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Trading Market Move 3: $1k to $11k in 5 days! Got the moves? 13 market moves!

Mar 28, 2021

Hey there guys. I wanted to shoot a real quick video to say thanks to Leo. And the 13 market moves team, Chris and Mike. Um, this is what I did with my account in a note in a week and a week, five days since Monday, I just closed out my positions. The market's about the closing the next seven minutes, but I actually started out this week in my TD Ameritrade account. I started out this week, checking my portfolio. I actually started out this week,

Uh, $1,722 and 50 cents. Uh, because I blew up my account last week. I do that. I've done that several times before, um, and using the principles and concepts of like trend reversal opportunities and finding chart divergences. I was actually able to snipe out some amazing traits and mind you, I haven't bought any of the 13 market moves courses. This is only using the stuff that they have for free on YouTube. I was able to learn enough to find amazing trades like this awesome trade that I had on, uh, via com uh, today this via comm trade, uh, was actually a day trade because I've been keeping an eye on Viacom for like the past two weeks, traded it last week, made a couple of bucks on it, uh, traded again, after it was already going down by a lot. I noticed that today was going to be a move three.

So I knew I was going to continue moving back down. So what I did was I shorted the bounce, uh, and I was able, and I ease into the position. So my first, uh, 10 contracts that I got were at two 24, um, uh, for the 57 puts on Viacom around about, uh, 11 o'clock. Uh, and this was, I did the worst thing. I actually bought it as it was moving down. Uh, so I, I bought, I brought this when, um, via, was dipping down to about 56, 11, and as it started to bounce in pop, I continue to add more to the position. And I actually was able to lower my cost to about $2, uh, for the position. And, uh, sadly it started dropping so quickly that actually got a halted twice, and I had a sell order set. I wasn't able to close it as I was trying to cancel the order it actually filled.

So that was a quick 200% on the first five. So the first third of the position, uh, and then the rest of them, I sold at about five 70. So the first ones were a hundred percent. The next, uh, few were about, um, 200% like a little over 200% return, uh, for those. Uh, and then of course my Amazon position, Amazon, uh, made me quite a bit of money. I bought into the position around like $24, um, $24 that I was able to sell the first part of the position for 33 33. And I used that the proceeds from that I could have sold it for better, but I used the proceeds for that. And it made the decision to get into the, uh, Viacom, um, which was a knockout home run for me. And then I sold the last of my Amazon position for, uh, 57 70 near the close.

Um, but I was able to do this stuff. I, uh, six X my account over the course of a week, and that's with bad trades. You can see here, I have some losing trades here. I have a, I have a spy trade and it says the trade that completely like laws, 99, 98% loss. Uh, I D I did try to take another Viacom trade and I didn't close it out at the right time. So I lost on that one, but still, um, with all that and all the things that went on today, I was still able to select my account and make, uh, another $3,000 this week just using the free stuff from 13 market moves. So if you're trying to figure out how to trade with a lot more confidence, uh, definitely take the time and just study. It doesn't cost anything for you to study the stuff that Leo puts out.

Uh, I know some people may not jive with his personality, um, but he definitely has some really good gems to talk about. And, uh, sadly I could have actually closed out my account earlier today at around 20,000. So I would have, uh, closed out at, uh, over a thousand percent return on the week using the stuff that I learned, um, from their videos. So I'm actually going to be buying their courses so that I can hone in on my skills and get better, because I know that I'm definitely going to make back that investment really quickly, especially just using their free stuff. If their free stuff got me here, imagine what their paid stuff will get you. Um, so again, thank you, Leo, Mike and Chris, uh, the dirty Margaret boost team and all of the stuff that you guys do and all the free content, keep it up. And with Monday rolling around next week, let's roll.


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