off of a trade just because I'm down.

Um, you're gonna have to learn how to roll with the punches. You're gonna have to learn the moves. You're gonna have to learn the sequences. You're gonna have to learn to, uh, look for open interest and volume. And most importantly, never give up. You know, I, I have a little bit of faith. I, you know, I mean, sometimes I pray, uh, but I also study the charts.

I'm studying the charts, every chance that I get. And, uh, you know, that's pretty much it. I, I would also, uh, give 13 market moves a chance. I know there's a lot of people out there talking, saying stuff on the internet, putting on the comments, but I could just say, those guys were not committed.

Those guys didn't stick to the play. They didn't, you know, they, they didn't believe in themselves for one, you know, and this is not what it's about. You gotta, you trust, you gotta trust yourself and, and you gotta just go for it. And, and you gotta give 13 market moves a chance.

Robert, thank you so much. When are we gonna see you Again? Well, I'm definitely gonna stick with 13 market moves and you guys will see me when we hit 13 mile. Dude is crazy, dude. Like I felt like yesterday felt like a loser felt like I was an idiot. Eight. I felt like my wife was gonna talk.

You know, the, the friends that know about my trade, they were talking. But you know, I, I knew that I never would've got here without ju deal, that money dog. You know what I'm saying? It's here because of you brother. It's 13 market moves dog. 13 market moves changed my life. I love you brother.

First thing I'm gonna do is pay for that.

Thank you, bro. Hey bro. Want to say, thank you, Doug.

My wife leave right here. We thank you, bro.

Thank you so much, Leo.


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