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Trading Options LIVE $20k to $61k in 1 hour 13marketmoves.com trading live

Feb 23, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on in this video, we're gonna show you how to turn 20 K into 60 K. Plus the killer though is we're going to do it in under hour and 20 minutes. The reason I say a 20 K clear lab got 15 grand here on, on the screens, because we're actually taken about a 5k hit, uh, on, uh, a few entries on spike. So a couple of entries, um, did not work out earlier, but we're certain that in this move three formation that we're going for today, uh, we will end substantially positive for the day trade in spite. So as you can see, I've got 401 contract, despite three 89 bullets and three 88, which on February 22nd, it is 2:45 PM. And so far we'll lose it. $5,900.

What we expecting to happen in the next hour and 20 minutes, we're expecting spike to out, going into the end of the day, all the way to at least 38 80, potentially 38 61. I know sounds wild right now. I mean, you expecting like 30, 40 point moving an hour in the last hour of the close. It sounds a little, uh, uh, out there, but nonetheless, the 13 markets move formula points to a sharp drop off going into the close today on February 22nd. And if you don't know how to use the 13 markets more formula guys, click the link below, get the course because by not knowing how to use the formula, guys, your mission out on killer trades, just like the one I'm showing you here. So we'll follow up on this trade again. Um, S and P 500 futures written out 38 93 in the quarter.

We've got one position in spite puts in two different strike prices. Uh, actually we just turned being in the money and one of them and actually making 1600 bucks, uh, here now. So the profit and loss for the day is only, uh, 3,500 bucks actually making $2,900 here now. So the account is that a 17 K the goal is to finish, um, at least about 40 K, but I think we do have a setup here where we can actually turn that into 60 K plus, you can see, I do have some limit orders sitting there, but, uh, uh, we may be changed in that as we go along here. So, uh, we'll review the trades shortly guys, uh, February 22nd, 2:47 PM and, uh, losing 30 and a hundred bucks. Uh, let's see where exactly we can take this account by the end of the day. Let's roll

Okay, guys. It is 3:24 PM. The account is at 37 nine. This is exactly, um, this is exactly the breakdown of the positions right here, guys. So still holding the old 401 Butch here. Um, now what happened in the last 40 minutes is now we're making 23,000 on these or 21, nine 79 on these, uh, spike woods and the profit and loss went from minus a 5k to plus, uh, 12 K. So now we're still sticking to the position. If you understand the move six behavior at the end of the day within the move three formation guys, it'll get you paid. And that allows you to stay cool and collective. While a lot of people would be jumping out way earlier before they realized these type of profits. But notice I'm not even getting out here. Why? Because we're going lower at least at a level of about 38, 80, 38 75.

And I do have limited orders waiting to close out of some of these positions guys. So let's rock. Uh, we're still on track to hit a 40, 60 K plus on the straight in the next 30, 40 minutes. 13 market moves, baby. If you don't got the moves, get them now click the link below. Hey guys, now watch this beautiful finish sell right now at 3:34 PM. The account is at 40 1002 57, but watch this beautiful move we're back to dropped. And that's what gets you paid guys, uh, timing, these type of market conditions. So, and it's a critical level. The market can not hold this 38 80. You're going to see a quick move lower. Hey guys, for those of you, for those of you that are thinking, Oh yeah, but you can't be this precise or, you know, you can calculate this move before it happens.

We're getting, and then right here on the spike woods, we told how I subscribers to short fiber. One was at three 20 on Friday. Look at this magnificent drop 40 hail. We told you public leak to short Tesla two weeks ago when it was at eight 70, the stack is at seven 18. Now guys, it pays to know the 13 market moves that we want breaking that level got another 1918 points to go lower from here. This is going to be our perfect axis. The account is at 47, K 46, seven 67 at 3:35 PM. February 22nd. Here's that move? Oh yeah. For those of you skeptics out there that think, Oh yeah, you're trading with a, with a paper accounts, a bunch of lies. Whoever tells you that I never trade with paper account. Don't recommend anybody to do it. So just so you would, uh, know for a fact that this is really counted.

If I click on demand right here and see the button turns orange sort of run here. If I click that, that takes, that takes you to the paper trading part of the account, run here. As you know, TD Ameritrade gives you a hundred K in paper trading. So we want to get the hell out of that. Make sure you don't use that. If you're trying to really learn how to trade, it's better to trade with just a hundred bucks in your account to go for the motions. Cause keeping emotions in check is what's really going to get you paid. But in order to do that, you got to base your calculations off of something. So as you can see now it's showing this orange on demand button. So I'm going to get the hail out of this paper thing here, right? So we're at 38 77 on the futures. The account is up 54, K a message related to minimally polarized functional units. That's OPIC tango echo Roca was the trade of the day. We're sending multiple alerts when the stock was around this level four 74, 75 early in the morning before this big drop happen. So don't miss out on these trades guys. Get in touch with the senior trader here at 13 market moves and make it happen. Don't let this kill a trade slide away from you. We'll review this trade in about 20 minutes. Let's rock

And we got 10 minutes till the market close. Actually more like nine minutes. They count us up 56 gate and. We're just sold 200 spite boats at a dollar 77 gun out a little too early on this, but, um, but still holding 200 contracts, 101, and the three idiot strikes and 103 89. The account officially is at 60 K. So we'll hit our target

For the day, which was taking 20 K 60 K plus we're there. Now notice what my cost is on these contracts, actually guys, Mike Austin is 3d strike is 16.90 cents or 17 cents. So basically I've invested $1,700 in this trade. And at this point, this trade is net and me $7,700 shell with a $1,700 in this man I'm making roughly eight grand


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