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Trading WEEKLY OPTIONS | I Turned $900 to $10K in 3 Days | 13 market moves review

Aug 03, 2022

Hey guys, my name's Rocky and I've been trading with 13 market moves for about two months. I've been set up with coach Mike. He's been teaching me a lot, showing me a lot. You know, the trades that we've been through for the past three days were literally amazed. I went from $900 to 10 K in three trading days on July 27th, three days. After my birthday, I funded an account with $906. Having an opportunity to trade with a coach in the 13 market moose program is literally amazing. As you can see, coach Mike alerted the ADP calls at two 30. Look at the time nine 14. Look at my execution, nine 15. He also gave all an exit target, which means this is the target. This is where you are gonna aim to get out of the trade. Now, if it gets closer there, then start, you know, scaling out of the position that one trade got me from $900 to $2,929.

Isn't that crazy? A whole two K in one day new positions. Now that my account is over 1500, I could trade futures. The benefit of having futures is that trading futures does not count as a day trade. So you could still have three day trades and go through 17 trades on a future position, which is really cool. You know, shout out to 13 market news. I never knew that before I joined, this was another alert after I sold the first position by ES calls. Today's expiration 40 50 bought seven contracts at $8 and 50 cents each entry. It was in the morning, 8 25. My exit later on in day after market closed new future's position right after market closed. Cause you can see the time says three 18, but I'm central standard time in America. So it's four 18 Eastern standard time. So the market's been closed for almost 18 minutes.

Another call up by 4k worth of ES calls tomorrow, expiring by 4k worth of GC calls tomorrow. Expiry look at those positions end of the day from all those trades, total account value was at $9,696, which is amazing. Now, as you can see, we closed all of our positions that were alerted to us on the 27th. These new positions happened literally after hours. So we're holding all of these for tomorrow's expire, which will be July 29th. This is Friday. Look, we've been holding all morning, sell everything at 1:16 PM, sell everything and buy three K worth of ES puts. Now keep in mind, the market was reaching daily highs. We were pushing towards 41 32. We were on the highs. So keep in mind the reversal was going to happen. That position that we had closed out at almost 5k 4,900 with a overall total loss for the day $830.

Now imagine this small loss is big profit lost $830 in the past three days from 900, right? But I made $10,000 in three trading days. I can't thank you guys enough. At 13 market moves for changing my life. It's setting me up with this opportunity. That's really once in a lifetime man, this is my road to 500 K. I promised myself, this is gonna be my biggest goal ever. $500,000, 13 market moves. Currently, Leo announced in his YouTube video, they're holding a 90 day, $1 million challenge. And me and coach Mike were dedicated to achieving that big shout out to coach Mike man, he's been there for me. He's been helping me out with a lot. He actually understands that, you know, you need guidance. That's his job as a coach to guide you to help you make money. So you can actually learn from the lessons that other people had without losing money. And then also a big shot at to Leo and a 13 market moose team for changing lives and creating an amazing opportunity for a bunch of people. As you can see from all the testimonials man, like people are starting to get starting to understand what's going on. They understand that this 13 market moose program is completely different than anything else. I dare you to sign up.


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