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Trader Andre Triples his Account this week trading with 13 market moves coach

Jul 26, 2021

Morning everybody. My name is Andre. I'm from Miami.

And today I want to share my experience with everybody about trading with Lele and 13 market movement. First, I want to say, shout out to you, Mike, for all your help, all your support.

Thank you for being patient with me.

Now, if I, some people know last week, we'll send out an offer and a trade with a senior coach for just a dollar for that week. You know, I missed the first one, this one, I made sure I wasn't going to miss, you know, so I made sure I had money in my account ready to go, you know, schedule 20 minute coaching call Monday morning.

I got a call from Mike, my mentor, like I said, shout out to you. And he told me what I'm gonna do, you know who I'm going to be trading with?

He said Leo. So I said, okay, so just wait for him to contact you. I'm going to hook him up with you. All right. So as I'm waiting the market open and I didn't get into call it until I didn't get a text out until about two 14, that's when Leo texted me asking me if I'm ready. I said, yeah, he asked me how much I have.

I told him 32. He said, okay, my $1,200 worth of being TX. You know, I got six contract for two 10 a piece. So from there, I, you know, the account was going up at one point, the account was at 5,000, you know, on Tuesday, Wednesday, the account went down, you know, I was down as much as 108%, you know, but you know, talking to Leo, Leo said, stay with the trade. You know, we're waiting on the bigger move come Thursday morning.

I was up, you know, I sold two contract at 16, a piece, totally Aaliyah said, why? You know, time? I say I got 3,200 available down to trade, you know? So he gave me another trade, you know, and as I'm, as I'm watching my account, my con is going from 5,000 to 8,000 to 13,000 to 18,000 on Friday, my car was as high as $20,000. You know, then it started dropping.

Leo said, so everything, cause he noticed something on the, on the charts that, you know, that's making them think that, uh, you know, stocks are going to drop. So, so my car was at roughly $11,000, you know, got into some more trade. You know, some of the trade didn't work out, but the ones that did pay big, you know, so it was overall, it was a good, good week, you know, could have been a lot better, but had I didn't I had, I didn't make some of the foolish mistakes that I did.

You know, I would have closed out my account a lot higher. You know, I finished the week I called at $10,000. I made approximately $6,900 in profit. You know, the one BNT X trade that was a 631% profit, you know, which was good.

So it's superseded all of my loss, you know?

And it's amazing what, what Leo can do, you know, with his tragedy. And I'm a member of the 13 market course formula, you know, I took that course and I took the charts and divergent scored saying, you know, it's, it's been good. And I see now for myself, what I need to do for those of you who doubt that it can be done.

If you have any doubts, man, if he ever offer the opportunity to, to trade with him for a week for a dollar again, man, jump on him, man. Cause look, when these guys tell you what to do, you just gotta stay with it.

You know, just don't do anything else. You know, listen to them, you know, because you could make so much money just listening to them. And the mistake I made was not listening.

You know, I listened to them getting into the trade, but never listened when getting out of the trade and it doesn't make any sense. You know, I cost myself, you know, another $17,000 by not listening. So they're the real deal, man.

My name is Andre and you should really consider joining 13 market movement program because it does work.

And I'm your proof.

This is my testimony.

Thank you.


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