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Real People Make Real money with 13 market moves

Jul 18, 2021

Yes. I had been training for about three or four months and I was, was involved with another, uh, coaching program. And the areas that I struggled with was the way they were teaching me how to recharge. So luckily there was someone in that program that also had 13 marketing moves and he was sharing his story and his experiences that he had with it. So I said, well, I will give it a try. Um, because the other program, we weren't trading fearlessly. We had a lot of fear and this program seems to be more what I was looking for. So the emotions that I felt at the time, yes, it was a little scary, um, to, you know, you know, to outlay that type of money on a trade and not really knowing what to expect. So, uh, Leo had a program that where you could get involved with trading for $1 per week.

And I said, wow, I think I better jump on this. So I jumped on it and, uh, a couple of days later he sent me, um, instructions to place my first tray. So I made my first trade. I placed my first straight on Thursday. He gave me, um, I call and a put. So I made the trays. Um, Madonna was a call and he told me to get in, you know, now and, um, do not get out until tomorrow. So I placed those trays and actually I had to play some on my cell phone cause I was at work and, um, I work out in the field. So I was unable to place the trades at my computer. So folks, if you're at work and you can't get away or you can't do it on your computer because it's being tracked, I, you have your cell phone.

So you can use your cell phone to tray. And I'm a prime example of that. Um, but I made those strays and I, like I said, he told me not to get out until tomorrow. So the next day I waited for his instructions on when to, to get out of those trades. So, um, the call, which was Moderna, I had four shifts of those, I mean, um, four contracts. And so I placed, uh, he said sell out of one of them now and hold the other three until they reach, you know, a certain price point. So when they hit that price point, then I got out of those. So I actually turned $2,000 into $7,722 on that tray. So that literally change how I feel about trading. I mean, Leo did a great job, um, because the day before I was watching the tray and it went up a little bit and then next thing I know I was in the negative and I was like, wow, what is going on? But like I said, he told me not to get out until the next day and the next day it took off. So Leo, I want to thank you for giving me this tray, helping me understand what to look for.

And I look for many more.


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