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Swing Trading $20k into $222k in 24 hours: 13marketmoves student review

Jan 28, 2021

I want to share with you incredibly exciting trade I was involved with today with 13 market moves involving Irobot ticker.

IRBT first and foremost, as of January 25th, uh, 13 market moves and coach Chris, they identified a three-day bullish sequence on IRBT based on 13 market moves, you can see on the 25th, how it just rocketed up.

And it was on some news, uh, regarding investors business daily had come into a buy point and Friday, and a lot of the investors missed out on it. So they literally overload the, uh, the buys on the 25th Woltz sold off. Okay. And it fell into this nice bullish consolidation. And we're looking at a continuation pattern into a move one the next day. And literally, uh, yesterday morning, I'm on Eastern time at nine 46. You know, I got the messages from Chris IRBT, one 30 calls.

Now at that time, I was buying these calls for about 400 and $500 a piece, you know, from this little breakout that failed, which it made me nervous. Okay. Two back here to a little bit of support. You see the green bar takeout. Okay. And a little bit more there. So we're basically bobbled around in this, in this consolidation.

Try to pick up as many calls for bargains. We can. So averaging about 400, $600 per call.

Now I had $20,000 invested in this and right here I was getting me pretty nervous cause I was down probably half that in the midst of the trade. And obviously when you're down, you want to Jesus, this is going to work out.

And really that's where the professional coaching of the guidance comes in and believing in the form of the 13 market moves and staying strong with your trades and not folding, not giving in, not accepting the loss following through to the target. And I remember distinctly talking on the phone with coach Chris, uh, yesterday, you know, before Mark closed. And he said,

Well, Chris, what's really a target on here.

Well, at least one 50, we think this can at least go to one 50. And that night he called me again, based upon the, uh, the, uh, identifying pattern of the market moves. Now we're going to look at one 74 for target.

So literally the next morning, as soon as it opened, I put in one 74 as a target. And as it open, sure enough, it opened up as a bullish market move number one, and Lilla just went gangbusters you in the first 15 minutes. And I had that target of one 74. So I started scaling out at one 74 and nine 38.

That's when Chris, you wrote me again now one 78, one 78 is when we begin scaling out, I had already started. And literally he called me again. He says new target one 99. So I still had half of my contracts, basically from my 80 to one 99.

So I was able to, you know, really profit very well on the trade. And you could see my P and L for the day at $199,310 at purchase. These cards have purchased these contracts for basically four to $6 a piece.

And I was selling them for basically $5,000 plus a piece. So, I mean, it was, um, it was great trade. Uh, it was great to, uh, go through the mechanics and the technicals of the tray with coach Chris in the room.

Obviously it was great to hit our targets in this particular trade. And if anything, about being a boat with 13 market moves, I think the most value is, is just having somebody that's incredibly successful at day and swing trading to guide you, to support you, to call the trades out.

As they have seen over the years, to help you get to that next level for you to study why they got into these traits and what contract prices they got into the trades.

What they're looking for as far as the next move in the sequence for you to profit from the traits, you know, every week I'm learning something new every week, I'm getting a little bit better every week.

There's another golden nugget of knowledge that I can use permanently on my trading career. And I would certainly encourage you if you're thinking at all about these trades, taking a $20,000 investment and turning it into basically $200,000 in less than 24 hours is real. It's absolutely real.

And it begins with a consultation. It begins by calling 13 market moves and just saying, Hey, this is where I am in my trading journey. Where can I go from here? What's next for me. And really seeing if they can help you. And if you need help, reach out and get it. Okay.

If you're looking for more, you know, arrows to put your quiver or weapons in your arsenal, call them, reach out and get it. Okay. If you're in this profession, if this is a career for you, you have a duty to yourself to do the best you can to grow every day in this profession.

So you can be the best you conveyed. Call 13 market moves, give them a chance. Aiden wonders for me. I cannot wait for the next day to grow with knowledge, to grow my account.

And this is certainly one step along the journey. And I hope you give him a call and maybe I can see on a journey as well. Thank you for listening. I hope you took something out of this, uh, this trade review. Thank you.


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