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Trader Paul from Australia up from $1400 to $7500 {with 13 market moves coach}

Aug 08, 2021

Hi, my name is Paul. I'm a trader. Um, I actually met her 13 market moves, um, awhile back about a month ago, and I was watching their videos and stuff, and that was fun and quite interesting. Um, so I actually contacted them and they got back to me and, um, we got to meet and have a chat. And then, um, we'll always have problems in funding areas of, uh, getting into the trades.

That was the hardest thing. And obviously finding a one that was trending in the correct direction that I wanted. I was to make profit. That's the whole idea of it. Um, so I decided to sign up for the program. Um, I'm really, really, really glad that I did that. That was absolute bonus. Um, obviously, you know, there's, there's quite a lot of emotions when you're trading and you've got to be careful to do that and stick to your trading plan otherwise, um, you know, you cannot allow emotions to get in the way.

Um, but I had a good chat with Mike on, on the, uh, on the phone and then we contacted to the Instagram and then he put me in contact with the other gentlemen. I called Leo and, um, Leo sent me a trade, um, all within a very short period of time then I thought, oh, okay, crikey, um, yes, my account set up and I've got to translate all this stuff out, but, um, you know, just, these are people I don't know.

And just to sort of speak to them on the phone, like that was quite strange. So I thought, okay, well, let's go for this. You know, this, there's no reason why I can't do this. So, um, so we got onto it and I put the trades on and, um, I had to, I put these three trades on and I was able to find a little bit more cash to put into the account.

I didn't have an awful lot about $1,500. I'd say a little bit less than that. Um, and I bought these, uh, these three calls, uh, on the moderna, um, in a, um, six orcas calls. Um, I bought three of them, um, one at 3 81 at 3 95 and another one at 4 55. Um, and that's where the three fee account and that I was actually glued to the screen at that time in that time frame.

Um, from the minute they started, they just literally within, within, I'd say 30 seconds, they started to apply and I couldn't believe it. I just thought it was incredible. Um, I've had a few trades out in the past and nothing like this. Um, you know, so I contacted Leo via the Instagram again, and he said, okay, very simple instruction, very clear, very precise and got straight to it. And I'm, I'm watching the trays and they can, okay, well, you know, is this going to go down?

It's going to go up. So I'm glued to the screen. I'm one of the first trades with, with 13 market moves. So, um, you know, had to sort of, um, just make sure I was doing everything correctly and the trays just went up and up and up. I was really impressed, really impressed. Um, instructions are easy to follow.

Um, the instructions were to keep in the trade for 48 hours. Uh, no problem at all. Um, I wasn't too happy at first by leaving the trade up at night, there was only a day trade, so I don't leave trades overnight, obviously due to market risk, et cetera. So, um, I thought, yeah, well, okay, let's see how we go. Um, I left the marketing in the markets and the next day I got straight onto it. And, um, of course we had a little bit of a dip as we can see just up here.

And she started to dip quite a bit and I thought, should I buy some books here or, you know, she'll sell out and Nope, that's not the instruction let's get straight to it. So that was one of the scariest moments. Um, I thought, well, okay, I'll just follow instruction. Um, stick to my plan and that's what I did. Um, I just couldn't believe it.

And then a bit later on, um, just later on today, which is just over 24 hours, I actually got a, um, a call, um, from a Leo sector close up the trades now. So it was actually 24 hours, not 48 hours. Um, I mean we were actually going parabolic, um, just before earnings season. So I thought, yeah, I'd certainly agree with that.

So I closed out in about 30 seconds. Um, so that was, uh, quite an amazing, amazing trade. I was absolutely over the moon. Um, I think we made 6144 cents in 24 hours, which is considering, starting from a balance of at $1,420 or so was just incredible. Um, yeah, so I'm really impressed with that. So thank you. 13 market moves you absolutely rock.

Thank you ever so much.

Bye for now.


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