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Trading: What's The Difference Between Winning & Losing Traders?? $250k Profit 13marketmoves student

Mar 14, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on happy weekend. Uh, in the next few videos, uh, we've asked some of our coaching students that work with Chris or myself or Brandon to share some of the struggles that they've had this week, some of the results, some of the wins, some of the losses. So please don't be judging the next few videos based off the quality of the voice or the images. Try to really focus on what these real guys, guys, just like yourself that are trying to figure out the markets that are now working with a coach. Um, they're still going through the struggles that a normal trader would go with. And I'm great for the fact that these guys decided to share these recordings, uh, with an intent to help you guys get some insight that even though on the surface, some of the trades, they appear easy and you may understand the insides and outs of why you should be taking the trade, why you should be getting out.

It's actually getting it done from the psychological standpoint. That is the greatest challenge. Yes, the market will challenge you psychologically each and every day on some days, multiple times. And especially in our days when the market is highly volatile, it's going to make you question your trade, every move the market makes. And so how do you stay sane? How do you deal with it? So, uh, Jackson shares his journey this week from losing a hundred K to make him 250 K. And so try to listen carefully because there is some really important stuff that he shares guys. And please give him some support. Guys, leave a positive comment because, you know, I wish everybody shared the struggles they go through as a trader, because it would help a lot about the traders out. So here's Jackson without any further Jew describing his week with Chris and his own words here days,

Hey, this is Jackson. And I'm here to give the second day update of our big short swing. There's the March the fourth. And this is start in pre-market Chris actuate told us to sell a third of our positions at market open. So we did exactly that, um, with the activity page and the bottom, right. Or maybe just the bottom. Right. You can see that we've got out of Baidu began G has a and Carvana, just the third of each of those positions. We didn't get out of the spy, uh, Monday expert because it was a good multi-day swing. And we do expect spike to go down further as externally has in aftermarket. And so on, in addition to that, Chris gave us a second target for the day, which is 33, seven seven on the yes. And by then, we should also scale out of, with another one deposition.

So this is kind of the guidance that he provides throughout the day. He gets us targets on where he thinks like indexes will hit and that's when we would start doing some kind of profit taking. Right. And, you know, we did have a bounce today. Uh, it turned out that whether this was related or not, like Paolo was giving a speech at around nine o'clock Pacific and the market kinda just creeped up until then. And at that point we were losing quite a bit of money because, you know, obviously we have a fully short position and I was like, you know, getting kind of nervous. And I was like, Oh man, should I get out and get out? Like, you know, what if palace says some really positive things for the market and the market continues to move higher. Right. Um, but Chris kind of kept getting, it kept me with a level head and he told me like, Hey, you got to stay with a lot of positions.

You know, this is not the opportunity to get out right at the high of day. Right. Instead it's more of an opportunity to show the balances and to make even more profit. And I didn't show the bounce and that's where I can kind of improve in the future. But, you know, regardless of whether or not it was due to Powell, the market did continue to drop after a speech. And we did ultimately hit that three, seven 77 level. Um, I think maybe half an hour after his speech, our second bachelor prostate, you can see on that. Okay. Nine 55. So about an hour after his speech, we didn't take out another third of all. Most of our positions, um, they don't, we did end up scaling back in with some more like out of the money, um, because it looks like the market would continue dropping further and it did, it did hit like three 71 today at some point.

And, you know, even though we didn't take profit there, like, you know, we were up significantly on our puts and yeah, this is the current state of things. We're still swinging. A lot of these positions into the next day. I'll show you the position that we currently have. Now. We still have the spies for, you know, we added some positions for tomorrow and we still have it for next week and only are basically still in everything we didn't fully get out of any positions. And when we, you know, we're just expecting another move three tomorrow and you know, I'll keep you guys updated on the next day from the most important thing take away today is, you know, just with the huge move that happened today, right. With a huge bounce. And then they a huge drop, right? You definitely need someone like, for someone like me, I definitely need someone like Chris to keep me mentally stable because, you know, we do have a pretty sizable position and it gets like, there's always like, wow, should I get out? Like I'm seeing huge red or printing really red numbers as the market goes up, but you know, it turned out to be really worth it because as the moves had predicted, right, the market continued lower and that's the expectation as well. Yeah. I'll keep you guys updated for last day tomorrow. And hopefully we'll be scaled out of all of our positions and I'll show my appeal that, so this Is Jackson and here's my third swing day update. Um, so, you know, like I just got off the phone with Chris and he was just telling me how I got out too. And I do agree because, but you know, in the morning we had a quick chat and you mentioned you do a hundred K is a good cash out level. So that's why in four. And that's where we are. I'm a lot of my limit where it's just like filled randomly when I was like, just looking at the charts and stuff. Um, but here's my total PNL. The reason I didn't shows of the past few days, cause it's too fluctuating. It's kind of hard to really get a grasp. Like at some point the account would be at like, you know, during a case in point it would be back at, you know, one 50, you know, or, you know, when the fed, uh, right before the fed presentation, I was talking about yesterday, I was that like, you know, 80, right.

Um, but that's not what matters or you don't really like meet a monetary target except in this case. That's what I was going for because, um, I was telling Chris how, you know, this has been really intense week. I've been feeling kind of psychologically worn out. And I think this is probably for the best, right? Like not say my account, wouldn't be at like 500 K at the end of the day. If I didn't get out, it's just that I think I mentally needed this break, you know? Um, I'm just dipping my toes in here. I'm not, I'm not like Tricia who can just like look at the, just look at the charts and let it ride. And I hope to get there some day. And I think Chris will be the perfect mentor to get me there. Um, but anyhow, I just want to kind of recap on the trade at the end of the day.

Um, I think I got out for the most part on most of these trades at the, at a bottom, because like I would set a limit her that was kind of absurd and it would still, um, falling on that down candle. Um, but yeah, as you can see, I've closed all of my positions now I'm not leaving anything left in. Um, just so I can get that mental break because sometimes that's what it is, right. Like if you're too emotionally invested in trading, um, this is one thing that Chris has been teaching me and drilling into my head if you're too emotionally invested, right? Like that's going to mess you up, man. So, you know, yeah. It was quick recap video. Um, I wanted to take this nomad also, you know, talk about my P L if you look at here, actually, you can't see here, but, um, we actually started these trades on Monday with only 50 grand.

So, you know, I actually started with Chris with like 150 K if you look at the PO year today, um, and our account went down to like 50 K over the last two weeks and I was like, I was stealing it. And that's what I'm saying. I need this emotional break now. Um, you know, it makes sense to me to feel that way, because you know, when you have your, a significant portion of your life savings in the market, even though the first thing that Chris told me was, Hey, you know, you gotta take that money to the backyard and light on fire. It's still kind of emotionally guessed you when you're down. Like, you know, two thirds of that over a course of a week. Um, and that has happened because, um, and part of, you know, me having, uh, how the part of effected me was like, for example, having, um, maybe worse executions are always like feeling scared that I need to get the hell out now and stuff like that.

And, you know, I just, I've been feeling that over this week as well, even as the market fell and my, my account increased significantly, I just felt like, Oh man, am I going to hit a level where I should get out? Now? I feel like that that kind of emotion kept getting to my head, which is why, you know, I think there's for the best that leave it on a huge one, basically started with 150 K went down to 50 K. Um, but you know, with Chris's guidance, we took the decay to during the case just this week alone. And it could be more right. And that that's, you know, if that's not showing you that, you know, the, the money movement doesn't matter. As long as you're playing the char, you understand what you're doing, you're fall into 13 market moves and you believe in the system, right?

That one tree that's going to work out is going to take you way above. Right. What it would have been Tom, if you just like, took that loss and you alone, you just got scared and like, Oh man, Dr. Morgan was losing working and stuff like that. I know I'm kind of ranting a bit here cause I'm still feeling like, you know, the emotions of I'm making this much money, um, that hopefully like in the future, I'll be more calm. And as you can see, this is further reinforcing the fact that I do need to take this break even as the market, it looks like it's just about to make a new low. Um, anyhow. Yeah, just again, one of the things for he's been super helpful mentor, like he's the one giving my kid, him giving me a level head, right. He's giving me price targets.

Um, early, he was still giving me a price tag. It's like, Hey, like, you know, so a half a Baidu on his two 48.2. Right. And that's kind of, that's a level of hit just now or has been hitting and there's like a second target, right? He gives you all the specific targets where you should get out how much you should get out. And, you know, um, as long as you keep yourself in check, keep your emotions in check and just like follow those executions in a timely manner that you're going to make money. And you're going to learn a lot about this markets and, you know, learn that, Hey, like, you know, these bounces are good shorting opportunities. They're not opportunities for you to, you know, get the hell out on a loss right there, Mark there, the market giving you a chance right.

At the trying to steer you out. And they just get me out a lot. You know, this is the one that was like, yo, this is where you would add to the position. And he would use this himself as an example, he's a day trader as well. And he's always telling me like, Hey, you know, at some point, for example, he'll be down 2 million, but then this is where he was short the balances and you'll get beat up, like, you know, more than double that like at the end of the day, because that's the right thing to do. You follow the charts, you don't go for a specific, you know, monetary value and you don't get scared. You don't put your emotions to the market. But anyhow, like I might make another video later to collect my thoughts, but you know, this is like right on. I just thought everything like 10 minutes ago, I wanted to make this video really quick thinking, Kristen, you know, thinking 30 monkey moves for really showing me a new light on trading on, you know, let's hope we continue to keep rolling.

Thanks Jackson, for sharing your option downs this week, congratulations on making 150 K in two weeks, 13 market moves style guys. This program is not for everyone, but one thing is clear that working with a coach in this particular instance made $150,000 positive difference in Jackson's account. So focus on training the move. If there's anything you have learned from this video, it is put your emotions aside, focus on trading the move. And when the market is in a downtrend, don't jump out at the highs of the day. This is the most important mistake that most of the traders make the jump out at the highs of the day. They'll let their beautiful positions go. And then they sit there and wonder, Oh, I could have made 150 grand, but instead I ended up with a lot. So if you can relate to that, if you're done losing money, it could be just a matter of adjusting a few habits that you have developed over the years as a trader that can turn a big loss into a huge win. So with that said, if you are that person, click the link below, schedule a 20 minute coaching call so you can change your trading for the better it's your life. You're in control of it. If you've been thinking about making some changes in your trading, stop thinking about it and take action. Now, make sure you check out the next video guys. It's going to be really, really important.


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