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Trading $10k to $27k My 1st day DayTrading Options with 13marketmoves

Mar 14, 2021

Hello everyone. How are you guys doing today? It's your boy Ramo here. And all I'm going to say is 13 market mood has got a going on. Let me tell you something. So I just started with coach Chris. Uh, I was, I became a gold member yesterday, March 4th, and today is March 5th. So this two days, uh, trading with coach Chris. All right. As you can see, uh, where my account has gone, but my initial start up was only $10,000, right? Just $10,000. Let me show you so, as you can see, uh, for this account, I went all the way back a whole year until now. So you guys can see that this account only has X activity since the fourth. That's when I started becoming a gold member with coach Chris, you can see, uh, a deposit 10,000 right here, a 7,000 and 3000. And look where it's at right now, $27,881 and 20 cents in just two days.

I total gain really just four more fifth Friday today, just today, 18,633. Again, 18,633 is insane in the same in just two days. I mean, I have lost way more than this. And then in the span of like what used use being just two days, I was able to make this that's insane. I got to give props to coach Chris swear, 13 market moves got the moves. If you don't know what to do or how to trade, get in touch with 13 market moves. All right. So let me show you, let me show you the trades that were executed. So as you can see all my executed trades, they started on the fourth. All right. So, so all got RCL snow spy. Yeah. That's three. I think that's it. Yeah. RCL snow inspire. Right? So we started buying, uh, Thursday, March, uh, March 4th, right? So about a good amount about, on average, about 48 for RCL $6 per two 40 puts no inspire was two 15.

And then we, we executed every single one today. All right. So as you guys know in the market that Thursday, and we were, we had all these puts and we were up huge. And then all of a sudden, every single thing went to red, right? Let me show you a messages from a what's it called Chris. So I swear, coach Chris literally holds your hand throughout the entire time you're trading, right? Like we like a lot of us, we were getting scared. Cause it, we were in red and things like that. But coach Chris I'll show you right now. He kept on saying, stay with the position, sit tight. Don't do nothing. Stay with it. I stay focused. Just wait for the bounce. Steep, put short the balances, stay put every single thing that you hear a Lele micro. Anyone in 13 market moves say, stay with the position.

They're literally giving you so much confidence in every single trade because they have the moves. They literally have the moves and they know what moves going to be today and tomorrow because you have to take the 13 market moves formula. Without that, you will not know what the moves are and you will not be able to cash out 200%, 300%. Oh, what's the house. 600%. And look, look just on RCL. Right? Look, I got to have 47 cents. Where did I sell it today? Where do I sell? Look, $3 25 cents, $3 25 cents. Come on. Yo, can you bleed that? That's about like 600% just by this 600% in just one trade. And I mean, as you can see the whole, the whole trade of four, all my orders are here. I'm not lying. This countless made two days ago. We just $10,000 in it. And like I said, coach, Chris has been with me the entire time.

If it was up to me, trading alone, I would not be able to hold any of these positions. The way I saw yesterday, every single thing was negative. And today every single trade was positive. We were in the green from the get-go, every single trade that was red, became green. And that's what the knowledge and understanding of the 13 market moves and of coach Chris. I mean, if you guys don't know, like I say, once I look at this 18,632 destiny and my total Cal standing from 10,000 is 27,881. I mean, if you guys don't know if you've got any, Oh no. What to tell you. I mean, if you guys don't get in with the 13 market moves, you will not have the mood. And when you will not know how to trade properly, coach Chris, thank you so much. I swear without you guys here and I am just, but then again, like I said, I just want to show you guys that anything is possible with a small account, 10,000 and just one, one swing trade. And it's holding from Thursday, Friday, we made this much, like I said, you guys can do it to get on a 13 market moves because they do have to move. All right, take care guys.

Great job. Rainbow way to go on your first couple of days with 13 market moves clearly. Good job coach Chris. I may want to sign up with coach Chris Devin two days, 10 K to 27 K. Hey. He says he lost that much in the last few years, trying to figure out how to train guys. It's a lot better to save time by learning other people's mistakes that have done for many, many years. Okay. That's how we've developed the 13 markets move formula. Now with that said there is one key trait that I hope you catch it from these videos. It's tough. It is psychologically tough to stay with the position. Why Ramo is the man, because even though temporarily the trade went against him, he didn't jump out. The calculations were there. He stuck with the moves and that's how he got to make the money.

Now notice another thing he says, clearly, if you were watching the market yesterday, initially after the job report at eight 30 drop, but then by the time the markets started opening up, it bounced. Now that wasn't temporary bounce. Now notice the positions he was holding. Okay? Most of them didn't even bat because snow was already down. Pre-market big. So he was holding snow boots. So snow bounced the day before, if you watched my video, three Gates, 78, K, you probably seen me buying snow. I had a bad entry after what I've done. I've added on the bounce. When snow was bouncing on Thursday, I bet it through the position. I cashed out with a profit. And so just because sometimes the market is bouncing. It doesn't mean that the stock you're holding a position on or when I is going to bounce on you. So that's how he was able to make that money.

And another thing just like in the previous video guys, how long did he stay in the trade? It's not two minutes. It's not five minutes. It's not three hours. It's two days. It's a swing tray. Most of your profits will be made on swing trades, but you've got to know when to get in and you've got to know when to get the out. So maybe you've been a part of a bunch of discords out there. Maybe you've joined a bunch of groups. Maybe you've taken a bunch of courses and still you're not able to stay successful as a trade guys. It's simple. You have nothing to lose. You have absolutely nothing to lose after all the losses you probably have in the last few years. So click the link below this video. Schedule a 20 minute coaching call and learn how to capture the bigger move in the market.

This is the sacred, I'm trying to show you video by video guys, by having our third market lose students, share the experience training with us. So you've got to learn how to capture the bigger move when you strain the trade scalp in five, 10 minutes. Okay? I'll thank you. Here's to come up with 27 K, you got a scalp 50 bucks, a hundred bucks. Your good day, you're going to scalp, maybe 12, $1,500, and guess what's going to happen on the next trade. You're going to give it all ride back. Okay. So learn how to capture the big move. So you don't chase this hundred, 300, $500 profits. Learn how the moves work, learn how you can utilize them on your own. With that said, click the link, make it happen. And the direction of your trading account started today. We'll catch you guys in the next video. Don't miss out the next one. It's going to be freaking awesome.


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