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Trading Options $740 to $10,402 In ONE Stock Swing Trade! Small Account Trading With 13marketmoves!

Mar 14, 2021

Hey folks, Mack here. Let me show you something. Let me show you how to 13 market move work. So temp. So my account was at around a, a thousand dollars, maybe 1100. I spent, um, $740 to purchase two Tesla trade Tesla contracts. Right. And my balance remaining was 43. Okay. So you can see here can sit today. I sold my contracts, right, and made $10,000. I sold both of my contracts and make $10,000. So my account size is 10,400, $2. So, uh, you're talking about a 13 market moves, you know, work, Jesus. This is absolutely insane. The things that those guys teach, the courses, uh, that, that virgins, uh, pattern recognition, um, when Leo talk about the market drop. Amazing. Right? Um, I've worked with Chris. Chris has been amazing spoken of Brandon. Amazing. And they they've helped you, you know, keep your emotions in check.

Right? So I was in the straight is a swing trade. I was in the street for three days and now the street produce, as you can tell, I sold, see, I sold my, my Tesla got filled this morning at 50. As you can see, I tried putting, you know, it was lower and I see the market was dropping and I keeps changing it. I keep ch I kept, I kept on changing the price. So you can see here. I finally got filled up, um, 50 hours. So went from $3 per contract to $50 per contract. So guys, amazing. Those guys are amazing. Take the course. If you don't have the courses, take the thirds in market move right now, do not hesitate. Go and get peace.

Congratulations back. I'm taking 740 bucks to 10 K. If you really want to learn from this video, guys pay very close attention to what Mac just said. It was a swing trade. How long did he stay in the trade? It was three days. Let me ask you a simple question. How long did you stay in your last trade? For most of average strainers, your answer's going to be like three minutes because the moment the went against you, you got out guys, it takes patience. It takes understanding of your calculations and the moves to stay in the trade for three days, three days. And look, it's not, it looks on this chart like a straight shot down, but you know, that's not the case. Look at all these stale sticking out. So at some point the stock was bouncing, dropping, bouncing, dropping. And so it takes psychological toughness and understanding of your calculations to actually stay for the bounces, not get out, wait for third drop, understand that bounces are just counter-clockwise movements in the overall movement lower.

So if maybe you got onto the straight, but you were like, Oh, forget it. I'm happy with making $500. Well, this is how you miss out on the nine, $10,000 a game. So great job Mack on learning 13 market moves staying with the trade guys. If you'd like to learn how you can do what Mac did. Okay. Click the link below. Schedule a 20 minute coaching call. Let's roll. Don't miss out on the next trade like this, and don't miss out on the next video. It's coming up. It's going to be some crazy. We're going to show you in the next video.


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