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TRADER RAKIM talks about trading psychology + $7k trading in 3 days

Dec 06, 2021

Hello, my fellow traders, I hope all is well. My name is Roy Kim. I'm here just to make a quick video to tell you guys, um, how my experience was with trading with 13 market moves this past week. I had the privilege not to be traded with coach Brandon. So shout out to coach Brandon. So throughout this video, we'll just show you a quick snapshots that are between me, her brand, and just let her know that I executed the trays that was alerted it to me.

And to just give a snapshot of how my account was looking, um, throwing it straight a week when he asks so 11 29, 20 21, this is a snapshot I was told to get into anti-vax putts, get five of them. I got another alert and I was told to get QQ puts 3 95, December 3rd aspirations. Look what I got. I just want to stress the importance of executing these trays properly when he asked you to do so.

You don't want to be in a predicament where you miss out on a trade or it become a losing trade because you got the wrong strike prices or an on the wrong day. So I just want to stress the importance of that because I had a few of those, um, throughout the week. So, like I say, these are just some screenshots just showing you guys in the VAX, cute accusers.

Um, mainly the two, um, trays that I was holding on for the first two, three days or so. So I see the new, a few shots. So right here, I'm at 21, I just been big on trying to get over this 25 K hump at me, just starting with a smaller account. So I was various cited, various cited, 2119 looking good. In fact, it's looking good. QQQ as you can see, we added some on the.

So right here, I'm at 28 K I'm happy now before Leo videos and 13 market moves right here at this point, if I was trading by myself, I would've just get out because I would have been over there at 25 K hump, which I've been trying to do. I've been able to just get in the trays at my leisure, and it just took so much in me not to get out of this trade. I'm at 28. So I'm at 31.

Now you guys I'm like I'm ready to get out, but I did get an alert. I just tried to stay focused, branded and tell me to get out. I wasn't get out. And it took everything enemy. And as you can see, my trade is just fluctuating. Well, right now we are at 1130. So just giving you guys an overview. So mentally I was just focused on my opinion nail.

That's the only thing I was thinking about. I like Leo them say we don't trade a PNL. We trade the charts. So it took so much in me not to get out of these trades, but that's why I want to just stress the importance of a coach because he gave me so much clarity. Tell me why not to get into trade because it was spending a book move.

And I think this is the tray right here with spice. I had 50 for 75 cent SIM, a first expiration. And by the end of that day, I actually got out of straight early and it kind of haunted me because when I went back, the trade was like 75. I'm sorry, I got in at 75 cent, but at one point it was six, $7. But Brandon told me to get out of this trade, um, due to the B P D T as you can see, um, he really was just trying to save my account by me having a small account.

We was just trying to keep the games. We weren't really trying to make too many big racists that was unnecessary. And, um, I appreciate him for that. He really cared about me. He was concerned. He, um, was very cautious and working with me with my small account. So I appreciate him with that. So now Matthew, I was at 31 K at one point. So now I'm just thinking about that. I'm like, oh my God, all my games is gone. All my games it's gone.

I was just at 31 K I was over 25. K I could have been over the PDT. All this is going through my head now just see red, red, red, red, I'm losing look, look at one point, I was like an 8,500 to like 10,000. And also this, not only did I lose my gains, I also lost, um, my, some of my initial investments.

So at this point I am just, you know, it just took so much. And to me not to get out of this trade, but I was just staying focused. Just, um, remember what brand is saying? Just hold, just hold, just stay strong. Um, just reiterate and all the videos, the psychological videos, um, dealing with emotions that Leo has Kemp, countless videos on YouTube, all that just playing in my head.

I'm just going back as trade and just listen to the psychology, um, videos, emotion, videos, um, just trying to get my mind off, just not looking at his PNL. So I was doing good. Sometimes I was doing bad when they canceled emotion. So that's something I gotta, um, definitely work on. So now I'm picking up steam, I'm picking up steam. And let me tell you about Friday guys song. As I was getting back in motion, everything was going well, look, I'm at 24 K so I'm happy right now.

Ready to get out again, but I'm like, you know what? It's my turn. I the hell. Do these dudes, the trays so long. It's my term. I'm ready. Les row is Friday. Everything is going well, 24 to 20. I'll get a little bit nervous. I'm still sticking at it. And let me tell you what happened.

This is 2 51, actually Tesla after trapping at the traffic at the trapping and at 2 47. I remember this time, um, TD Ameritrade not be out my tray and I can't look. I got 10, 10 putts and Tesla will drop in as low as I believe, 10,010 or 2 10 0 3. But I was out the tray. Look, it was at 10 0 3. This was a 2 51. So this was the screenshot I was already, um, close out the trade. So I was just so, but it's nothing I could do TD Ameritrade to get me out the tray.

And usually I Dre my days, but I'm looking forward to Mondays getting back in the market and making this money because I know I felt that home. I know 13 market moves is for me. If you own a fence about getting the courses, I cannot stress this enough. Get the charts and divergences, get the crypto course, get the 13 market moves.

Even if you think that you were professional, that you experienced, it's just so much clarity that I got from courses. I thought I knew how to read the chart, but once I got the charts and divergences, I knew that it was so much that I was missing. I thought I knew a good time to enter in a good time to exit, but the crypto just gave me so much clarity. I had a look at things, so I still got to work on our, looking at the PNL.

Just look at the charts. Don't look at the PNL, but at the charts. So you're still on a fence about it. Please schedule a call, go talk to a senior traders, ask questions. They want you to ask questions and they have no problem with Asher them.

And throughout this whole week, when I was going through this emotional roller coaster of, I didn't have a coach, I would allow us all my money or half of my initial investment. But Brandon was there to tell me, look, just stay, put a bounce is coming. Don't get freaked out, stay put a bounce.

This comment, this is reasonable we'll be doing is this is the reason why we doing this. There's the reason why you didn't get in the trade. There's a reason why I took you out. Once I got the clarity and I understood that he was doing that for my best interest and that he really cared about my account.

Cause I was under the impression that, oh, I'm just a lost cause don't nobody care about me because you know, I got this small account, but with them, everyone is supporting. They're going to do the best that they feel far as your account. So I had a small account.

We didn't want to take too many races now. I appreciate that. So now I could live to fight another day. So if you want offense about it, please schedule a call. 13 market moves.

It's real. I'm so happy with my experience with them. And I'm looking forward to my day and trade. So you will get another video for me. And I will be the next being in that student, putting that in air right now. So peace and I hope everything. Talk to you soon. Okay.


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