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Trading Options $15k to $55k in 3 trades with 13 marketmoves coach Chris

Oct 24, 2021

Hello everyone. This is Chelsea, and I'm going to share the three trades that I took with, uh, coach Chris this week. And God, these, these things were the best thing that I ever took and the best things that I ever done with, uh, coach Chris, I started up a, my account was a 15, 15,359 this week, but like, uh, today, but the close of the market, I closed out.

My account was at 56, 0 53. That is $56,053. So, um, there was just a lot of emotions as we took around all these trades. And I was, I experienced a lot of, or Acosta's experience like Chris was there every step of the way he was with me and go at all these things. Let me show you the first trip I took. Yeah, the first trip we took was a yesterday as this thing was going down, you are buying, um, the seven, whenever, uh, S M S T R was 7 47 50.

I received a notification from Greece to buy seven 40 puts and I got in there. And then we, uh, uh, we were able to ride it all the way and we were able to sell it at this point. Uh, another trip that I took was, uh, Michelle, this was Amazon, Amazon.

We took it this morning. We never at this bounce right here. Uh, Chris told me to get in Amazon put, and we were able to ride it all the way to this point for $30,000 gain for the day. Uh, another trip that we took, uh, with Greece was the swing trade. This was Netflix, the Netflix, we were able to get in it.

When, when, when it was a eight year when it was a six 40, uh, Chris told me to buy 6 45 calls. And then I added some over here when it was at six 50, I added some in there. Then we were able to ride it all the way I sold it for around, uh, 20, uh, 13,000, that 10,000 profit.

And I was able to reinvest the money they sold that can go up to 70,000. And then you went back to 20,000, but, uh, Chris was there to tell me, stay with the trade and boy, yo boy, they did pay. So everyone, if you're his thing on the fence, please give them a call and you'll tank you'll. Thank me later, discharge, I think. Thank you everyone for listening. Thank you.


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