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Trading with 13 market moves coach: Does it work?! Trading $2k to $7k in 3 days

Jul 14, 2021

Hello everyone.  I am originally from Pakistan. Uh, in the next few minutes, I'm going to share my three days trading experience with 30 market mobile. So let's go ahead and start the debrief.

Let's start the debrief, I'm originally from Palestine presently in Indiana USA. Only a very short running experience lost more than $22,000 trading my own and my wife's money, how I started with two it in market more. So I used to follow them on their YouTube since like December 20, 20 ever since I started trading and I really loved this stuff, although it really, uh, looked larger than life. However, I just took their 13 market moves course and the chart and pattern recognition course about a month ago. And I really learned a lot from them. The final Google I had came once I saw that one daughter of the two trade with coaches offer on third and rocket move a video that was uploaded on Tuesday night, 6th of July, 2021. So I just jumped the gun quickly. And we started off on 7th of July, Wednesday morning, and I was with coach Leo and here was his first message that blew my mind.

So I was starting my day with a $1,400. And his first message was this signature message let's. And then he straight away gave me the first raid when 110 ports. And since I had already watched his video the last night, so I was already in and I had taken small positions, but on his message, I really got confident. So at this time, something like 10:00 AM, we entered the trade in this tough captain robbing. And so you can see within half an hour of buying like Mo majorly, 110, uh, wind ports, we had 25 positions and then two small positions, hundred and 1,315 and one a coin qual position. And we were all green in all those positions. So my, uh, the scariest moment for the, for the trading these three days actually came the first day. You can see, after 1130, they came a bounce in the market and my actually premium decayed away, uh, for the wind poets.

And I thought market is reversing and I was about to like, want it to, uh, exit the trades. So I text texted coach. I said, coach, are you, are you still with me? Do which you reply? Yes. And this really relieved me. And then like he explained to me, we are going through a bounce in overall market move lower in when, and then it kept on dropping later on. So we ended up our day, uh, pretty good even after the scariest moment. So I started at $1,400. I end with $2,000. This is like a 45% of my account value added as profits on the first day. So the day one ends the day two begins. That was Thursday. I added $800 of my buying power. So the day actually started with an account value of just about $2,800. So, uh, right before the market opened, I just sent a good morning message to the coach and cord straight away told me what to do.

The plan of action was, uh, the Quine 240 calls that we were going to target. Uh, so after the, uh, plan of action for the second day was told to me, I got, I went ahead and took positions in going calls. And to be honest, this was again, a little scary for me. And I took one screenshot. One side was most scared of because most of the positions were red. However, coach gave me confidence that this will not stay this way. We still made about more than $500 for the day, but actual magic game the third day, which you will see in the coming slides, how this all big red turn into huge green positions. So just summarizing the days second ended from 2,700 jumping around 3,300, which is still a 23% jump in a day. And even after the day ended, I kept on getting coaching guidance from coach.

Like I had some questions, which he answered me. I'm so glad I thought he is. He would be super busy, the kind of work he has, but he took time out and answered my most of the silly questions personally, like I asked him, like the spy looks like made a move 11 today, am I right? This was rising books environment, which he said it was a move three. And he explained to me where I went wrong and what my observation was really thankful for that. Anyways, uh, we went ahead, uh, for the day three, uh, we were starting with just, uh, over $3,200 and right at the market open, I took the screenshot, right, five minutes after the market opened, the magic happen. All the red positions had turned green. You can see on the screen, my, my account was already over 4,400. And to be honest in real, I would have exhibited the trade at this time because I would have never seen any thing like this in my trading before this was like 35%, uh, profit, uh, since the market opened.

So I thought to exhibit a and I sent a message to the coach coach. Should I not scale out of positions now in green to which he said, no, I was, wow. I stayed with the trade. So coach guided me not to sell at a low profit. So we went ahead and the happiest moment for my three days game, once I was just getting rid of all these positions. So I had made about, about close to $4,000 in profit. Remember we started with 3,200, so this was about 110% just in pure profits. My account was well over $7,000. And my best rate was the coin to 40 quality, which we actually took a day prior. So these three calls, each goal was bought at $460 and we sold it for $1,450. This was a 3.2 x-rayed and less than like 48 hours, which was just mind blowing for me.

So just summarizing day, three ends with selling with $3,200. And this turned into $7,115 cash with no open positions, 110% jump in a day. So overall summary, I actually had total buying power invested $2,100. And this was turned into $7,115 in less than three trading days. So this is kind of a 350% return on investment or a 3.5, 3.5 into your account size in three days. Honestly, I think some people can not make this much three, three years and this we did in three days. So, uh, queen COVID my lessons for trading with coach Leo and 13 market moves. The first thing is just take a leap and do this fate and, uh, try third and market move. Please go ahead and do this yourself a favor. I would say the chart and pattern look admission course is a must and less than three is okay with the trade.

Even once a reversal is coming, you should trust the oral pattern. And then of course you have to recognize the trend reversal and switch from ports to calls, which actually happened from day one. Uh, once we had ports today, 203, once we had calls. So just to give you final words of my whole experience, please, if you have your own money, do not throw it into the market, unless you have taken 30 market move formula cores, you have taken the jars in pattern recognition course, and you have mentoring and coaching provided by a senior coach of 13 marketable lake for a novice, from a novice trader to an advanced rated like a Nova straight off my small account size $1,400 can work magic with them. Uh, so don't be intimidated by them, even if you have a smaller comb sites. And for my aim is I will keep invested with this team of third and market move and continued trading and training and learning myself how to trade with 13 market moves. And I thank you very much for listening to me. And in the end, I would say what the third market moves is. Let's roll.


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