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REAL TALK about TRADING $2k to $10k this week with 13 market moves coach

Jul 14, 2021

Hey, what's going on guys? Kayvon here. Um, I'm on, I'm here to give a quick testimony of my experience with Leo last week. Uh, he, he, so he made a video. He said that, um, if you want to work with one of our coaches, you can get in now for a dollar. I pulled over immediately and I signed up because I was driving at the time I drive for work.

So I got in, so a couple of hours later, Leo texted me, said, Hey, I'm ready to get in. You ready to get in? I said, let's go. So I got in it. So he said, get in two 50 calls of Coinbase expiration tomorrow, which is Friday. So I got in and, um, I jumped up because I was at 500, $500. I was like, Ooh, let's see what I'm saying. I'm $500. That's about, I've made that money in a while. So I got out. So, so I told him, look, man, I got up because I'm, you know, I think it's gonna break resistance. Um, nothing's gonna break support. And he said, well, why wait, Coinbase is going to go to, um, 2 67 tomorrow at a time. It was like, it was at like $45. I'm like, are you short, man? That's a $20 move with no catalyst, no news. I'm over here. Nervous. So he said, no, he said, get back in.

So I got back in it with about 20 contracts, total $3,000. I'm shutting down. Cause you know, cause I was like, you know what, man, I'm, uh, I'm gonna go out. I'm gonna go all in. I'm gonna try to hit a home run here. So then, uh, so you know, I'm nervous now because I don't put my whole account on, on underline here. And I'm not recommend doing this though. But, um, so that's what I did. So the next morning, so, you know, so I'm like $20. I'm like, this is a $20 movement house. I'm scratching my head. Like you show a man. I'm like, if I found the right guy here, all right. So the next morning guys, right

Module, I'm nervous. I'm nervous. I didn't sleep Good that night. I was up on, I was up all night. Just wide open yet. I'm saying, thinking about my account. I didn't want to look though. I knew, I knew, I knew for some reason I knew that it went, I knew it. I knew that, you know, um, it's not a good at $220, you know, but like I said, though, you know, I'd give it a shot. So the next morning, right. I'm scared out of my account at 9 25, I was scared of my account. Know what I'm saying? Cause I didn't want to see no negative, a thousand dollars in my, in my account. So I opened my account, right? It was down negative 1500. So I'm sweating. I'm going to be a sweat. And now I'm like, that's why I texted me. I'm like, Hey Leo, I guess that Mo move forward and work out.

Right. So I should just cut my losses and open. He said, don't focus on where it's at now. Focus on where it's going. So guys, listen, I'm negative. I'm down negative $1,500. And that's the only text that he sent me. So, you know, so mean what phone Leo for a year now I got a little bit, you know, I put a little, a little, I put a little bit of faith in him. So I was like, you know, I'm going to let it, um, I'm I'm going to stick this one through also all of a sudden guys, I see it going up down. I'm watching it now like a Hawk. And I'm like, man, he's he's sure, man, cause now I'm down like $2,000 and all of a sudden the guys I see started going up to like positive, a thousand positive 2000. I'm gay.

I'm feeling better now. So I should. So I turned off my Robinhood account. I didn't want to look at it because that's gonna make me want to jump out. As soon as I see profit or negative or if I'm negative, I'm wanting to jump out. So, you know, um, two hours later I open my, a Robin account. I'm up positive 4,000. I'm like, oh, I'm like Leo. Um, you're straight on to take profit because you know, this expression expired today. And I don't want to, I don't want, I don't want mean, I went to two. Um, I don't want my own contract to, um, you know, to start going into negative because of time decay. He was like, stay in the trade guys. My, I never made it $4,000 in my life. And coupled in two hours, I'm trying to jump out as soon as possible.

You you've seen it. I took out a $500 to $4,000. I want to jump out, but I was like, you know what, man, let me see where look, let me see where Leo can take me today. Noon time comes. I looked at my Robinhood account. I was up $10,000. Oh it was like, oh, I was like Leo. Uh, I'm just, I'm trying to find the excuse to jump up because I never made this money before in my life. I'm like, Leo, should I jump up? Because I'm, you know, mark is about to be closed in like two hours. He's like stay with the trade. So I'm like, I'm, I'm still, I'm sweating guys, because mind you, I know that trades can go. They can be in the positive and I would in seconds they can be negative. So I like to play it safe. I like to take my profit and run, but Leo was no stay in the trade. So I stayed in the trade guys. End of the day comes. He told me to sell. I sold. I was up $10,000. I couldn't believe it. I want to party. I was like, as a matter of fact, I was delivering a load in Manhattan cause I drive trucks for a living.

So, Um, so, so I sold all. So I saw all my contracts and I was up. I never been so up. I never been up big like that ever.

So What I want to say today is that, um, this is not for, you know, guys, this is not for the shallow heart. I'm not gonna lie because the whole time I was in this trade, I wanted to jump out. I was sweating. Bell time came on the market opened in the morning time. I was peeping on my Robinhood account with one. I trying to take my time because I didn't want, I did not want to face, you know, a big loss. But Leo showed me right with the pressure that he applied and his confidence. It gave me hope, you know? And I took that chance. And if I didn't take that chance, my account would be at $3,000 and who knows, I probably would have lost it, you know, but I took that chance. I took that trade. I'm up $10,000. I feel good as the weekend.

Um, if you on defense guys, yo, I don't see why you on the fence. I don't see why you on defense. You know, get off that fence, give it a shot. See what happens, you know, in trading, you're going to lose, it's guaranteed. You're going to lose, but you want to win more than you lose. Um, but working with Leo, uh, has been a game changer for me. I hope to keep on working with him, working with him. Um, you know, and based off of my testimony guys, you know, if I didn't take that chance, that dollar move, I'm gonna call it a dollar. Move that dollar movement from a dollar brought my constant $10,000, man. I dunno. I dunno. I dunno what to say, man. I'm, I'm excited. I feel good. Um, thank you Leo. I really appreciate it, man, because you are, you are changing lives out here, man.

You really are. As a matter of fact, I'll give a thousand testimony at the dis at the, what I experienced with this, um, $3,000 to $10,000. I mean, I give a thousand testimony guys. I drive trucks for a living I'm out there. I worked in 17 hours a day. You know, I'm trying to figure out this market by myself. And that's what, that's all you're going to get. Guys, if you're trying to figure this out by yourself, you're going to be going around in circles. The only way I was able to maintain and not give up is because the truck driver will make about $1,200 a week, $1,200 a week. You know, so I've been able to, you know, come back, make a comeback after all them losses at the year of Lawson of there a year of losing. But I finally came back. So I hope to 10 to take that $10,000 and they can do $500,000 with Leo. I believe it let's do this man. 13 market moves later.


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