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Trader Abel up +$4100 this week trading with 13 market moves coach

Oct 24, 2021

Hi, my name's Abel. How much have I also been training for a little over two years and learning the stock market, stocks, options, I've been learning about options, quite a bit.

I spent quite a few times. I really, really enjoy it. I just like, that's like my hobby and how did has been good to me as well?

So my, my problem is, knowing when to trade, when not to trade, or trading andyou know, I'm trying to get consistent trading with Chris on Tuesday in the afternoon. I was 17. It was like, hey, we were ready to trade. I was like, I'm ready. What do you want me to do?  I would like buy nice buy puts, 4 44 puts and like, you know, expectation that he's going to drop a correction, a small correction.

I did it, I did it. And so then the next day around 12 foot, like buy some more, some more R R E G N by two calls. And then I show you guys a little bit here. Uh, I set up my account at 12,800. So by Tuesday off Wednesday afternoon, I Westtown, $600. Uh, my car was at 12, 12, 12,259. So I would like, you see, I would like Dow, I would like at the moment.

So at the moment, like that really gave me peace. I was like, all right, he knows what he's doing. And I mean, you guys can see like the text, you know, what I'm doing with levels, what we're looking for. So then we finished the first day, um, force a, you would like, uh, find out ID ID picture for Wednesday. So I started with 12,800, my account first day finished. Um, I don't know if you can see it Here. I make a little bigger.

So my account finish had 15,000, um, in $98 the first day. Uh, by the way I did not use, I told Chris, Hey, Chris, I want to be a little conservative. Um, and I don't want to use too much of my account. So the first day I use about, uh, less than 20% of my account. And then the second day, uh, I use almost half of my account. Um, you know, things were going my ways. I was excited, you know? Uh, so he was, he was like, um, very, uh, calming it, like, Hey, here, like, you know, we're, we're washing everything. Uh, you just follow my leads. And, uh, that was very reassuring. And then he was like asking me for updates. And he was like patients, patients, and, uh, to write, you know, he is. And, uh, and then yesterday, Thursday, uh, the night 19, he would like, um, tell everything kind of surprised me. It was exciting. I was waiting for it for it's for a bigger drop, but around 2, 2 34, he'll be like, sell everything.

So I would like, uh, uh, like a few minutes later I was like, everything sold. So, um, that was like, uh, what are, what are you, why do you sell today? You know, what should, should I be expecting more action today? Like no money. So, and that was like, what's your spectacular? Like, is it's going to be choppy and now what should I expect tomorrow? It's going to be choppy.

So, uh, my account finished the day yesterday. You can see the date on top. The 19 is $16,903. Um, and I could have done better, you know, uh, I think it was mostly my fault that I messed up in couple of trays. Uh, just try comprise. Um, and also the timing I was in a meeting at the moment. So I was like, you know, two seconds, I put a tray in my phone.

So I also bought the 13 market move formula.

Uh, the course I'm taking it. I show you guys, uh, so you guys see it. So I'm already logged in, um, that's my library videos, and I'm, I'm just learning, uh, actions is, is, is really, um, you know, if, if people can manage it to be profitable and consistent gains, um, it can be a great blessing, uh, for, for you and your family.

So for me, it's been like a side thing, but I hoping one day that it can be like a full-time team. So I'm learning. Um, and I really enjoy it. It really excites me to learn to learn. And they're from Leo, his videos, uh, is really wanna thank Leo, cause he has so much stuff up there that he's free. And I really appreciate it. I've learned so much for frame already, but, uh, um, he was training was a coach knowing that you, he has your back, like you're in a Butterfield.

And he's, he told me what to do. He was like, he has, you know, when you're in a bottle and he's like a drone that can see the, the bottle form from the ball and like what's gonna take place. And that guy was, he was kinda, he was following the order. They do that. And I was like, all right, so, but it's very nice. $4,000, 4,102 days. That's a, that's a good, that's a good margin compared to a beat is a bigger game, big game, but I'm very happy with this.


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