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Trading $1800 to $45k in 24 hours: How the hell did he do it?!

Mar 02, 2021

This is Jay, and I've been a member of 13 market moves team for over five months now, trading with Leo and Chris.

And let me just say that it has been an amazing experience and a thoroughly learning journey. Thus far, I've learned many crucial aspects of trading, including understanding your stock price patterns.

Identifying divergent says trend reversal opportunities and understanding the 13 market moves and utilizing them to generate insanely huge profits for myself. Some of these trades I've shared in the past that are on the YouTube channel, 13 market moves, but I think the trade that we're about to share with you today truly embodies the true power of the 13 market moves formula.

So this trade was on Roku, take ROKU, and it yielded a profit of a whopping 2500% in just under 24 hours on a small investment of $1,800.

That's it. Let's take a look at the chart for Roku as of yesterday. So this was clearly a move to Leo got me into the trade at the price point, uh, right around here at four 62, um, we bought $400 or 400 strike price put.

So initially I saw some loss, but then the price went down nicely. Uh, 30 points all the way towards the end of the day, the very next day, it popped a little bit, uh, in a gap down in the pre-market and then saw another 50 point drop. And we got out of the trade right around here at three 86. Um, so altogether I wrote this trade for about 80 points, um, which yielded, uh, like I said, a profit of 2500% let's quickly go over the trade activity or the facts of the trade. So I bought 20 put 400 strike price at 83 cents yesterday and remaining two points, uh, uh, four 85 cents.

And I was done with my trade by 8:07 AM Pacific standard time. And today I sold all my at 6:51 AM against Pacific standard time under 24 hours. Uh, 20 of those puts, I sold for $22 and 13 cents, which I had earlier bought yesterday bought for 83 cents. And two points I sold for $22 and 30 cents, which I bought for 85 cents. So if you calculate, it was an investment of exactly 18 $30 and it generated a profit of $43 and $389.

So there you are. Again, I'd like to thank, um, Chris for helping me achieve my trade goals and, uh, for the knowledge that I'm learning from them, I'm looking forward to crazy profitable trades like this and future. And so thank you for listening.


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