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Trading Options Live 2021 - $2k into $8k in 48 hours

Jan 12, 2021

Today is January 7th, 2020. I am Brandon and we're going to show you how we take the small account to a large account, hopefully by tomorrow, about six to 10K. All right. So it's about 10:39. We're going to be shorting for solar. And the issue is that the first solar just popped up on lower volume. And, we're going to be shorting the $100 strikes, although just wait a little bit to 105. So I want to get a little bit closer to the money here. So let's go ahead and go for the 103 strikes. Okay. So I'm going to do 10 of these right now, so let's not screw around. Let's go get it. Okay.

Okay. So I got 10 contracts at 86 cents. Maybe pay overpaid a little bit, 103 strikes, and then I'm going to keep it there.  I don't want to put any more into that. That's about 800 butts, and then I'm just going to go ahead and, um, buy just one contract of Baidu because I think this crap is ready to explode higher.

Let's do like a two 15, it's a tool nine. So it's kind of moved five bucks to 70.5 versus here. I just want to buy a contract just yesterday was a weird day. Today's looking like it's going to be a move one. Um, and then yesterday we basically to move one else, so, okay. Well they 11 behavior. Okay.

So I'm going to be looking at Baba at these levels. I was kind of hoping for a balance, but so I'm just gonna, um, I paid $1.63 for these, so I'm gonna just add another contract here. 145. Okay. I just bought a contract, Bob. I'm just going to scale in as they start to go down a little bit in the VAT value cam back and checking on this account. Um, we have, um, basically 1738 account. I started with 2100 this morning. I have Baba puts. I have first solar puts, um, I still do have one contract of Baidu and I'm just holding on from that point.

Okay guys, this is January 8th before the market opens. Um, just kind of going over here and you know, we're, I'm looking at Baidu currently.

Baidu's doing great.

I have two calls on it. Currently. The account said 1963 yesterday we ended around like 1700 1690 ish. Okay. Probably going to regret later, but our council 45, 61, 4,600, you know, um, and I have a solo order now, um, for the Tesla and Tesla, I bought those for $5 and 10 cents and, um, eight 20 calls. And I think it goes higher. So I'm getting ready to sell those as well, but I'm going to be a little patient. I think it goes a little bit higher. Okay. So I'm just going to put it in market, the spread. Isn't that great. So we'll just remain patient just to let you know, I have a second monitor.

So I'm staring at the charts right now, like glue. So, um, okay. So I just sold, um, you saw that there, um, Tesla, um, we are at 58, 72. So I think, um, Leo wants me to do that and I agree with him. So I'm going to just sell this for solar right now. So, you know, 80 cents close enough. Okay. Got my money back. Okay. I can't be a pig. Okay. So count value is at 59 Oh eight. Uh, so by 9:36 AM the council. Now we're looking at, um, this was January 8th at one 41. I just sold everything out. Um, here's the trades that I've taken. So approximately like 1700 from yesterday to $75. Six. Okay. So the account said 80 91 and that's where we ended the day today. Um, I'm carrying the three contracts over to, uh, next Wednesday. So, all right. So if you want to learn how to do this, um, click the link below. Um, I took P pretty much two K, which turned up at 1.7 K yesterday. Um, but I'm leaving with 80 91, not a bad day. Uh, click the link below, schedule a 20 minute consultation.


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