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Trading Options 50K into 504K in 4 Days | Trading With A 13 Market Moves Coach

Aug 03, 2022

I've been asked to do a testimonial about my experience with 13 market moves. My name is Keith Hadden. I'm from Houston, Texas. I am a, uh, I I'm really a day trader. I don't tell everybody that because I'm not a very good one, but now I can brag a little bit that I've been working with 13 market moves, a company that I found on the internet actually found them on YouTube as far back as 2018, and, uh, have watched and reviewed and studied many of their videos. And finally got up the nerve to contact them. They have, uh, on their website. Uh, they have a, a coaching call that you can sign up for. They get back with you very quickly. You can tell them what, what your experience and, uh, what your level of, of, uh, of knowledge and trading is. And the guy called me, I sent him that like eight in the morning.

He called me personal personally, uh, at about 10 30 in the morning. I think it was a Wednesday by the end of that same day, he had my account, he had my account up no 30, 30, $2,000 in one day trading options trading puts back then it was Amazon Google, all some of the same ones that you can trade. Now, uh, the next day we probably lost about half of that. Uh, but Friday by the end of the day, Friday, uh, we had increased my account to $108,000. I started with $33,000 and we got it up to $108,000. My experience with trading has not been that good, especially with weekly options, you know, but once I started trading with 13 market moves and learn the, uh, the formula of 13 market moves, how the market will do different things. And then there is a pattern to the different moves that, that it will do.

Uh, I became more confident. I love the trade with, with the coaches at 13 market moves, Mike and I have been doing some great, some great work together. So I found out about 13 market moves by watching YouTube videos, you know, YouTube, you can learn how to do anything by watching YouTube videos, or at least you can find the right company that can help you further your, uh, your endeavor, no matter what it is. And for me, it was trading weekly options, uh, both calls and puts. And I found these guys on YouTube, 13 market moves. I worked with them on and off since 2018 bottom line is I've had great success with these guys, great success. Uh, primarily we trade options, puts and calls. They also have instructional videos and courses that you can take to teach you more about cryptocurrency and, uh, future trading.

Right now, I'm concentrating on, uh, buying and selling, uh, calls and puts in the weekly option market with Leonardo with the 13 market moves. And of course my coach coach Mike who's helped me out tremendously on, uh, on, on picking the right positions, the right cause the right strike prices and staying with the trade long enough for it actually to start to materialize. And we took an account just this last week, starting on July the 26th on a Tuesday. And we traded all day, Tuesday, all day, Wednesday, all day Thursday, and right to the end of the day, Friday and made thousands of trades with the account. The account started off at $50,000. And I kid you not by Friday at closing that that account had $530,000 in it. That's 400, uh, approximately four hundred and seventy five, four hundred seventy $5 profit that we worked with after, after trading for just four days with this guy, these guys originally found him on YouTube watched many of his videos.

Uh, even as far back when, when his YouTube channel was called, uh, market crash, that's AC actually what brought me to, to, uh, pay more attention to all of, all of the 13 market move videos and to buy their courses because he was just right on with some of the movements in the market. And he still is the 13 market move course, uh, is based on, on what the market is currently doing to what it's done for the last month. And, and he, it's highly predictable by using this course that Leonardo has put together and worked on. I believe he's been in the business for over 30 years, if I'm not mistaken. And he really knows, uh, how to, how to pick the puts in the calls. And if you're in the crypto, they have courses on crypto. They, uh, trade the futures. So they, they have it all.

They have it all, and it's a great place to start. If you're having bad luck, if you're not able to make the trade, if you back at a trades and then a moment you back at 'em that turns around and goes the direction you want it to go, come and trade with these guys, come in and check out their courses, watch the YouTube videos, uh, buy some of their courses that they offer. I know it's helped me a lot tremendously, especially the coaching being coached by one of Leonardo's guys right now, I'm being coached by Mike and he knows his stuff too. We're we're making some really good trades. So I highly recommend it. Do your research, do your due diligence. I think you're gonna like these guys.

If the market is open, I just can't say no. I see all these stock symbols moving on my watch list. Flashing red, green, red, green. Even on days, I told my wife, I wouldn't trade. I can't open. I can't stay on the sidelines. All these action is taking place. I wish I knew how to short stocks. The market was so damn bullish. Nobody could see stray including me until the crash happened. Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever get it all back. Keep day trading, hoping for the best. I catch a few small wins here and there, but my losses are always bigger guys. I'm Roger. Well, I'm a day trader. Hi, Roger. Roger. I've been trading for two years after I take a trade. I start doubting and questioning myself. You guys know how it is. As soon as I jump out of the trade because it's turning red.

And as soon as I do that, the stock turns around. I would've made so much money. If I'd stayed with it at times, I go all in hoping to get a huge trade, but the market crushes me. I have taken so many bid trades, well free to take my next one. I got a formula that can help you trade fearlessly. And who are you? I'm a guy that created a secret formula to trade options on Fridays. You probably have seen my life trading videos on YouTube day trading 3000 into $59,000, $4,000 into 144,000 is a joke to you. I'm Steven, by the way. Nice Steven. I mean, it, isn't funny to all of us here in the group because it's very serious. We've bought all kinds of trading courses in the past and we're still losing money. Hold on. What if the formula really works? You've been losing for years. Try something new. I made 8,000 trade and penny stocks. Once I'm here to help this formula has helped many traders recover years of losses in just a few months. All right. That's enough. Give me the formula. Now. I need it badly. That's not how you get the formula. Seriously, dude, live the trade trade to live. I need the formula please. I'm not angry. I just wanna help. Just tell him, I'm sorry. I'll delete all my bad comments on YouTube. I want the formula now, but I'm not leaving without the formula. I wanna trade like a rock star. Somebody, please tell him how to get the formula.


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