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TYLER DOUBLES HIS ACCOUNT THIS WEEK which trades 13 market moves coach Chris

Oct 24, 2021

Hey everybody. My name is Tyler and, uh, I traded with Chris this week on 13 market moves with the 13 market moves team, I should say. And, uh, we took quite a few trades. Typically the end result is I started at 12 5 36, $12,536 in, into the week at $22,340.

And I've been watching Leo for years, four or five years, probably. And I finally just bit the bullet and bought the 13 market moves, formula video, and the charts and divergence course, and, and, um, got a call from Chris after I'd sent in an email and he asked if I wanted to trade with him this week.

And so I said, yeah, you know, cause I was, I was able to see the, I'm able to see the, um, the shapes, but being able to put them up and see somebody actually do it live and, and help you trade is something that I needed because I've just been struggling for the past four or five years, you know, I'd win money and then I'd lose money.

All this stuff. Leo says on his videos, which cracks me up, but it's all true. I mean, he's this stuff. He says that, you know what traders are probably doing at home and losing money. That's what I was doing. So anyways, um, we took a few trades. Netflix was one of the big trades I, I got in at 11. O'clock actually slept in, um, which is a big, my alarm was on silent and, um, woke up Chris chewed me out. I'm just kidding.

And then he got me in, uh, at this pullback right here at about 11 o'clock. So about 6 45, we got the 6 45 calls. Um, and he wanted to get me in down here, but you know, I was sleeping. So he got in his 6 45 calls and held those two the next day. And, um, we bought those for three 80 and sold for, I sold them for 1245.

Um, as you can see right here on my account and I had some, um, let's see, I sold these early in the morning. So there's the five Netflix calls and I bought them right here for three 80. Um, and then we also went in on MSTR that day woke up late. So of course he got me in, on a pop, um, right here about 11 o'clock again and got in on quite a few of the MSTR puts, uh, on Thursday, yesterday and today.

So all in all, I'm not really sure what I made on those, um, because there were so many and a lot of these, see these phones sold right here and TD Ameritrade started selling me out, um, because I was so close to the end of the day, but, um, did make money on them and I could see the five nineties down there.

Let's see here, these right here, these puts 1 95 90. These were all in the money. Um, and I think I bought some of these, let's see here, the seven 20 puts, you know, I paid four 30 for those.

So, you know, I don't know if they would've made much more money. He was expecting a bigger move to the downside. Um, that didn't really happen, but it still was a move three for the day. So, um, still made money on those. And then the other one, the big one was, uh, Amazon today.

And we got in, he sent out the alert, I guess about, uh, let's see about 10 o'clock here, got me here and got to feel it here on the pop. I got, uh, let's see, the 33 70 Amazon puts, I got three of those at eight one at 8 25 and one at 10 0 5. And um, so those for 27 15, of course it was a phone sale right here, 20, uh, sorry.

One of them was for 32 50 and let's see, we bought some more Amazon puts twos 33 60. He got me in those later in the day. Um, let's see. And the 33 70 sets where they were 27 15 right here.

So this 32 80, I actually pair 32 50 actually paid 9 24, $9 and 20 cents sold it for 32 50 the same day. So anyways, I really enjoyed trading with Chris this week and I mean, this stuff really does work. It's, it's really incredible that, um, Leo was able to figure it out, these moves and the, um, you know, the sequences and stuff and put them together.

Um, you know, I've, I've not seen anything like it and, and it's definitely been the best trading, uh, advice and course, and education that I've got because I've went through some trading education for sure. But, uh, this is definitely helped me, uh, identify what's actually happening in the market. So anyways, that's all I got and I look forward to next week. Thanks guys.


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