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Trader ADAM recaps all trades this week with 13 market moves coach

Aug 09, 2021

Hey guys, my name's Adam I'm from west Palm beach, Florida. I don't auto repair shop here. And, um, I've been trading options for about five, six, maybe seven years. And, um, had some nice wins. I've made a decent amount of money over this time, but, uh, it was just looking for more consistency in the type of gains that, um, I see Leo makeup and following him for quite some time.

And he's just an amazing guy in his abilities and the way that he understands the market and options, um, is, is very impressive. Um, so I started the account with 1,077 and, um, when I saw this special for a dollar, I had an a couple thousand more dollars, um, that ended up becoming available on Tuesday. The first trade that I was given was the marinade 365 calls. Um, those ended up expiring worthless, but I mean, Leo obviously knew there was a bigger move that was on the verge of breaking out here.

And we all saw that this week, um, the next trade that I ended up with on Tuesday when the more that capital became available was the Marriott puts the one 40 puts and that was over a hundred percent gainer.

Um, so w the mistake that I ended up making was, uh, which I learned from Leo. I should've closed out half of that position and moved in these a memoir and a calls, the 400 calls and the BN TX three 90 calls and not doing that.

I ended up tossing myself probably about $10,000. Um, so that was a little frustrating, but, you know, we pick ourselves up and we learn from our mistakes. And, um, so we ended up closing those, uh, Mary outputs and move into, and VAX calls and spy puts on August 4th and the, and VAX calls was an absolutely amazing trade. Um, I had five of them at about 4 48, and then we closed them out for an average of six 50.

Um, so about a 50% gainer on that one. The spy puts ended up not working out, and we cleared those out to clear up some cash, uh, according to Leo's recommendation, um, we ended up purchasing some zoom calls too, um, which ended up not working out, but, you know, there was a couple of times with some of these big winners that I really wanted to exit the position with, you know, 20, 30% gain.

And, um, Leo told me to stick with the trade and ended up working out amazing, um, on August 5th, um, we ended up person, some region, 600 calls and some win 98 calls, which, uh, both ended up working out for another a hundred percent profit. So we ended up doubling my account from the total of the 3000 that I deposited about 6,000 this week. I'm just so thankful for Leo 13 market moves team.

These are amazing, everybody know what they're feeling.

Great formula.

So thanks again for everything.

And we'll talk soon.


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