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OPTIONS TRADING LIVE | $50K to $1MILLION in 3 DAYS | 13 Market Moves Coach Trading Live

Feb 01, 2022

Hey guys, what's going on in this video, we're gonna show you how to turn, uh, 50 K into, uh, 200 K plus we've got going on. Uh, the reason I say 50 K, I've got some, uh, heavy losses here so far. I've initiated the spike positions yesterday. I'm down about half on these. And, um, also just this morning, I've added 270 contracts of spike puts that expired today. So, uh, so we got about 20 K loss.

So if you add this number 29 K plus this loss right here, you're gonna be at 50 K. So I started that 50 K just didn't have a chance to record, uh, the traits, but here's the overview. So you know exactly where we started. And, uh, by the end of the day to date, January 19th, uh, right now is, uh, about 22 minutes after the market open. I think there's a great probability of getting a, a move, uh, to, and a sharp fall off by the end of the day.

So we're gonna stay with the trades, as you can see, uh, the trade is clearly going against us, uh, minus 20 K loss. So the market is, uh, right here, uh, 45 97 45, uh, 98, uh, second ago, which is the 46 0 1. So, uh, these are the market conditions. I think, well, what's gonna happen next is, uh, probably go sideways for just a little bit longer, another, uh, 30 minutes or so, 20, 21 minutes, roughly. And then we're gonna see a sharp full out, uh, hitting the level right here at 45 35. And, uh, therefore we got a very strike prices here, uh, wrenching from 4 56. So when that drop would happen to that level 4 45 35 would be, uh, quite a bit in the money on this trade right here. Uh, the, uh, collecting about a three X, four X, uh, this ones would be almost in the money.

So, uh, they could easily triple, quadruple as well. It just depends, uh, how quick this, uh, move to reversal is gonna take place. And so this is where you gotta be patient, right? You can be scared saying, Hey, I'm losing 20 K, let me get out. And normally it old point would the worst possible time to get out, just gotta trust the moves, understand the moves guys, uh, be able to read the market sequences, uh, to your advantage. And, uh, even though you may miss time, some of the entries, uh, if you stick to the move, uh, more often than not, uh, this is gonna be your ticket to take your account to the move. So, uh, let's drop or review the straight shortly,

Hey guys, uh, 10 29 a am. Welcome back to the counts at, uh, 49, actually 50 K. So officially what we've done by understanding the move in the last half an hour is instead of getting out with a 20 K loss, we're able to wipe out all the losses.

And as you can see for today, now we actually have a profit of 1700 bucks. The last batch of contracts that I purchased, uh, this morning, I did it right at the top. So those are actually making 13,000 and still, uh, carrying some, uh, losses from, uh, yesterday's entry and the amount of 6,000 here in the amount of 2,700 here. Um, but overall we're making now, uh, five grand. And as you can see, the account is at 54 K. So understanding the move is, uh, going to help you not to panic while normally be launch in the market going higher. And if you shorten it, you jump out, uh, as I said earlier, exactly at the wrong moment. So I understand this. If you will get scared while you're trading and you will lose, it's absolutely 100%, uh, sure way to lose money in trading options or trading stocks or trading, anything is when it looks like things are going against your position, everything inside of you is gonna scrim to jump out.

So you have to dig a little bit deeper in understand, uh, first, how do you react to your, and in order to do that, you have to understand not just where the market is going. The moment you're looking at your screen, but you have to understand where is, where is the market moving next? And so understanding that market moves move two. I was sending out on the alerts earlier, trying to get everybody in, uh, on this trade right here, move two, move two move guys.

And so easy trade guys. If you're not signed up, at least for the alerts, um, now click billing below, make sure you sign up because, uh, you'll save yourself a lot of money. Um, and you put yourself in a much better position to make money as a day trader. If you're trading with a group of individuals who has done it time and time and time again at this point, guys, we have officially made more millionaire traders in options than any other YouTube channel, um, and the entire planet.

And if you have strong aspirations to a million dollars trade this year million dollars plus, and you have an account size of at least, uh, you know, 30, 50 K, you can get started and we can get going guys, click the link below a sign, up to trade with a coach, but listen, the most important part of this, um, trading illustration today is the fact that fear will kill your trading account. Understanding the move move is gonna help you make money. That's how critical this difference is me being down $20,000 on the position. And now I'm actually making, uh, five, six K for the day oppos to cut in that loss guys. It all derives from the understanding of what move is actually going to happen throughout the day, which often and times can be predicted as a result of you following the sequence of the moves daily for the last three to five days in the market.

So with that said, you didn't see me panic when I was down 20 K as a matter of fact, when I was down 20 K, I absolutely knew for a fact that, uh, I was gonna turn this trade into 200 K trade. So we're on the way there guys, uh, the 4 56, um, spike puts those bond earlier. Now they are again, close to being the money. So we're at 4 56, 18, it's got long, long way to go, not without balances guys. So, but this is a good characteristic. If we drop another 20 points, uh, we're basically guaranteed for the next couple of days to be highly negative days. And that would put us in a station where the market will break absolutely these 4,500 level, which seemed to be impossible just, uh, a few days ago, we were not, uh, far off the, you know, 47, 50, 4800 mark on SG.

So, uh, this could be huge cuz we could be tracking from here for a 500 point move lower if we break this 4,500 level here in the next 24 hours. So keep you posted the train guys. Um, let's roll the counts of 55 K going to 200 K it's straight, let's go, Hey guys, what's going on? It is uh, 3:44 PM, January 19th. And uh, we're at 50 K um, not a whole lot of going on today. Uh, perfect move to formation. Uh, but things just a couple of bounces really decay the options quite a bit. So instead of sitting on, uh, a hundred K plus, uh, we're still fighting the 60 level, uh, but expecting another, uh, 11 to 13 point dropped about a level of 45 32 45 35 in the next, uh, 30 minutes. Uh, yes, I said 30 minutes, uh, spy options. They trade till four 15.

Um, so we got uh, 15 minutes till market close in, extra 15 it's to close out, uh, spike contracts. Now with that said I've reshuffled, uh, some of the strikes a little bit throughout the day and I'll show you the positions now. So overall for the day we're up, uh, 21 K uh, remember we started with a loss of, uh, 20 at the, at the market open. Um, so basically we've got, uh, 150 contracts here in this strike. 4 56 got a hundred contracts and the four 50 fives got a sizable amount of contracts here and the four 50 threes I've got 457 contracts. Um, and so that potential move lower could get the account potential 13 point move lower could get the accounter about a hundred K. Um, so we're ready to, uh, close out right about when we get there. Um, that could be happening, uh, lightning fast here.

So 45 44. So got about, uh, 10, 14 points worth of wrong to touch. Uh, 3:00 AM, uh, pre-market lows and, uh, got enough time to make that happen. So I got 14 minutes remaining. The trading session that shouldn't be enough for a 14, uh, point move lower here. Uh, stay tune guys. Uh, let's say, can we hit a hundred K uh, by the end of the day, take it to, uh, 200, 300 K tomorrow. You're about to find out let's wrong. Okay. So the account now, uh, 3 51, January 19th worth 96, K. And I'm gonna start, uh, selling some of these, uh, four 50 threes. I'm gonna, uh, go ahead and sell about 157 of them at market right now start taking some of them. Uh, here got 450 of them. So selling a little bit, ain't gonna make a huge difference. Okay. So about 50 cents 49 cents. That's fine. Let's roll. Once it goes 4 50, 2, 5, roughly I'm gonna hit this other, that order and just do it at market. Sell another a hundred. Okay. We're just sell another a hundred on the, on the most here right now. Okay. Solve at 62 cents,

Mark it on close and balance. Now 950 million the on the sell Side. Okay. Let's go ahead and sell somewhere right here. Okay. So as you can see for the day, we're up 60 count spy early in the day, we're down 20 count SP. All right. So let's go ahead and sell some more of these around here. Sell a hundred more, Uh, looks liked. IER trade is selling some of my other contracts. Oh no, actually I sold a hundred. I had a limited owner so that, uh, for the four 50, some 4 55 strike sold, 'em up to 4.4. Okay. Selling a hundred more here, 70 and sense on these. Look at this right here. This how it actually looks on the chart. So the level, um, we basically set for today, we just hit it 45 30. That's the target we're waiting for. We just hit the target. Now we may get sort of a sharp move lower because um, even apple is selling off at this point. So we could see just like a sharp 20 point move, lower

S and P future is now dropping to the lows 45, 27 50. Yeah. They are dropping now back. Why weren't you talking about that then? All right. So, uh, 45, 26, we could easily get another 20 point move here. So yeah, but what I want to do is I want to roll this 50 K into, uh, into Monday spike, but okay guys, uh, we got, uh, 40 seconds till, um, all of these contracts, uh, for today expired as you can see, I cleared all of them out, uh, bought 300, uh, kind that expire on Monday. Yeah, guys. So to summarize today, uh, we've made $73,692 on spike. Some contracts did expire like this one that was out of the money, 48 contracts. So there were nothing, uh, lost 700, uh, actually $827 on that you can see based up different strikes. Um, some losers is 700 bucks, 5,500 bucks. Some winners are, uh, 14,000 990, 40 4,917, 16,000 600 3600.

Um, so as you can see, uh, the winners are outweighing, uh, the losers. That's how we got the account from, uh, 50 K to hundred 46, K I think fourth day, uh, January 19th. And now the key, uh, is guys, I'll be honest with you. This market almost made me full asleep today. Uh, like I dozed off almost like a few times, but don't let this market pull you, uh, there's about some major, major moves that are about to take place in the market. And if you don't wanna miss a out on some wild trades, I mean, this is boring. I'm actually so sorry for making this boring video for you guys. But, uh, this market is just, I mean, look, think how slow it is. It it's as slow as my charts are loading on this, uh, this coffee shop. So, uh, the bottom line guys is don't miss out, uh, on the next killer opportunities here in the next few days.

Uh, the market's gonna be wild look, uh, DX, Y could shoot up above a hundred. I've got VIX. Uh, that's being artificially contained within the range of 18 to 24. And it's about to bust out possibly all the way to 50. So get ready. We've got some interest in stuff cooking, uh, with 13 market moves guys. Uh, I'd love for you to partake and these, uh, wins with us. And so let's roll, uh, sign up at 13, mark moves.com. Uh, make sure you invest in your education as a trader, make sure you know, the moose, make sure you know, the sequences. Uh, it's gonna make your job as a trader a lot easier. Other than that, um, I'll get you guys the next video soon. Uh, it. Make your 2022, your best trade year ever. But, uh, you gotta take action now guys, because this, this market is about to get wild. Let's go

Right guys. Uh, January 20th, 9:37 AM. Uh, the account was down about, uh, 16 K for the day. Um, got two positions I've added some spike puts, let me show you the positions. Uh, so spike puts, um, the 300 contracts are opened. Uh, last night, they're losing 26 K I've added 230 contracts, uh, for the today's expiration. Those are making 2,800 bucks, three grand, uh, and shorted task right at the open, uh, on task, uh, making 12 grant. So got a hundred, uh, put in the money, uh, average cost 1 0 5. They're currently going from 2 32 and I've got a limited order set to close these out here shortly. If it drops another dollar here, I'll be out, uh, about 3.4. Uh, so I'm just gonna be patient here. Uh, with this trade, the market is trying to bounce, but looking really weak. So we're heading, uh, potentially for another, uh, two move today possible retest a 4,500 month of on a circuit record and not a dollar lower year.

We should be, uh, good to go on this trade. All right, so I've got a limit where a 3.4, I think it's gonna hit it now. Surely actually I'm next. And why? Uh, the bid is 2 55 done sold 2, 2, 8, and sold the rest. Okay. Not a bad trade considering it took, uh, nine minutes guys. This is a nine minute tray. We called profit of, uh, 23,480 bucks on this sticker around here that you probably never heard of Ts cake. Now that was the first alert I sent up this morning on January 20th, uh, two our trade group. So if you were part of it, you would've nailed the trade right here. I T let's look for the next one. Let's go big day today, train right guys. Finally caught a dis trade on AFRM. So the account is basically breaking even from yesterday, um, 63 79, an FRM I got in at about 66, 5.

I was buying these foot and 60 strike for 20 cents. Uh, now they're going for a dollar or two and, uh, 200. I bought, uh, F one 18 in the, uh, 65 strike. And they're now going for three 15, actually. I've got a limit order set here, uh, to sell 'em at 3.4. Hold on. I gotta, I gotta, I gotta cancel. I, I, I didn't cancel it on times. All right. Anyway, I made 65 K still holding these 200 contracts right here, but it looks like I did get out too early on that one. Hi guys. Um, millisecond one millisecond. So this is why sometimes I don't record these because 1, 2, 10 seconds makes a huge, huge difference on the outcome on this is Open again, shares dropping worn now 26, right?

So we're officially out about 40 for the day, mainly because of this trade around here. All right. I've got a limited owner set here at 2.1. So if we can nail that, uh, Oh, ed again, point B6 58 after Resuming, Ted, I think I'm gonna be able to get this soon after 2.1, it would be like a 10 X trade. I was one of these for 20 cents. The companies halting production of connection. It's running backwards. So let's get out demand. Let's get out. So market, it. Let's go right. That's fine. I I'm, I'm happy with that. Not the best feel, but I can't complain on an eight X trade within five minutes. All right, guys. Uh, this is a bit of a revenge trade on spy All time shares open again in November

The fall here now, 25 13 below that's PT, O N Peloton 25 13.

The low now on got three, five foot, uh, 4 56 at 5 22. Return back to the base on the move. 11 right here, guys, a solid mob, 11. We should see a 45 50. Hi guys. Uh, uh, 3:14 PM. I accidentally just sold, uh, some of my, uh, R inputs. Um, I didn't mean to do it, but see 8,900 bucks right here. Um,

On the Rian, I got 602 countries. So I sold, I had mid order that I entirely forgot about, uh, and they just hit 98 cents and that's when, um, the order got filled. So, uh, I may reposition here. I may actually just, uh, take a different tray. Uh, I think spy will break this 3,500, uh, 4,500 level. And may just add to some of these here. I mean, it's fiction to just fall apart entirely. I mean the whole thing, as we said in the alerts yesterday. All right, so we're gonna do something stupid. We're just gonna buy these right here, 21 cents. Uh, okay. We're gonna buy like, okay guys, uh, the account is still struggling around three 30 K um, I've added, uh, Amazon position way out of money. There are only certain conditions when you should be doing this kind, sort of crazy stuff. Look what I've done. I've bought, uh, 150 contracts of Amazon's 2,900 put in expectation of Amazon actually hidden 2050, tomorrow. That is a 200 point drop

Breaker, alpha like uniform, tango, Oscar, a U T O.

Now I've gotten into the trade when Amazon was about 20 points higher, uh, therefore I'm making about 8,600 bucks on the trade, but it's not the matter of where you know, how much I'm making right now. The question is, is the move gonna be confirmed by tomorrow? Cuz if it is, uh, this trade by itself could be making a hundred grand. So, uh, we've got a real shot at, uh, breaking, uh, this level of 4,500 by tomorrow. Sometime maybe after hours, as long as it don't get any, uh, Sealy bounces like Tesla's trying to do around here, uh, thousand five, it's good chance this, they could flop all the way to 900 hours tomorrow, maybe eight 80. So huge things in the make in the market guys, January 20th, I still got 29 minutes to go on a trade session. Uh, this is going to be history in the Macon.

Let's wrong. All right guys. So this is where you could easily expect to bounce. Uh, the account is at 460 K uh, this could evaporate rudock fast because we can get a 10, 20 point move to the upside. The moment. Now the other side of the equation, because the conditions are so rare, uh, here and we're at the key level and we're having an acceleration of volume who can also easily get another 20 to 40 point move lower, not necessarily in the next 20 minutes, but in the next hour or the bigger part of that move can come right up to hours. So we're gonna stick with these trades for just a little bit longer. As you can see, the account is fluctuates rapidly because these are, if people just don't know what the to do, is it going up, these it going down and they're like none, the 13 market moves and stay cool. That's exactly what we're gonna do. We're gonna wait this out just a little bit longer. We're gonna collect some of the profit for the day. We're gonna leave most of the physicians overnight because Vics just broke. Yesterday's high 24, 26. Vic could open up at 30 tomorrow. So

Don't panic trade with 13 market posts.

All right, guys, this is the kinda you live for. If you are a short seller, meaning you make money when stocks drop in the market. So this is where things get excited because oftentimes you have a setup like this, you'll get a flush, meaning like you'll get a very sharp move to the downside that could be often followed by a strong bounce. And we still could see a substantial move here, guys in the next, uh, 14 minutes to a couple of hours, meaning after hours, we could still see a wild wall move to the downside. So, uh, in the meantime, we're just holding on to all the positions we got. The accounts been fluctuating between four 14 and three 50. And the last in minutes, uh, most of you honestly, you wouldn't be able to take this. Okay. You would cry. You would scream.

You would in your pants. You would. I, I mean, but I hope that's why you're watching this video because you want to learn how to control your emotions and make the best of what the market opportunity gives you, which is going to vary on different occasions. And one thing that can help you calculate the better timing and opportunity is the sequence of the 13th market. So there's a potential flush that's coming down right here right now. What we wanna do is we want to be ready and positioned for it. So for example, on this Amazon, okay, we don't want you to be watching the stuff dump. We wanna set a close in order, not necessarily for everything, but let's say, uh, we'll sell one third of the position. Uh, if it dumps it could dump, uh, $50 right now, guys in the next, uh, 15 minutes here. So we could potentially sell these, uh, for as much as 11 bucks. So I'm gonna have a limit order sitting and waiting there, uh, on this Amazon tray. There it is. Oh. I did not need to do that. You just automatically sold this. All right, I'm gonna actually buy these back. Uh, I'm gonna buy these back. Uh, it. I'm gonna have to get a better strike on these. I got six K 20 contracts and of course it's dropping. Okay. So that's pretty bad, but uh, let's just buy this contracts back.

Nowt one. I won time cuz this one could come. Uh, I missed it. Look 1 41 72. I missed the move. No I got 'em. I got 'em. I got 'em okay. At least I got that. They can't figure out if this is the best buying opportunity, you should be buying the dip right now, or you should just dump everything you can because when you're gonna wake up tomorrow, the marks are gonna make the magnificent gap lower. I think the probability of that happen is actually in much greater than somebody coming in and suicidally buying this, uh, dip right here right now. Uh, the volume is just too strong. Look at how strong this volume it's been accelerating. Have a, since uh, we started dropping it right here. Now, if you were a part of the alert group, guys, you would've gotten a message right here to short the market.

I'm sorry. Not right here. We actually send the message right here at 45 92. Um, later in the I'll try to insert a picture somewhere here showing you, but if you're part of the, you guys, would've gotten the message to short the hell out of the market. When right here at 45 91 45, 92, literally one point away from the top of the, the, so the account now is at 4 27 K uh, this is where patients pays off guys. And this is where things get exciting as a short seller. And the key is to stay with the move. So how far can this move go? Uh, potentially 4 5525 K um, in the next 11 minutes. He here. Now, if you're scared, close your eyes and click the link below. So you can study the moves and understand when you wanna do this. And when you absolutely want to avoid staying with a crazy move like that.

So most of you probably want to catch the out right now, but look, what's happening to Amazon 30, 36. Whoa, we got into it right here, guys. I I've been holding on this. AFRM on the second entry and it was just not doing a whole lot. So I've repositioned. I've gotten to these Amazon put on this point, it producing, uh, a much better return. So with that said, uh, six point drop. We can go back to 4,500. It retrains back at that point all the way to 44 60, there is a bigger move in the Macon. The bulls are trying to protect this area right here. 44 91 historically is an area where the market has bounced a few months ago. So this is an area that is subject to fighting between the bulls and the bears. But honestly the bulls are. IQNI, the money needs to be made on the bear side,

Uh, for India, Oscar, November, Quebec, and short, every bounce there is to short, uh, here Tesla's been stubborn about that thousand level, but don't let that fall. You, it still got plenty of room to drop from here. Key level in R I V N 65 bucks. If it drops below that this could be a highly, highly profitable position for us, just to, uh, recall, uh, basically on Riv N we're holding, uh, quite a few contracts on this 1 602, uh, contracts that we're buying in average cost for San is going for a dollar 54. Now these were buying for, uh, dollar 24 and then, uh, 3 25, 3 50. Uh, so altogether, uh, we're up about 113 K on this RIVM position, but, uh, what's more important is what is going to happen next. And we believe, uh, dependen on where the VIX is gonna open up tomorrow. Uh, our IVN could actually open anywhere from $62.

It could actually dip all the way down to 61, possibly even $58 area, which would make this position, uh, worth, uh, at about, uh, $7 a contract and then 600 contracts that position by the itself right here, just in a 65 strike could be worth as much as 420,000, uh, dollars. So that could easily put us, uh, close to a million. If just this one trade is going to work. I hope you enjoying the show. Learn the third of market moves. Can we hit a million dollars by tomorrow? You're about to find out, let's go Guys, as you can see, uh, spike trade is not positive for the day. Yes, I know. It's hard to believe. We're down 60 counted earlier. Now we're up, um, 34,000 for the day, and we're actually gonna sell some of these. I wanna sell these out of the money puts, uh, we didn't invest a whole lot, but it is a four X X we'll go ahead and sell that right now.

November Fox drop x-ray NFL X select some money here. Okay. So we are gonna trim a couple of possessions, uh, here on our IV.

One minute to the us market close.

Okay. Done before, right guys. So what I've done is I've added some more, uh, SB 500, uh, puts for tomorrow and the next have a good night to move. I'll get you guys in the morning tomorrow. Nine 30, lets roll. Hey guys, uh, buying coin foots this morning. Uh, one 90 strike, uh, going to get, uh, 200 of them Going three. Okay. So the market is trying to find back this morning on January 21st, uh, 9:31 AM. I'm trying to buy some point foot. Cause I think the stack is actually gonna break below all time lows today,

S and P 500 down 0.4% Dow Jones adjust your lavage down. 0.1% after the open That, that composite down 0.7%.

Okay. So it's balancing The world economic forum in Davos to be re scheduled to may 22 to 26 1 0 5.

Okay. So at least I got about 200 contracts here. All the markets basically bouncing like crazy our IVN that's the trade that's killing me around now. I'm gonna hold for this bounce, cuz I think there should be a retest of at least 44 40 here. Okay guys. And we're gonna dabble down on Tesla.

Okay done. So now I'm carrying 480 Tesla Butz. All right. So point is officially the best trade I did send the alert first thing at the market open, uh, to our, uh, group members. Sure. Quinn Quinn was the trade of the day. And um, return wise, you can see, uh, that would be the one to put more money in. Uh, so we're up 107 K on, uh, these, uh, 200, uh, 10 hundreds. Now that's all in last 25 minutes guys. So 30 market moves pays attention to study charts, divers chart patterns and combine them with the 13 market moves formula. Now at this point, I mean let's not be too gritty. I mean, we, uh, Lighten up on this position. So maybe, uh, 88 contracts that market here As it's hidden the lows for the day. Okay. 6 82. I was buying them at a dollar guys, bought 'em at a dollar

Five. I just sold them for 6 82. And now they're gone for seven 30.

Now BK, G trade is not working out too well, Hitting the lows for the date. So it was a timely ad when I added those 200 contracts, uh, Amazon, we may want to double down on Amazon or uh, you know, I really like, uh, Shopify, but that one's probably down already too much. I'll check it out. Right? So it's at 90, 81 and Shopify could fall out another 40, 50 bucks. Maybe today we're at a critical level in the market right now. If we break that, uh, which we could look at apple and tell you if we're gonna break that Coming up, the us leading index, it looks like we could pause here for, uh, for a minute. So we may actually want to collect profits here. Uh, let's go ahead and sell the rest of, uh, position here. And you're up 900%. I mean, you gotta, you gotta sell some, I mean officially hitting the lows here, 54 contracts. Let's close these out. I bought 'em at 30 cents. They're now at three 80. I bought 'em at 30 cents. They're now, uh, $3 and some change 30 cents. I paid 3 85, 360 6. I sold nine X. All right. So we're outta that. There's the Amazon, um, staying patient with Amazon trade. I got in yesterday at, uh, 29 60. Now the stock is at 29 47

And this is how, uh, the Amazon position looks All right. The account is at million dollars, 10 0 1. So officially we've taken 50 K into million plus in just two trading sessions and 30 minutes of today's trading session guys. Um, if you'd like to learn how to do that, 13 market moves is the answer. It will require some dedication. It will require variance on your end to study the moves, learn and learn the sequences. Uh, but at the end, If you're serious about trading, there's no other trading program that will give you the knowledge, how you can do this. Take action, click the link below, get your 13 market moves scores today. Let's roll. Okay. I, on Amazon, we got about $40 more worth of Chrome. So what I want to do is I wanna set on Amazon. I wanna set a limit order, uh, at least on half of the position Up, uh, 451 K It's really Campton to double down on this one.


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