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Mar 14, 2021

You probably clicked on this video and you want to know what the hell does it actually take to turn five K to 38 K and most of the traders? I mean, maybe that's you out there. You're probably thinking I tried to turn 5k to seven K for a month and I couldn't do it. I mean, I've turned maybe five K to 10 K in a few months. How the hell do you turn five K to 38 K trading in just one week alone. I mean, this is like a 700% return. So in this video, Mr. Powell shares his powerful secret guys. This is a two minute video. Watch it at the end. We're going to analyze what is actually the secret that he's telling you in this video, guys, I want you to learn how to actually get the most important stuff out of what these real life traders are sharing with you. So I want you to really focus and listen to the next two minutes.

Hello, trader. How's it going powers here today is March six. So I want to go over my experience chatting with coach Chris this past week, this week was my first week trading, where coach Chris, I started with five care account and V was able to seven X my account by the end of Friday, as you can see, my account right now is at $38,971. We had took multiple trade throughout this week. I started with my first trade on Tuesday, March 2nd, before the market closed. And here is all the trades I took with Chris. This week.

This week, I had learned so much from Chris. There have been so many time throughout the day of this week that I will want to get out of the tree, but Chris, keep my emotional check. He will message me and say, whole opposition, stay put, do nothing. So I want to thank Chris for helping me out. I also want to thank coach Mike for helping me out. If you are struggling with your tray, or if you want to take your tray to the next level, you can schedule a 20 minute coaching call. There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain. I wish I would done this sooner than death. So again, thanks coach, uh, Chris for helping me out. Thanks coach Mike for helping me out.

The biggest secret he just revealed to you guys is do nothing. I know it sounds contradictory. What do you mean? I'm a day trader I'm supposed to get into trades. Get out of the trade skies. The reality is the most challenging aspect of trading is staking a position and staying with it. Despite of all the fake movements that the market could be doing on the one day, one minute chart, five day, five minute chart. That's where most of the traders get out. It's being able to focus on the larger size of the move that is evolving again, not reacting every moment, every five seconds, something changes focused on the big picture. Okay? And that's when he says he, Chris told me to stay put, he said, stay tight with your positions. Okay? Stay put with your positions, do nothing. And sometimes we're doing too much and doing too much when you trade guys, it doesn't resolve in the best outcome.

That's how most of the traders actually blow up their account because they're doing too much. So stick to your position. You will go for all these emotions, ups and downs while the trade is developing. Because a lot of times you're going to get in. Don't expect to nail the top right at the very top. So the trade could be going against you. So what do you do? It's sticking to your positions by focusing on your calculations on the overall move size development. So this is one of these rare situations in life where you want to do nothing, because nothing in this conditions is the most difficult things to do. 95% of the traders. They do a whole lot of. They're not supposed to do so. Focus once you are in the position on doing nothing and not jumping out and not being emotional, not, you know, bull in the gun to sun bow. Congratulations on your five gate to 38 K with that guys do not miss out on the insight from the next video coming at you. Shortly 13 market moves, baby 5k through 38. K. Don't you wish you signed up last Tuesday?


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