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Trader Greg from $4468 to $13096 this week! Believe and Achieve it says Greg!

Jul 26, 2021

I am Greg and train options for about eight months. And following Leo in 13 market moves for the last five months. Uh, the other video last week, you said you traded with a coach for a dollar.

So I made that call and signed up. Uh, we did four trades last week, but I'm just going to mainly focus on one and show you how, uh, how it worked out for us. Um, my account started with about $4,600 and, uh, Monday afternoon, Leo sent me a text by $2,000 worth of BTN ex.

So got the two 60 strike and they were $2 and 40 cents. Uh, by the end of Thursday, there's contracts, we're now selling for $21 and 80 cents. So we closed half a position that, uh, that afternoon and got into MRI.

And, um, so my account, after all that had gone from, you know, 4,600 up to 22,500, and that was from four days, Monday to Thursday, uh, Friday we closed the rest of the position and the MRA trade just, just didn't work out even. So I had taken my account from, uh, 4,600 to just over $13,000. I just want to thank Mike and Leo for giving me the opportunity to trade with them this week. It was an amazing experience. Um, and I would do it again in a second.


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