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Sunday Church Edition Sam Trading $3k to $30k with 13 market moves coach

Jul 18, 2021

The most as I had going into it was, I was elated because I knew that, you know, this is what he does. He is, he has his pulse. He has the pulse of the market, right? In the Palm of his hand. This is what he does. I'm looking forward to continue to trade with Leo because he has the knowledge he's been doing this for years, forgotten more than I know about the stuff.

Good morning. My name is Sam. I've been following legal for about three years now. And when he put the special on the other day, I immediately stopped everything that I was doing. And I signed up. It was the best thing, the best thing I've done in my life. He coached me get into a trade in Marinette and I had 3,500. I put that 3,500 to the trade on yesterday, which was Thursday to stock, a level of two 60. I closed half the position and I put 10 grand in my pocket. This, this morning, when the market opens, I'll be looking to cash out at least about another 20 to 25 grand. And so basically Leo took my account, my small trading account from 3,500 to 30 grand in three days. And I'm very, very appreciative. And I am eight, 13 market moves guy, 100%.

The voice does not think I am the resurrection and the life, but the good shepherd. I am the bread of life, the voices and the shoring voice. I am the alpha and omega. In other words, I have begun something in your life and because I'm alpha, I am also omega. I will finish it then you're not. So no matter where you find yourself in life, on the Lord's day, if you look behind you in the periphery of your life, you will find the finisher of your friends. He has studied it. The devil is a liar and he will finish it. So here's the principle. When you say I am the principal of the universities, this the minute, the universe, yours, the one I am, whatever follows. I am stopped looking for you.

I am strong. The limits you say I am strong. Therefore in my tribulation for my grace is sufficient for you. What I am weak strong say seek the truth of the book. Book. One of the system, Liam, everything in the world of poverty starts organizing itself to your life. The devil is a liar. I am rich, whatever you say I am and follows. I am. It's coming your way. So if you say I'm stupid, everything in the world stops smoking for you. The most ridiculous, craziest negative people. Start coming to knock on your door, saying whatever you say, I am, the universe is programmed to fight you.

I am rich. Well, I am wealthy. I am talking lovely, Michael. I am that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am prosperous. I am wealthy people to high five and tell them a few. I abs I am rich. I am the fruit shop. I am destiny. I am wisdom knowledge. I am understanding I am. I am. I am. I am sides. My confessions, I talked to me changed now my confessions every day for almost an hour, every day, I looked at the devil in his face and say, I am rich. I am blessed because whatever follows I am.


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