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Secret of DayTrading $2k into $12,781 in 1 hour revealed by 13marketmoves student review of his day

Nov 01, 2020

Okay. Friday, October 30th, 2020 Mike P, explaining today's Carvana trade.

The trade took about an hour to execute easy and easy out. Uh, okay. Let's get into the trade a little bit. Um, 13 market moves style is in effect on Fridays.

Again, I love Fridays because it, man, these trades are really good, really quick, really easy. All right. Caravana, for 200 puts at about, two 40 around two Oh six. Got an alert right around 205 somewhere along in there.

206, bought 11 more. Uh, one 90 puts on the bounce at about, uh, 97 cents at around a price of 203. So, uh, like I said, it was easy in and out. Uh, took about an hour to execute.

Here's the trade here, uh, actually got in, um, right here. You can see the Carvana October 30th, 2190 put, uh, and then the, uh, 200 put right here and one 90 put was bought on the bounce.

The 200 pup was bought, uh, first and you can see, I was losing a little bit of money, but I recovered that. Um, and you could see down here really quick tray. You got, uh, our first target was hit at one eight, three 15.

So the, um, the first half, which was the two hundreds and then the second half we saw the one 90. So we were in good, really good shape here. Uh, here is the trade, uh, gate in a little bit closest to you, uh, $12,781 total profit on that caravan, a trade. You can see there, there it is right there.

So you can get a good picture of it. The Peloton tree did do some great, you know, it was only $200, but I was okay trade. And, uh, even when we lost the Amazon trade, we still came out with a total of, uh, of $11,000 for the day. So that pretty much some CIS trade up. Um, and if you want to learn how to trade fearlessly, do yourself a favor, get the formula, click with links below and, uh, learn from senior trader. Chris is great. Big shout out to Leonardo and the third to market moves formula and, uh, peace be out.

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