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Trader Tim up +82k this Week Trading with 13 Market Moves Coach

Jul 26, 2021

Okay. Hey, what's up everyone? Uh, my name is Tim, uh, before I start third to market move, I was losing money left and right to stocks, uh, option trade and everything else. Um, so I signed up for his bundle program and then sign.

And then I saw an advertisement on YouTube for $1. So I sign up, they call me, um, call me, messaged me up and say, Hey, let's rock and roll. So I'm like this, I'm down with it. So I started with 70 K I had two accounts and then I was going back and forth. Cause man Leo, he he's very, um, aggressive. He's telling you buy this, buy that you gotta be able to, you know, move with why he's telling you don't do the tray.

Don't be afraid.

Uh, there's going to be some loosen tray. There's going to be some way in tray. So it was going up the first day, about 20 grand, second day 50 grand, and went back down to 20 or 30 grand. Then it keep on going up to 150 on a Friday. The bottom line is a third to market move they'll do is the real deal. You can't go wrong with him. Leo is the 18 machine. He knows how to make money and you just need to follow him. Sign up for 13 market moves. You're not going to go wrong. I can promise you that. Talk to her.

Take care.


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