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Trading $7k to $20k in 2 hours: Freddie's 1st day with 13marketmoves.com

Jan 27, 2021

Hey guys just ready. So right now I SRG, we're waiting to hit our target at seven 58 on SRG. Yeah, it's definitely working out. This is on the a five and charts. Freddie here again, we're waiting for the SRG target. So hit the seven 58 level to sell half. It's a move three on the ISRG guys, I just got executed on those eight contracts at seven 58 and we have the remaining contracts to sell at seven 55.

We just got executed on the second half of the ISR G at seven 55 and for a total of $16,584, not bad for an hour and a half a day of work. Hey guys, this is Freddy. I wanted to start out by saying, um, an amazing job by Lael and his team today. I'm new to 13 market moves. Uh, and today we were able to take a $7,500 account two 20,000.

What we did today was we shorted ISRG right at the opening, uh, right after Chris's alert, we went ahead and shorted it around the seven 80 level. Our first target was about seven 58, and then we had another target at around, uh, seven 55, um, an amazing trade by them. Uh, I cannot say how thankful I am.

These guys are by far the best trading team that I've ever seen. Uh, I've been trading the markets for roughly about six years going on, and I've always had an issue with consistency. Um, but these guys make it worth your while for a lot of you guys out there that are struggling, I would highly, highly suggest give them that 20 minute consultation call fellas.

Your ego is killing you.

Let that go.

If you need the help, it's okay to ask for it. These guys can help you grow their, their formula and their process is on parallel.

Uh, like I said, I can say, think, you know, for Chris, for Mike, all these guys are just on point and they know exactly what they're doing.

Like I said, from 7,500 to thousand in one day, mean you cannot get better than those types of results.

So again, thank you, Leo Mike, Chris, uh, for the amazing 13 market moves, trust me, guys is worth the investment.

They all, all of those guys say is, sounds really corny, but believe me, it's not after seeing results like this in one day. Imagine what could happen in a month in a week. So I would highly highly recommend get that 13 market moves from the, because it works. Here's the proof 7,500 into 20,000 in one day. Thank you again, Chris.


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