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Trading $39k to $237k in 5 days does 13marketmoves formula work?!

Mar 14, 2021

Hello, 13 market moves fans. My name is Jeff. I just wanted to give a little introduction to myself. I've been trading for about two and a half years. I first became familiar with 13 market moves program about a year ago, and I bought the 13 market moves program by itself. I studied the program for about a year and there was just something missing. I couldn't quite get it. So when I finally saved up enough money, I was able to buy the charts and divergences class as well as the rest of the courses. They've really helped me a lot, especially the charts and divergence course. If I were to suggest a starting place, that's where I would start completed all the courses about 45 days ago. And then I started trading with Chris about three weeks ago. First, we didn't go so well, but Hey, such as the market, some days you win some days you lose, it is what it is that second week we did really well.

The Roku trade from one of the previous videos I was in that same trade and I made over a thousand percent prior taking all these classes, I really felt like my trading sucked. It just lacked the discipline and good trades that were there to make me any money. I've taken all the knowledge I've learned. And I'm starting to recognize the divergences in charts. You start to see them right away. Now it's pretty easy. Once you get some practice, it helped with my timing and execution. And most of all, it helped me realize the market conditions. That's the key to this program. You have to be under the right market conditions in order for this to be successful, the way it's designed, like now look at the market right now,

When You're able to see the market change like this, and you're able to pick up the clues. You can have some really good trade setups. Chris has really been working with me and teaching me how to do this. That's the hard part. Everybody wants to jump into this game and get right at it and end up losing all their money without a skilled trainer to help you. It is quite impossible. And that's where the 13 market moves mentors bring to the table. So once you take all the classes and you have a little bit of experience behind your belt, you can then jump in with one of the mentors at 13 market moves and they will really take your trading to the next level. Let's take a look at our trades. What a crazy day. Let's take a look at feed you.

Yeah, you remember, I purchased up here right next to the green arrow day and a half ago overnight. We had a little bit of drop, but then it came back up at open and then, Oh, it came all the way down and it's still going down after market hours. Trades looking really good right now. Hopefully we'll get a third day of drop with the continued market conditions. There was a couple of times today. I almost gave up in the trade. However, Chris, my trade mentor kept my head together and helped me stay in that trade. And as you can see, his advice truly helped. There are many examples of these types of trades in all of the courses and they help teach you to at least follow the price action so that you can have an expectation of where you may end up or what levels you may end up at. This is the exact point where I would struggle. This is where many people stop out. And yet the market ended up having more to give you.

And it's through these programs and understanding the 13 market moves where you can have the expectations into day two and into day three. But you have to be honest with these trades. They are hard to do. They're not easy. I think I threw up in my mouth about four times today. There's still a little on the floor. I need to clean up, but Hey, we're sticking through the tray into tomorrow because the whole point of this program is to trade like a rockstar. And that's what we are going to do. Moving on to the other trades that we're watching possibly in a couple of these, Oh, Hey look, Carvana is coming down to all these lines on these Fibonacci retracement things. They must mean something.

In addition, you got BK and G dropping from where it was yesterday. Tesla drop-in forum, where it was yesterday as well. Let's take a look at it. Use P and L if you recall, here's my position from yesterday 90 contracts at the two 60 strike eight contracts at the two 80 strike purchased for 89 cents and $3 and 7 cents. At the end of yesterday, we were sitting at $17,715 and $5,218 respectively today, 99 tracks looks like I sold to well look where we're sitting today. 36,000 and 10,000, respectively, 89 cents, almost five bucks, $3, almost $20. Here are my two contracts that I sold. It's probably one of the times they threw up in my mouth and panicked or something, but that 650% sold them for 1895. For those two contracts, I use that money to jump into another trade, which we'll probably talk about tomorrow.

All in all these trades are going well. I've been doing this for a minute and it takes awhile to get to this point. You got to start somewhere charts and divergences class. And the 13 market moves will help you get to where you want to be. The point of any program is to find the best trades, to understand them, to trade them and to make money on them. Money is always a positive expectation of your efforts. When you find the good trades, the money will be there. Warren buffet once said be fearful when others are greedy and greedy, when others are fearful, this is a program for that time period. Stay tuned for tomorrow. We'll check out day three and how these trades went. Good afternoon. 13 market moves fans. Jeff here once again to talk about the trades that we were in this week. Oh my God. Get to the point, Jeff, we're tired of hearing about your trades. What happened with them again? Quick recap, enter here. Last three days has been going down, down, down, down, down today. This is where we exited just like we were supposed to nice big long Sweden trade Posts.

So had 90 contracts, 89 cents. Yesterday's end of day, P and L Bam.

Um, did you sold out total of $58,995 for that entire position trading like a rockstar? That's how it's done. Here's a photo of my last transaction selling my last 15 contracts, a bid you $18 and 35 cents. That is a whopping 2100% gain, but there's more wait, what you didn't say anything about that Recall bid. You was not my only trade. This is what I started out the week in my account. This is the actual numbers for my account. It is a small account by all means.

I've been Talking about the potential of this program in between talking about my traits and the reason am doing this is for a very specific reason. And that reason is here is my account today. At the end of the trading day, this is what it's all about. People trading like a rockstar. This is why you joined this program. This is what the results look like this week. My account grew over 600% not to mention the great trades that we were in resulting in many being well over a thousand percent, you can do this with smaller accounts. I'm living proof of that. If you want to understand the market better and you want to see returns like this, I would definitely buy the 13 market moves program, as well as the charts and divergence program. Those have truly helped me get to this point. And that's what it's all about. People making the money so you can move on and trade like a rock star. Thanks Chris. Thanks. 13 market Moves.


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