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This Trader does something 99% of traders will never do! Trader withdraws $25000 of trading profits

Nov 02, 2020

Hello. Hello traders. This is Art. Our today is Friday the 30th of October, 2020, and I'm excited to kiss the fight of the goodness of God and share with you my, my experience with deep, with quote, with coach Chris and the 13 markets move to you and what I'm sharing with you all right now on the screen. Oh, it's this amazing experience of, uh, that God, ah, is now put me in a position, put me in a position to withdraw my profits from my trading account or my group X account with TD Ameritrade.

And can't feel those gain those profits into our checking accounts, uh, for the four years by my family. And this is evidence clear evidence of my first experience that trading with the taking them I give most team does or does does profit. You end profits, and you can change your life. And I just wanted to take this moment to you to say, Oh, the taking market most chilled is not, it's not, it's not about top, but it's about practical, practical action and coffins and games.

And this is, Oh, my testimony to you. And I thank God for this privilege, that all that he connected me with my divine helpers coach, Chris Mike, and you take it like it was Tim.

Thank you.

And today, Oh, I'm also excited just to share with you another amazing treading train that we, that coach Chris guided me to Bob this day, trading Carvana, and I'll just switch screens here.

So you can, I can just show you the profits that we, that we, that were generated today. Trading just one ticket in there in one hour. We, we, um, under the guidance of coach Chris, I was able to make a profit of $21,610. And this is, this is the, this, these are the details. So the, of the, of the transaction here, um, and bunch of poets that we pages and, and, and within that period of just one hour, and now just show you here, all of the transactions, some of the transactions that we, that we that are, that were involved in, in getting these, these toys.

So you can see here, Carvana started buying some of these poles at around 8:50 AM and by or two, the war trade was complete. So I say, and blocking in a profit of 21 and 610, $21,610.

Thanks to coach Chris and the 13 market moves team. So again, I want to encourage other traders out there that are still struggling to find their feet in this trading business and make that connection with the 13 market moves team. And I promise you, your life will never be with sailing. Thank you all. And, and, and be excited to trade with the 13 market moves team next week is the big week.


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