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Trading $50k to $294k my first 3 weeks with 13marketmoves

Jan 31, 2021

What has happened, traders. This is Jason it's Jan 29, 2021. I just want to give you a quick recap wine of my experience so far with 13 market moves and the train by coach Chris. Uh, first and foremost, approximately three weeks ago, I began with a $50,000 account and really the training to trade with Chris and to accept his guidance and professionalism. As far as developing my trading skills and enhancing my training skills is it started with the consultation.

You know what he told me on the very first day, he said, Jason, he says, if I'm gonna accept you as one of my clients in the trading room, I want you to understand the money that you invest in this count. I want you to take in the backyard and wants you to burn it. It means nothing. This is capital to trade with. There's no emotional connection with it whatsoever.

It was interesting because ever said ever since he said that it has greatly impacted my trading and also a lot more knowledge along the way by him coaching me and going further. You know, my very first week on a 13 market moves, I made approximately a hundred thousand dollars starting with a $50,000 account. And at the end of the week, part of their trading is making sure that you pay yourself. Okay. And I took $77,000 out of that account. Okay. And then I began trading, excuse me, trading with the remainder approximately $70,000 plus, you know, after that. And so far, uh, you know, as of today, you'll starting with that 50 K taking money out of, of the first week. And so on the counts now up to $219,755 and change.

And what I want to understand about the guidance and the training with 13 market moves is this is knowledge that you're going to have forever. Nobody can take it away from you. Okay? This is some you're learning how to do under somebody. That's a multimillionaire trader day trading swing trader guiding you and pushing you to the next level. And I tell Chris that this week I see Chris, I said, you know, holding through losses, holding through wins. I said, the bottom line is I've never had anybody push me as much in trading as you have.

And I actually have a lot of experience going to other seminars, going to other groups, actually sitting in a prop firm for two weeks. You're learning what they do to become successful traders. And I've never had anybody pushed me and trading like Chris has 13 market moves. So thank you again, Chris.

And a little bit about the, the weekly recap here, not every trades, a winner, not every trades a loser.


We took a trade on Johnson Johnson today on Friday, the 29th, uh, took a stick and I on that one with the loss of 4,000, uh, took a hit on inbox. We're really loading up on inbox, expecting a big move on that. But the fact that matter is the winners overpower the losers.

Okay. We really let our winners run.

And that's part of the training is you have targets on these stocks, okay? And you push those targets need, don't give in for profit. You don't give in for P and L you let the stocks go after the targets and you can see spy profit, a hundred thousand on spy, Tesla profited a 54,000 on Tesla. So, you know, it wipes out the losers in this case.

And that's all part of the training. It's all part of the psychology of trading is focusing on your winners, not devoting any more energy to your losers and letting your account grow. I've had tremendous experience with coach Chris and 13 market moves over three weeks.

My, uh, payout is $244,000 and, uh, very happy so far with everything. As far as my experience, the professionalism and the guidance that coach Chris and 13 market moves has provided me. I would strongly encourage you if you're considering taking your train to the next level where you're looking for professional guidance, please schedule 20 minute consultation.

I think you're really enjoying it. I love to watch your videos and hear about your success in the 13 market moves room.

Thank you for your time.


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