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Trading Options $2700 to $29k in 1 trading day

Nov 28, 2021

Hey everyone. I'm just wanting to do a quick video on the 13 market moves. Uh, I've been dealing with, uh, Brandon over there who has been excellent. And, um, we started our first day of a trading activity, uh, yesterday. And we started with a balance of about 2,700 and some change.

We took the first trade, which was spy, and that was, um, maybe about 10 or 11 in the morning. That would have been right about here somewhere. And, uh, one thing I had to tell you that Brandon was confident.

He knows exactly what he's doing as far as when to get in and timing in the market, based on the market, the 13 market moves formula. We got into a spot position and immediately we were in the money. I mean, they count with from 2,700, but then the first, maybe half hour, 45 minutes of being in the position to hire about 12 grand, then we came back down a little bit.

Brandon was like, Hey, don't worry about it. Um, from what I'm looking at, my projections is they're gonna bend in flush this. They now have a little bit later. Uh, so we stayed in a position. We actually built two positions, one a day, a position that was going to expire yesterday, and then also a position, uh, that expires on Wednesday. So both of them were doing extremely well.

Um, and then towards the end of the day, last half an hour or so, uh, we added to the position that, uh, added to a day position, uh, which really exploded, uh, that account, that position went to about 14,000 in profit.

Another one in Mt 11, uh, and some change. Uh, so over the last five, 10 minutes on the phone with, uh, Brandon and he's pretty much just kind of, uh, like a wizard there. He was just telling me, Hey, hold on. I know what's going to happen here. I'm pretty sure. Uh, they're going to flush this thing down past four 70, which they did, and that put us so far into the money.

So at the end of the day, we were at from 2,700 closing to $28,800 and some change over 966% on the first day of granting. So if anybody has any questions, 13 market moves is really the place to be.


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