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Registered Nurse up +$3700 this week trading with 13 market moves coach

Aug 09, 2021

Hi Everyone. I am a registered nurse by profession and I've been trading for over six months now, but without so much luck, I discovered this YouTube channel, not so much after I started trading and it's been a huge help in crafting my strategy. I binge watched almost all of the videos on his channel while I grew so much on my technical analysis, based on his teachings. I have not been like that. Good on my execution, you has been so humble to provide free trade tips on his YouTube channel on Tesla, beat coin. Um, we in resorts and several others in the past few months, well, before they make the move and fall substantially, I traded most of these stocks while he called them out. But however, I was not getting as many results for lack of the right, the right mindset and execution execution, precision. I was shaking off multiple times before the stocks moved in the direction.

Leo suggested on his videos. So for this reason, I felt the need to join his mentorship program and learn from his years of trade execution, experience and psychology. I was lucky that their gold membership was on a promotional set, sell price of just $1 per week. Mind you just $1 per week and joined without rubbing my eyes. So in my first week of trading, I was lucky enough to be assigned, to try to trade with Leo. And my first trade was on BN, TX, uh, to the downside on August defeat, BNT X, um, made, um, almost, uh, 18% to the app side that previous day, as you can see it here. And, um, my interests are shown with the broken, uh, white Aros on this chart in here. So as you can see, I scaled into the trade on three occasions here is where Leo's experience in psychology trade management and execution came in handy.

If I was left alone with the same trade, the way I would have managed, it would have been totally different than ended up in a disaster. Or I would probably have been carried out or shaken off by the first sign of reversal. Luckily was there. Leo was there advising me to hold on. And in fact, as a sign of his confidence, he even suggested adding onto my contracts, which I did again, this, all the force in my mind that she used to not do it. When I joined this program, I persuaded myself to follow whatever coaching situation provided, even if it means it gets me to where I am uncomfortable. Like after only grows as being in a place where it's uncomfortable at first and being able to thrive right in respect to my trades. Um, I ended the first day being 1200 in the rate.

I'm not going to lie. It was so scary. So the next morning here, as you can see it being TX gapped down around like eight points, or like roughly around 2% confirming that the trade is still valid. And the first few minutes it tried to fill the gap and failed resulting in a move three, like setup as in the 13 market moves formula. Leo was there all the way to advise me to keep on with the position and wait on Seattle on the most, the low of the day, at which point he suggested to say all contracts and close my trade.

Um, my exit Is shown in the broken blue line in here. And I, let me show you my, uh, traits on TDM red. Like, as you can see, I began my account around like 4,900 and the end of the week with, um, over 8,600 here. So my final words on what I have witnessed nest about Leo and his mentorship program, the level of professionalism, confidence in his training psychology,

And this is which he executes. And this is my very honest review of my first week experience. And I hope I'll come back with an even more glaring, sexist story in the near future until next time everyone.


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