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Trading $2k into $24k in 36 hours how did he do it?!

Nov 30, 2020

Hey, hello. Again, everybody. This is rev. I just wanted to go over another, $20,000 trade, uh, that, uh, Chris put me in a, this is my second one in as many weeks since I started with the gold program over there with 13 market moves. All right. So the trade started Wednesday at about 10:29 AM. Uh, let me show you what we have here. Okay. So you see right here at 10:29 AM RNA put $2,000 to work. Okay. Started bidding 10 of them at 82 bidding more. Okay. All right. So he's making sure I got 10 to a $2,000 in there infested. So I had just under that. Okay. So now here at 1:20 PM, he says exit M RNA at one 1918 by Friday at that target, you need to exit. Okay. So now watch this. I was trying to figure out how much I should, offer, is eight 52 cheap. Yes. Okay. So now let me show you.

This is what actually happened. Started buying got 10 of them at 82 cents. The one 10 strike, uh, expiring Friday after Thanksgiving. Uh, this, this trade initiated Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving. If that gives you your time, horizon started about 10:29 AM started buying a man. God has got Phil as low as 50 cents for the November 27th, one 10 strike. So you can see here. I was asking him if one eight 50 was too cheap. He's like, yeah. It's way too cheap because we're going to have $9 of intrinsic value. If we're trying to hit one 19, a one 1918. Right? So I put a $9 and 20 cents in. Okay. Because I asked him was $8 and 20 cents too cheap, even though it was only in, at an average of 66 cents. Okay. You guys see that right? 30 contracts, average of 66 cents. All right. So let's go back to the chart real quick.

Let's take a look at this here. Uh, he's telling me to hold, telling me to hold, tell me to hold, telling me I can not sell this trade. We're going to one 19. He's messaged me every couple of minutes. Hold the trade, hold the trade. So we get to about one Oh nine when it closed, maybe right at one Oh nine when it closed. Okay. Which was Wednesday. And I said, did we get out here? I was up $3,440. Now can you imagine being up 34 and $40? And he tells you, you can't sell. What would you do? Is is 34 40 a lot of money. Yes, it is. Is a lot of money to you. That's relative. Is it a lot of money to me? Absolutely. He made me hold through Thanksgiving with a target of one 1918. I got exactly one 1918. I got out for $9 and 20 cents on the final contracts. As you can see, they're making 1300% plus in 36 hours.

All right. So as you can clearly see here, okay. He's telling me what to do when to get in what I should do based on my account size. So I had just under $2,000 invested and pulled out. Uh, I believe I pulled out 24,000. So I believe it was 22,000 plus profit for 36 hours of holding. All right. if you're wondering, well, how did, how do we know to get in? Okay, well, it's clearly laid out in the course material that 13 market moves provides you before you can even begin to take these calls. Okay? You have to study them. You have to prove to them that you have studied them. You have to understand the material, to know why we're getting into these traits. All right. With that being said, I'd like to thank Chris Leo, Mike, Brandon, Brandon. I made a, just over $13,000 on your why, why video? So I appreciate that trade buddy. That was great. And I'll see everybody in the next video. Thanks.


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