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What Will Tesla Stock Do Next? | TSLA Stock Prediction/Forecast 2021!

Mar 14, 2021

Hey guys, in this episode of real truth, about trading, we're going to talk about some really, really jacked up, okay. This stuff that you should stop doing immediately, if you're trying to make money as a day trader or a swing trade. So this is exactly what we're going to talk about. Charts versus stories who wins the trading game daily, take a wild guess, but let me break this down a little bit further and to make things a little bit more entertainment, we're going to take a look at Tesla charts. 13 market moves versus the hedge funds and the main point guys of this video East to show you that even hedge funds needed the 13 market moves scores, just where you guys, but the most important point, actually, I'm not with you right. They need the course, but the most important part of this video is this focus on the right things.

Then you will make the money, start buying the stories, and it doesn't mean how big or small your account is. All your human emotions start playing in. And all of a sudden, instead of a profitable trader, you are a losing trader. So maybe you're in this show right now. Maybe you're just like some of the hedge funds I'm going to actually walk you through every trade they have taken and how they lost the and what they could have done. And more importantly, what you could've done to avoid this easy mistake of buying the dip. So this was the video posted on February eight, 2021, Devin check out the channel 13 market moves, right? Type it in Tesla, Bitcoin, you'll find this video guys. It was supposed to exactly three weeks ago. So February 8th, it talked about the Tesla stock about to drop it talked about the Tesla pop.

And if you watch the video of pamphlet and you would have known that there was no story, there was no story of Tesla launching something to the moon. This time like a helicopter they were going to make that was going to be electric or, you know, some strippers that were going to send to the moon and you could get them absolutely free. You just got to take, you know, the space X shuttled down there. There was no goofy stories that made all the traders. So excited about this. Like, Oh, by the way, did you hear the next bottle? Three is going to come with three strippers. If you buy it by January 31st, 20, 21, all these guides doesn't matter. Okay. What matters is the chart? So in this video we got some crazy comments. People were like, or you're on one.

You know what I mean? It's, everybody's bullish on Tesla. Of course everybody's bullish. What else do you want to short the? It's when everybody's bullish, when everybody's so blinded, that's when you want to short, you don't want to short the stuff when it drops. I mean, somebody who watched that market crash videos in the last couple of weeks, and he finally, when the markets started dropping like crazy, that's when you got in, no wonder why you didn't make any money. You were too late to the party. So go watch this video. Actually, I'm going to insert a little clip right here to just bring the main point across. But we got some wild comments on this thing. I had actually one guy that was asking like, but why? But I was like, did you watch the video? It tells you 10 reasons on the chart.

Why you want the short desk at eight 77? And the guy was like, but why, but why? And I thought about it. It was like, did he not watch the video? So I asked him, did you watch the video? He was like, yeah, I actually watched the video. So I was like, what's going on with this guy, if you watch the video, but he didn't understand why there's two things. Uh, he wasn't able to pay attention to the right things. And I thought about it like, I was pretty precise. I said, it's the divergency on this? It's the chart pattern. It's the hand of children. Since this, I get the timeframe to level and everything. And the guy was still clueless. So maybe he was new, but then I thought about it. Okay, well, let's say he's not you. And he'd gotten into a point where I was like, you know, the main issue with traders like this, that watch a video that tells them how to make a million dollars.

Then they make muffin. Is the fact that they're looking for a story, just think about it from the psychological point. Okay. Why do you watch all the on CNBC? Now I do it for one reason because I want to listen to the environment when they're overly bullish and I want to short, that's just an extra ingredient. That's not the reason why I shirt stuff, but when things get a little overexcited on a particular stock or a particular thing, that's just an extra ingredient that gives me a reason why I should do it at that very instance. So typical trader thinks of stocks in terms of stories. Well, what's the story. Okay. And real traders, they think in terms of stocks, when it comes to stocks in terms of charge, and there is a critical difference because the story may be great, but it doesn't really tell you what the stock is going to move down or up to date tomorrow.

Or this week, the 13 market moves guys. We're specialized in trading weekly options. And so we have to know, and we have to be pretty precise of what the next market move is going to be. What is the size of that move is going to be, what is the timeframe, timeframe of that move? So we can't just buy into stores. Okay. But a lot of people do. And that's why they don't make money in the stock market. Whether you're trading stocks or options, people just don't make the money because they're too focused on what, on the stories. So if you focus on the wrong thing, you will lose money. I guarantee. So we posted this Tesla, uh, video on February the eighth, right here, guys, when the stock was trading, intraday was an eight 77. And when I was supposed to in the video and ended up that day with a black candle at eight 62 69.

And so we're asking questions is that from traders who trade based of stories, who could not understand the video, why is Tesla going to drop? So I gave 10 reasons in that video and people still couldn't understand why, well, if you can relate to that, this is the number one flaw, why your trading account is not growing. You focus student much on the stories. You focus too much on what they're talking about on Bloomberg CNBC. Anything else that you're listening to in relation to your financial? Yes. And so it's really easy to, if you start focusing on the right stuff, guys, this is a million dollar tip. I swear. If you will start focusing on the right things, you will start making money as a trader. Now the problem is most of the people, they don't know what the is that they got to focus on.

There's just so much information out there that people simply don't understand what is knowing and what is something really important that they should be paying very close attention to. So this video is designed to bring some light and illustrate the really powerful example of what you can do starting today to change your trading outcome for a much better outcome. Okay. So this was the daily chart, as you can see the date on this yeah. Is two eight 21, 1:23 PM. Gotcha. So, uh, we were shorting the stock right around here at about 870 level. That's when we posted the call to go heavy, short on Tesla bookstore. What'd you see right here on this slide guys is Cathy wood says her, the dance is growing in Tesla. Ark invest as being added to position when February 17th, that's exactly eight days after we posted our analysis on Tesla, based off the chart.

Not stories, no, not what anybody else is talking about, but basically saying, look, the charts point to a drop liking on that date. and here Cathy would, she does think action. As you know, she is the biggest holder in Tesla and she does take action. She does what she does, what everybody else is doing. What would that be? Leonardo. Wow. You should know by now what's fashionable and what's fashionable is buying the you got it right? Buying the dip. So Catherine would John of arc invest has been added to the position on February 17th. And the reason for edit, look at this reason how stupid does this has to get, okay. Her confidence is grown. Whoa. I mean, Kathy would says she's adding Tesla on the dip. Why? Because of confidence. It's the way she feels. She feels more confidently.

That's a great reason to buy a stock, right? No wonder. She's so confident when you buy something for a couple of hundred dollars a share and it goes to 2,400 and then it splits. That goes to another 800. Really? Where's your confidence supposed to be at the very top. So she literally adds to Tesla at the top. Bottom line is you can't just go in and add to a position based because confidence is like, confidence is an emotion. This is how you feel. You feel more confident who wouldn't feel more confident if they're sitting on a pile of cash based off an accidental decision that made them the past. Yeah. You won't get real confident with that. So bottom line, she has to have the position and theatery 17. Now let me show you exactly what that point on the chart represents right here.

This is one of the suggested short at eight 77, eight 70 level, Kathy would buys the deep on February 17th. So this right here is that they, when she bought and apparently she bought on the bounce, you see that nice little green box right here. So she bought on the balance fast forward a little bit further Todd Gordon. But I mean, I got nothing personal against the Gordon. I don't know the guy. I know he's always looking at the charts, but I'm not sure if I agree with his way of looking at the charts, what he calls charts analysis. I wouldn't want to let a new student get away with these kind of. And they posted him on TV, CNBC in front of millions of people. And guess what? Everybody's like. Well, I mean, our guest is born Tesla on the dip. They not wrong with that.

Yeah. There is a lot of wrong with them. There's millions of people watching this look. I mean, if I'm wrong with my prediction on something is 15,000 people are gonna watch this on this channel. Okay. That, that, okay. That's it. And thank God. I'm really good at what I do. So I don't make big mistakes for me off, but this guy right here, drinks the Kool-Aid with the crowd. So if you watch this video right here to answer that says, Hey, Tesla is a buy on recent weakness. That is February 19th. He buys the debunk Tesla on what he believes is a buying opportunity on the dip and the craziest part about this right here, guys. I said, look, he's got all these charts behind him. Let him play a video clip of what he actually calls sharp analysis.

You're going to take a look at Tesla, a to core holding in my portfolio on my actually like to add to it here. I'm a little bit of a weakness that we've seen in the broader market. Interesting interview. Well yesterday with, uh, Kathy ward, the founder of the arc innovation ETF among others. Tesla's one of the largest folders, uh, holdings in her, uh, ETF. And, uh, I, I think that's a bullish technical development, uh, in Tesla. And I would like to add the other half, but I want to take this time to discuss the fundamentals of why I like Tesla so much is they're sending satellites into lower earth orbit Leo to provide global internet coverage. Okay. Now what that means is it's a satellite based broadband internet service. It's going to be Facebook blanket, the globe in the satellites that will prove, provide high speed internet around the world. Really close this gap with autonomous driving. So if they're able to talk to their fleet of Tesla vehicles on the ground, whether they're for personal, uh, transportation, or if they're for a ride sharing,

Oh, that's embarrassing. Dad is embarrassing. That tells you how complacent this market is. This guy is supposed to be a chartist. She's supposed to be looking at charts, detecting local levels and everything supposed to be looking from the technical standpoint and make decisions based off the technicals. But this guy gets all like, woo, but Tesla, man, they couldn't do this seriously. You got to listen to the. This guy goes all with the story. So Kathy would, Oh, my confidence about Tesla is rising. This guy's like, Oh, what does look, look the mom, but the space, but look at the charts.

Okay. So guys, this is not charts analysis by no means. So if somebody has taken like charts courses somewhere out there. Okay? I know like, man, the charts don't work. If you do these stuff of charts, analysis, ride charts. Don't what? No wonder if you've taken other chert courses out there, your account ain't going higher. Don Gordon buys the date February 19, right here, baby. On what? On the bounds he buys the debt on the day. The is actually bouncing. Why? Because he believes the story. I mean, this is the guy that's supposed to study charts day in and day out. Like we do here at 13 market. Most the guy says, but I love the story, man. The story, think of when to launch into space. They're gonna connect it here, man. I see Tesla should go high. But the charts clearly point that Tesla is going to drop from a technical standpoint. He completely ignores the charts and falls in love with a story. Guys. This is why people lose money in the stock market because they fall in love with a story.

Think about the last time you fell in love. You got 99% guarantee. Why you let your motions in? She took advantage of you. She divorced you. She took your house. She took your car. She took the kids. That's what happens when you fall in love with the stories. And the same thing is with trading. And ain't no different. Leave the emotions aside. That's how you win. Leave the emotions aside. Focus on the truck. Somebody please send the linked out 20 minute coaching call with both of them. Todd and Cathy schedule a 20 minute coaching call please for your own. Good. All right. So this is what happens next. That's the stock suffers biggest false in September, 2020 when February 22nd. So since we posted the video, 14 days go by Tesla drops biggest fall since September, 2020. We still tell all our subscribers to buy Tesla boots on when, on the bounce.

Now check this out. We're not through this histogram yet. Kathy would when February 23rd bought a ton more Tesla make Tuesday sell, possibly sparking a turn around. No. When you got such a huge position, you better come in and protect you before it falls even further. So based off what the media is telling us, she bought this on the 23rd and 24th. Cathy would buys the dip as Tesla shares drop. Okay, well let's, let's see how it looks on the chart. Kathy would buys the dip again right here and right here, baby, February 23rd and 24th by the dip because I feel so confident. So confident hail. Yeah, I feel so good.

Mm. Okay. So I can't seem for. The point is the point, right? Here's what we got. Talk coordinated again. March 4th, Bob dog's scheduled coaching call, please. He buys the dip again and guess what? The stock drops again. And this is a quick story of hedge fund managers, buying millions of shares without looking at the chart. Certainly without understanding the 13 market. Most certainly without understanding the charts, divergences, the simple chart analysis bowls down to where's the moment average. Oh, we're touching the 50 line. Let's read the ballots. Go halo. No guys, you gotta be better than this trade in is not a fool's game. You gotta have a strategy. You gotta have certain things you look at and certainly you can't get complacent. You can't get complacent with anything in life. I don't care if you're running the business, you're an engineer. I mean, you trying to save the world with humanitarian aid.

You cannot get complacent. The moment you get complacent, you get. So quick. Some, they bought the dip at 800, the buck that David said, not at the debt, six 75, but the dip at six eight, they bought the thing I'm did all these times. The question of the day, what happens if Tesla stock drops again, you're going to say, what do you mean? Is that a tricky question? Live? I looked like the going by no wrong answer. Because at that point that the positions that were getting in around seven 9,800, if desolate drops in the 400, which it can in the next two weeks after stage and a bounce, I will show you the chart. Exactly what our calculations point is going to happen with a desolate chart going forward from here. So make sure you watch this video until the very end what's going to happen.

If desolate drops any further, they're going to have to liquidate some of the positions in some of the dips that we're buying here and here and here, because at that point it's going to be, gosh, it's going to be like a 30, 40% loss. That's it? These hatchbacks, they can't bear a loss like that. Mama, a huge position that these guys are carrying. So look the bottom line. Okay. This is how it looks on the daily chart. Here's the black candle. This is the Dagwood post it short Tesla. This is where Tesla was yesterday on Friday, March the fifth. This is where Tesla finished yesterday, five 97, guys. You don't have to be a mathematician to figure out, dang, that should really dropped. And basically what you want to focus is if you're really trying to learn from this video is how do we get from here February the eighth, Ron here, certain market moves told you it was the top.

It was the hand and shoulder. The festival was going to drop within 30 days to at least 600 bucks. How do we go from here knowing this without paying attention to any stories, how do we cut out all the noise? Because if you can do that, you can nail the next straight, like this on your own. And that should be your ultimate goal. It shouldn't be, I'm going to get the third to market lose course. I'm going to start trading like a rockstar. I wish it was easy like this. Okay. I'm going down a third to marketing school. I'm going to make 250 grand the next two weeks. Yes, it's possible. Absolutely. And you should do it. Okay. But what the ultimate goal of you trying to learn any trading information, shouldn't be aimed that you did best way that you can possibly be and be able to do this on your own.

The only way I know how you can do that. Yes, you should take all of our courses. You should ignore all the noise. You should get more experienced training and we have some information that can definitely help you get going in the right direction. So the stock drops from here to here. The question is some of you sitting out there, you're like, wow, I've been watching a channel for a year. So you still sit and they asking yourself a question. Does our chart diversity scores really work? I mean, seriously, do seriously would just smoke all top hedge fund managers out there would beat them at their best game without charge diversities. Of course, you're still sitting there thinking, should you get at the, should you not? Or maybe, maybe just, maybe I'm thinking that after I've showed you all the evidence here, you still thinking, well, I wonder what Kathy atonic going to be doing next.

Speaker 1: (23:03)
I wonder if they're going to be mine to dip. I wonder, Hey, what if decile drops to four 50 guys again, you're focusing on the wrong thing. And that's a matter of what they do. The only question you should be asking yourself is this, what do the charts point to? What is the next move got so many trees because the one to discuss what happened today, what happened yesterday? They got zero time focusing on what is actually going next. They spend zero time on focusing on the charts has spent zero time focusing on divergencies. They spent zero time investigating of what could actually become a next and validating it with some precise calculations. So if you're in noon, I don't feel bad. You're just new. And you didn't know any better. You just wanted to listen to the stories. I tell you a funny story right now.

So this guy signs up with us and he calls me on the first call. He tells me, man, my friend is a GFC. He just bought $250,000 in game stop. He saw in the cards. I mean, he's a Palm reader card reader. He saw in the palms and the cards somewhere out there, that game stops going higher. Right? And that's exactly the time game stopped trades at like three 2350. And I'm posting this video out game. Stop is going to crash and. And so these guys entirely reluctant to bet against game stop, literally within the 72 hour timeframe, when games stock drops from like three 50, all the way down to 69 bucks. Why? Because he believes in the story of the fortune cookie Dennis, you can't be relied on the story of the fortune cookie to place your next tray. I sure hope you've got a better system than this and that.

The system you've got now ain't producing you outcome that you would like to pursue yourself. Then the decision is obvious. Guys, that change is required with something you're currently doing. You got nothing to lose. The 20 minute coaching call is absolutely three. So take action now guys. And for those of you that stay that long in the video guys, I am going to tell you based off the chart at the very current moment now, as you know, market conditions can change very, very quick. And we're loud watching a lot of things all the time. So based off where the chart is right now and the volume characteristics we did set the temporary bottom in Tesla shares not, does not mean that's what can not drop all the way to four 54 74 in the next 30 days. What it does mean. However, when you see a candle like this, here's the trick.

Even for those of you who didn't take the charts, the verses, of course, I'm going to give you some valuable information right here after multiple days low, when you finally see a Campbell, which we call and all 13 markets move curriculum, a bullish reversal candle, where something drops substantially sets the final load point and then bounces substantially. Okay. That is definitely at temporary bottom. So just because Tesla has dropped all the way from eight 77 to at this 0.5 97, it doesn't mean that it's going to do this in the next few days, that is going to continue dropping at such a face. And yet most of the people this exactly the time when they want to short a stock, a commodity, whatever it is that you're trading. So this is the worst moment to short. What you want to do is wait for the bounce and it will bounce.

And I can tell you exactly where it's going to bounce. It's going to pass the six 50 to 700 level. The reason 700 is not going to hold because there's too many people that bought the dip. Just like Cathy would just like thought Gordon, just like probably you did. And thank God you watching this video because you can correct it and get them the right side of the trade. So next time that's the bounce. Six 5,700 B patients they're stepping good positions. You don't know what stair-stepping is. Definitely click the going below and find out. But you want to first calculate the probability which most of the traders, they think of things and stocks in terms of opera, we should go and hire a load. Well, don't disregard the probability that 99.9% of the traders, that just completely, for some reason, they ignore and that is stock go sideways things go sideways.

They stole out of the making a big MOBE. One of the beer short amount of time, things could just stall out and you could be buying calls out of the money. Thinking stuff is going to go back to the monk. You could be buying puts out of the money, thinking stuff is just going to continue dropping like crazy. And what's going to happen. Stop. It's not going to go high and it's not going to drop because is going to Tran sideways. So don't make that mistake after a large move, you want to avoid situations like this. So we're planning for a bounce, possibly sideway followed by continued drop. At some point in the next 30 days, you can easily hit this level of four 54 74. Now it could happen as early as next week. It depends on the rest of the market criteria, which we can update you next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I'll try to post the video world what the market is going to be doing.

So make sure if you're new here, you subscribe. They close deal. What the is going on weekly option guys that ain't no gain for guys that don't have the balls. So make sure when you show up to the party, bring a heavy set of balls with you. Okay? Or very simple. There's plenty of other channels where they show you how to make all hundred dollars a day, that you shouldn't even be traded. If that is your goal. So with that said, guys, if you're trying to trade like a rockstar trade fearlessly, click the link below you are in control of your life and the destiny of your trading account. So make today count, click the link below let's rock. Schedule that 20 minute coaching call. I'll catch you guys on the next trade. So let's rock. Don't miss the next video. it. That guy is going to show you some wild. Make sure you don't miss out the next video.


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