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Trading $2k into $20,706 in 7 fast trades using 13marketmoves formula, this week trades recap

Feb 17, 2021

I bought five contracts. I bought it for a $1.23 when it popped. And then, um, on Monday morning I sold it for an average price of $4 and 25 cents cents. And then, uh, promptly from those proceeds, I ended up buying three contracts of Tesla, puts eight 30 puts, uh, when it popped to around am eight 69, eight 70 level. And then by day two 80 calls. Okay. I'm very, I'm still very bullish on Baidu, but these two 80 calls, seven contracts at $4 and 25 cents average. And you'll see, um, on Tuesday, uh, we will be selling those for somewhere between 17 to $25 a contract. Uh, I also did a quick day trade on Hasbro 96, 50 puts, um, Hasbro reported, decent earnings, but those things always pop. And you short those pops, you know, my mantra, I always liked the pop.

So I shorted the pops. I bought a quick 10 contracts at dollar 98 average, um, you know, I'd scale in, I don't buy all at once. And then I ended up selling at the average of $3 and 50 cents. And so you'll see how the progression occurs and I just wanted to kind of give it the lay of the land. And then, um, we will kind of discuss and go over each day in a under about 10 minutes. And, um, knowing that, um, you know, you, when you buy calls or puts, you have to buy calls when, um, the, the stock is declining at a certain level and you have to buy puts when the stock is rising, not when it's already made its move. And if you want to learn how to do this, please click the link below, schedule a 20 minute consultation with our senior traders, and we'll go over how to do this.

And maybe you might want to sign up for charts. Divergence is courses and how we select our puts in how I generally have been doing this 2002, I don't know, 15 to 30 K um, weeks for the last, probably like 12 to 13 weeks. And, um, but I wanted to share with you on this one, partly because the market was a little wonky and even in those markets, um, we wanted to show how we can profit by making sure that we buy our contracts. And by basically the dips, when you want to buy the calls and you buy the pops, when you buy, want to buy the puts and 30 market moves does not just do perish positions. Okay. So without further ado, let's

The Baidu broke out and it does these copy motions. And you got to get out by about 10 30. You can day trade this in the bind back in the afternoon, Monday, correct the down. Um, but then it just get ahead of it. Oh, good. It did it.

Okay. So thanks.

We got that situation under control. So I have $25 left count at 48, 78. We're loading up. Okay,

Guys, today is February 9th, 2021.

Today's Tuesday 32 seconds before the market opens, expecting a, uh, somewhat of a move three, um, today. Um, so that's what we're looking at looking to, uh, continue to short the, a win and the Tesla holding some Baidu calls at the moment. Accounted that 53 41 started with two K, um, caught some Hasbro trades yesterday. And, um, so now we're just going to did a conclusion of Baidu and then get into putting on some eight 30 Tesla trades. And I'm going to go over, let's see what Tesla is doing? The climbing. Yep.

Okay, come on.

Okay. Got it. At eight 25, I got six 89 accountants at 58, 79 at the moment. That's a good Tesla. I got six 89, so I could probably get the eight 29. Okay. Account at 63, 26. We'll be right back move three expected today. Okay. I just sold two contracts at Baidu to raise cash. Okay. I just sold another Baidu. I have two contracts left. It's going to keep going up. Um, I think it's going to make a reversal probably in the next five to 10 minutes. Now Tesla is selling off and I have 29, 15, uh, as my account size right now. It's probably going to let it fly at about 11. Okay. It's at 10 35. I just sold one more Baidu. I'm probably going to sell the rest, not quite 100%, but, um, you know, it's just, okay. Hit two 87, 1125. Can't I'm out.

So it's still that 1150. So count size is 75, 22. I'm all out of Baidu now. Okay. I just bought one Baidu puts and I believe we're, if it doesn't run up, we're going to pull back right about to two 90, two 85 level and then to set up for next week, the way it behaves. And so I just put one contract it'll revert to the mean, hopefully. And so, and that's going to be a day trade, probably take it off, um, by about two 30 today. Okay. Count is at 74 76. And I'm going to be adding Tesla here.

Okay. Just bought one more eight thirties at eight 25. So I got a total of three contracts of Tesla. Carry on. I'm just checking back in it's 1127 on February 9th accountants at 8,008. Okay, guys, it's 1252 accountants at 16 foot five Oh nine. I'm going to be adding some trade. Okay. Tesla looks like there was about five minutes left in the marketplace. Uh, Tesla, seven 90 fives or three 94 tens with, um, eight hundreds of five 15. So I'll probably wait and add tomorrow. Um, look at, let's see if there's any opportunities in Baidu. Okay. It's four 25. I can only buy nine. K there's. I got rid of the, uh, three fifteens at, around this. Uh, I spent around this price. I think Baidu is, I'm making a run right now. Okay. So right here. And then the Tesla is testing that resistance level. It's important. I mean, it came up here, found support, came down, support, support, support. Now it's trying to break through there again.

Okay. So market's closing in about a minute. And so here's the positions that I have on I've got Amazon two contracts, uh, 32 Oh five puts bought them for three 65 at the two 80. Oh, I'm going to go buy some more, two 87. So let me go add Amazon right now. Two 87, three 25. I can go three 75 30, two 15. Okay. Let me just go buy one of those. I had one more.

Okay. I been added, so I have three total contracts of, um, Amazon at the moment. And then at $15 have eight 71 when the market opens up. So we have three contracts, 32 Oh five and 32 15 puts for Amazon. Um, I've got Baidu. I got 12 contracts. I just sold out. Um, uh, three of the 33 15 is I'll probably buy more if it pulls back in the morning. Um, but this is kind of where it is. Okay. Um, and then I traded I robot, uh, shorted that one and then I don't have spy. I don't have Tilray. I have Tesla. I've got seven, nine total contracts ranging from eight 15 to seven 95. And, um, yeah, this looks like interesting. Um, the seven 90 fives, um, for an entry tomorrow, we'll see, um, accounts that have 15 one 68 and then I don't have take two anymore. Um, I do have Twitter and it's worth about 2 cents. Okay guys. It's uh, February 12th, 2021, Friday nine 29. The market's ready to open Baidu down. Tesla market is down. Let's see what happens here. Okay. And I'm account currently at 1333 one. Okay. So I sold that to the seven 90 fives. Um, I think it's going to retest that seven 95 range. One more time. Okay. I'm going to be patient and Baidu. We're at 18 K on the account. Uh it's because of the bounce three, still you guys, I sold off three contracts. I just go down of, um, Tesla case count is at 20,706.

If you want to find out more about 13 market moves, how you can do this consistently on your own, click the link below and schedule a 20 minute consultation with our senior trader than I hoped that this was a little bit educational until then Brandon out, peace out.


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