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Trading with coach Brandon $28k to $78k in 48 hours with 13marketmoves coach

Mar 28, 2021

Within 48 hours. I was able to take my count from $28,000 to 70K. This is every bit here. Hello everyone. I wanted to share my experience, um, trading with Betsy, my moose I've been watching 13 smooth for the past year. And finally I decided to sign up and study the mousse. It took me about a week to go through the 13 market moves. I stayed the course every day because he started in my account was for tonight Kate. I was trading using the formulas, but I was losing money until it came all the way down to 28. K I finally contacted Mike from smooth was present with me for the past year. And I spoke to Chris and now coach Brandon is my coach. Shout out to Leo to now the sequence and the movies don't lie. If you study down, it helps a lot over here.

You know, I bought Tesla and RCL puts everything. He has showed that just, I was willing to go down, looking at the RSI. The RSI was diverged and everything was going down here. Everything was going down here, this right, that there's other instances that just, that was going up. There was a black candle here that you studying in the divergence course and also of the volume. You kind of volume, the volume was just decreasing. And then he would tell that, um, anytime there's the sell off or the selling, the selling volume is higher than the buying volume. So I realized that the volume, um, the sellers were in charge. And then when you look over here, that combination and distribution, it wasn't going up. It was flat and they could tell they're not accumulating DJs distributing until finally he had, it was also a divergent CA going down.

Now, when you come to the other screen here, you just tell all my account. It's not $70,000 just trading 48 hours. If I get moved 13, and this thing works, this thing works very well, but it's not my coach. And then my account ingest a date went from 28 to, you can see here, two $78,000 in just a day. This then works. Brandon is very patient with me. Um, I'll make a mistake. You correct me? I made a mistake. My first mistake cost me $3. He told me I shouldn't worry, but you'll get me back in. I will not be feeling this true. He'd got me back all the way to seven, $8,000. Everything works. I stayed in the move. So in the morning he told me what kind of wolves are going to be the sequence don't tell lies. Um, I knew from the moose, there is going to be a move to, uh, follow by probably six.

So initially the, uh, you know, um, we were losing money, but I wasn't panicking because the moves don't lie. The squint is online and then it could see the volume. Everything was steady here. Then anytime they selling the volume increases. And then the Vicks right here, I have the VIX running. The VIX was also shooting. So from here, the VIX was decreasing. We moved to move five. It was all over going up and down. And then when he broke off, the VIX started blasting and within 48 hours, I was able to take my account from $28,000 to 70 K. Thank you so much, Mike coach, Chris coach, Brandon and Leo


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