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Trader Interview Documentary Trading Options $40k to $161k in 3 days

Dec 08, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, we are interviewing today, Mr. Occi, who is an options trader and is eager to share some trading insights on how to trade as high-performance options trader Mr. OJI, could you tell us in a few words, the outcome of your trading this week with 13 market moves?

Yes. So, um, I started my account at 40 K and within a week, it's up 261,000.

Wow. So this is over four times, almost five times or 468% thought. Most of the people make 10 to 20% in the market in one year.

That's um, that's correct. So, um, so I, I just want to try to take my account to another level and see if those kinds of videos live, put under YouTube would materialize on me. It just happened.

Wow. So for some of the skeptics out there, did Leo trade you account for?

Um, not at all. Um, I did all by myself, um, who had just given me, um, the signals and it's the thing is, um, he wanted me to learn how to do it on my own so that it on it's something that I could be proud of. And hopefully one day I can trade like Leah.

So how many trades did it take to crawl quadruple your trading account? Did you take like a hundred trades or so?

No, we, we did only three trades on Wednesday, two trades on Friday. Um, people might think more trades is better. It's more money, but, um, Leah told me less trade is, uh, more money.

That's amazing. Wow. I also would think that more trades would make more money. Thanks for sharing that. Could you give us some details exactly on which trade you took?
We started on a, started texting me on the spy puts, want me to put the a hundred contracts on [inaudible]. That was the first trade of the day.

So a hundred spy puts, how much is that? Could the camera guys please bring up a screenshot? I think

That's approximately $15,000.

So the red is not good, right?

It's not good. Or though not good.

How, how bad is bad?

The more red it goes. Um, the more money I lose.

Wow, that is scary. I'm sure. So did you want to jump out of the trading quit?

All I said, um, this Leo kept telling me standard trade, but I just have to follow the instincts and see what happens.

Okay. So what happens next?

I think I lost like five started losing five, six, K getting more red. And then Leo wanted me to put another a hundred puts on a spy as the market goes higher. I was like, Ooh,

Wow. Oh my goodness. So what happened after that?

After that, um, Leo was still want me to put another PERTs. We add another a hundred contracts position. And I think that time, like my loss was like around 20,000.

Oh my goodness. So puts means the market will drop, right?

Yes. You make money when the market is Dropping. So he was having you bet against the market again, as the market was just going higher and higher. Correct. Well, that seems like a very unnatural thing to do. Did you feel comfortable?

I was very, um, uncomfortable that time and um, but I just remember Leo told once in his video that you make money when, when you you're like more uncomfortable psychologically and taking those trades. That's Interesting. So what happens next?

I started, um, seeing from red to green, um, within the next two hours, I believe, um, uh, for like around 41,000.

Wow. Are you serious?

Yeah. From red negative 20 within a couple hours, I think I'm up for like 40, at least.

So you're losing 20 K in an hour and a half, correct? No way. Did you want to jump off the bridge by that point or that moment? How did you deal with?

I wanted to Leah said just, it just of stayed in trades. They ended trade. Um, we, we, we're going to see a bigger move.

Oh my goodness. I would've had a heart attack heart attack by that time. So what happens next?

So what happens next? Um, the account of another like couple of hours later from 41 now I'm up for like 61,000 and we add, um, another hundred Poots when it's about on the top. The idea is to nail the top of the day. And I think Leah did a great job on that last entry with the

Hold on an hour later, your account is profitable.

It was, and I just can't believe what I saw from negative to positive is an amazing,

Wow. Are you serious? You went from losing 20 K to making 49,000.

Exactly. Maurice like, like how, how I could believe it.

This is amazing. So do you want to step out of the train?

I wanted to let Leah said, um, just stay in the trade, just keep holding. And then later on from 68,000, it was up to 91,000, I believe.

Wow. This is unbelievable.

It is. Um, I just can't believe dude, like I can't believe what I see on my phone and my computer as amazing.

So did you finally cash out?

Um, no. We're still holding our, as Leah said, just stay on the trades standard trade. So we'll Kind of move is that It was actually a move to, which is my favorite move now, because if you can see my account went up from 40 K 221, it's just amazing. Wow.

I love it. So what happens Next? So what happens next is, um, for the first time I took money out of my account. And if you can see, I took half of the position and I mean, half of the money from my account and, uh, Leo once told me that, um, it's nice to take profit when you make something and make it a habit.

And how did that feel?

It's unbelievable. I never had this amount of money in my account. It just blew up my,

Wow. Okay. This was just one very well planned out trade. So what happens next?

So I totally messed up my, my trade. Um, I was, um, being unpatient in-patient and I didn't wait for Leo and it took on Emma in the threads and it puts me on the negative
Side. Was Leo mad at you?

He was actually. And then, um, he said just, just focus. And he started messaging me like, okay, take this, um, Amazon boots. And that there was, uh, that was Friday when we took the trade and I was losing like 14,000 in Miami RNA. And it was, it was just mad. Wow.

So what happens to the losing Trade? Right on the wind? Um, Emma and they bounce, um, Leah told me, uh, to, to sell it and exit their position. And from 14,000 loss, it was only down to 2,900. So

You just saved you 12,000 of losses. You had just minutes.

It was indeed a very nice save right there.

You are the man. So from 40 K to 107 K and three trades, would you say

It was easy? It wasn't that easy. Um, the emotion that, um, you have it's, it's like a roller coaster. Sometimes you'll see their account up and it goes down and it's the it's like mixed emotions just feels, it feels good.

Is there anything else you would like to say to other traders that are watching right now?

If, um, if you guys want to take your account to another level, I would definitely recommend 13 market moves and give it a try. It's a life-changing opportunity.

Somebody wants to get started with 13 market moves. Where do they go?

It's M 13 market moves. That's comm or 13. Mm, tv.com. And what

Are your future plans with 13 market moves?

I'm going to be the next, uh, million dollar trader happy holidays, everyone.

That's amazing. Well, congratulations and things. Oh, gee, thanks for watching guys. And please make sure you don't miss the next interview with a trader who just made over 5 million with 13 market moves, please like, and subscribe to the channel and schedule a call with 13 market moves coach today. Thank you.


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