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Wins & Losses - The Real Truth About Trading | 13 Market Moves Formula

Jul 18, 2021

Welcome to the 13 market moves a weekly show. Guys, a real truth about trading, a very incredibly important video. For those of you that are striving to become a better trader in this video, we're going to show you specifically why certain traders lose and why certain traders win and your thinking around what's the big deal. Isn't that how it is? Well, it shouldn't be. So if they're taking the same trade, so the killer part here is same trade taken by two different traders. One trader makes 20 grand and now the trader loses two, a three grand. What is the difference? How the hell in the world can this even be possible? I'm going to show you exactly how this is possible. It all boils down to how you execute, how you enter and exit your trades. And more importantly, how do you go for the psychological process of trading?

So this feeder guys, again, very important. If you are serious about becoming a better trader with options, stock options, specifically weekly options and even crypto trading. So I'm going to show you this quick slide. Okay. It's nothing spectacular, but it, this here to demonstrate in a very simple form, what is the difference between a regular trader who's basically catching short term moves. So, um, especially for the new traders, you may be just getting them to trade them. Maybe you've been trading for a year or two you're brand new, and what's, you're thinking, well, I'm going to go in and I'm going to take a train. I'm going to make a hundred bucks and Hey, I'm going to take another one, make another a hundred bucks. And there's nothing wrong with that mentality. Okay? Until you go through thousands of trades like this, and you realize that this simply doesn't work because he will not grow your account.

And that is the main difference between Regulus. You're a typical type of thinking when it comes to trade and Hey, the more day trades I'm going to take, the more money I'm going to make. Actually the opposite is true. And here at 13 market, most guys, we focus on the big move. So sometimes you get a question, okay, well, Hey, 13 market, most how many trades you guys get, right? How many trades do you get wrong? So there are traders out there, guys that claim a 90% probability of getting the trade right now. There's actually nothing wrong with claiming that, okay, however, this is not something. This is not the only thing you should be focusing on as a day trader it's actually not that difficult to get an 80, 90% success rate on your trades. If you're staying in them for one minute and you lock it in 50 bucks, okay, you can do that certainly.

But this is a simple illustration to show you that this is, this is not the way to make money in trading. So in this particular case, the trader can take 10 trades. So Trey won. He makes a hundred trade two. He makes a hundred trade three who makes a hundred trade pen if you lose it at the a hundred. Okay. So total profits on this trade is going to be 900 bucks. Okay. And the case with 13 market most, Hey, sure. Right. One zeroed out trade to no success. Trade three bust trade for zero trade. Five makes you 13 grand trade six makes you nothing again. And trade seven is a loss. Great. Eight make sure 18,000. Okay. Trade nine loser trade. Dan makes you 7,000. Let's summarize the total's 38 grand versus 900 bucks. Now this is a very simplified version. Okay. But the point of this illustration is this.

The question is not okay. What is your probability of getting the trade? Right? It's not whether you get nine out of trades, not out of 10 trades, right? Okay. How much are you making on the strengths? Because if you're claiming 80 or 90% success rate on your trades, I guarantee you, you're not locking in 13,007,000, $18,000. Now, if you're happy with scalping or short-term moves and you're enjoying doing that, then fine. This is the beating of, for those of you that are striving to get to a better level to where you can actually take less trades and make substantially more. So the question to ask here is not okay. What is your probability rate, but how much do you actually get to keep all work a certain amount of time after you take and number of trades, 10 trades, 50 trades, a hundred trades. Okay.

That is, of course, if you stay true to your trading strategy, 100% of the time. So some people will jump from this strategy to this strategy, back and forth, going back and forth. Doesn't work. If it doesn't work in life, going back and forth, anything, make up your mind, make a decision and stick to it. Okay? Okay. At some point you will have incredible success, which you can not do in life. And with trading, you cannot say, okay, one day, I'm going to do this and not the day I'm going to do this and just stay with your decision and you will be successful. It doesn't mean you will be successful today. Doesn't mean you're going to be successful tomorrow, but over time you will be successful at whatever endeavor that you're pursuing. You just got to pick your method and stick to it. So again, and that'll wait, the trading methodology is okay, are you, are you focusing hunting for home run type?

As we do here at 13 market moves because not every trade is going to be a home run. And even though some of these traits, uh, 100% loss here, okay? Not all the trades are 100% losses in some of this. So you could lose 50% or, you know, I'm pointing here to a probability rate of 30%, three trades out of camp. But in reality, with 13 market moves to, there are certain market environments where we're actually nailing 90% of the trades back to back to back to back guts. There are days where I trade and I take seven out of seven perfect traits. There are days where I have got as many as 29 trades out of 30, but not with a hundred, a hundred dollar gains. Okay, I'm talking about four or 500% returns up to, you know, thousand 1300% returns back to back on multiple traits.

Okay? So the probability is going to vary in certain instances, when you have a real good read on the market environment, your profitability with 13 market moves is going to be way, way higher than 30%. But in certain instances, it is going to be nailed down to just getting a couple of trades, uh, two or three traits out of 10, but that's all you need to grow your account. If you stick, do the strategy 100% off the time. And if you execute on it 100% of the time. So let me dive in here and give you a really good illustration of exactly. I think what I talk about, but before I do that, okay, you should not share it big trades, or you will lose. You should take every trade based off your methodology and focus on the execution, the trade, precisely based off your methodology.

But most of the traders, they don't even have a methodology. You don't have a trade structure that they follow. In other words, they basically move with how the market moves and that's why they never catch any big substantial profits. So basically think of it as this way. You don't want to be the guy that they X follows and trades in a row. And this is the fifth trade that can make him 13,000 and misses the fifth trade that could make you 13,000, 18,000, a hundred thousand dollars in certain instances. Okay. So the question is, what is the key difference between the trader who made it 400 Ken and a guy who makes 400 bucks? Well, I tell you, it all boils down to the ability to focus on a bigger move and stay with the trade. It's the ability to focus on the big ones, move in, being able to stay with the tray.

Once the trait is matching a certain search criteria and pattern criteria and whatever other criteria that you may be looking at the goal is to stay with the train until it fully developed. Now, most of the people, the moment they see the account in the green, they jumped out and therefore they never succeed in trading because they're too emotional. Oh my God. My account is, oh, I'm making $500 in the street. Well, let me jump out and move on to the next one. Hold on. This is a good trait. What the are you doing? Jumping out of a good trade, stay with it. So, and clearly the ability to focus on the big, a move and stay with the tray. It is not something that you can learn instantly in one day, but that is a skill that you can develop. It also boils down to when are the times to do so.

And it needs to be matched with certain conditions in a particular stock, certain market conditions, certain sector condition, certain conditions on the chart. In other words, you don't just blindly take a train and stay with it forever. There's got to be reasoning behind it. There's gotta be calculations behind it. So, but if I was to summarize it again and just one sentence, it's the ability of a trader to focus on the big of focus, not on what's happening right now. Focus on where the trade is going next. And I'm going to give you some really good illustrations here, guys. So again, how's this possible two traders, same trade. One guy makes 23 K and now the guy loses a Grinch. So let me break this down. Let's take a look at the chart of an R and a MRNs guys. And in a little bit, I'm actually going to break down the chart itself and give you the reason for the trade right now.

Just want you to focus on the psychology here with me. Okay? So the psychology of the trade, we send out the alert Monday, and this is a daily chart. So it gives you sort of an overall view, but the initial alert by RNA this week was on Monday, okay. Was sent by Monday, calls it coincides with this timeframe on the chart right here, who said MRNs calls this week, we specified two by 2 35 to 40 to 50 to 60 strike calls. When, when Emma Renee was just slightly under three 30 and slightly above two 30, that was our initial entry. So the stock, uh, that day was trading between overall 230, 235 area. So let's move forward, give you a better view of the MRNs chart. Now this is a five day 15 minute chart. Now we're to look at the chart. This was Monday, Monday morning, between nine and 11:00 AM.

This is when we send out the alerts. So Monday alert by MRN calls. This is a follow-up alert on Wednesday to add to Mr night calls when it was trading, uh, at a level of about 2 30, 5 to 40. And if you are working with an individual coach, your guys, you would have got multiple messages to enter the position for up this timeframe. You would have even gotten the message to buy em, RNA on the dip yesterday on a Friday, when it was dipping into a level of 2 72, you would've gotten an alert to buy em, RNA calls on the dip and this huge, uh, this will doesn't look huge, but for weekly options on a Friday, I mean, this was a seven, 800% by itself right here, but stay with me as I'm walking you through this trade, I'm doing this with an intent, not to make fun of anybody guys, I'm doing this with an intense.

So hopefully after looking at this chart and going through some of the messages and interaction that I had personally had with traders, you would be able to identify some of the key weaknesses that you may need to focus in order to evolve into a more powerful trader. So again, the alert was sent here and the alert in the alerts group was sent over here to add MRNs calls. So let's go to the actual alerts. So for some of the skeptics out there, you may be like, yeah, you're a show. Now you're pulling up the check. No guys, it's right here. The alert group right here. And it says Monday covers the strikes that were suggested on the marinade, but you can see it's two 40 strike 2 50, 2 60. All of these strikes calls, calls, calls, look where the message was send out 10 26 Eastern. Now Dan 20 6:00 AM RNA calls, calls, calls, and we're also remind bib boots.

Bib at the time was trading about 3 55. You guys know where the stock ended up. Uh, it hit low a three twenties by the end of the week. Uh Beaky and Jeep woods didn't do as good, but they weren't profitable. At one point. It did drop below the 2150 on Friday. Now add em, RNA calls, right? New guys, 3 38 Monday. We're talking Monday, July 12th, this, all this brown here, all these actions and they alert group pertains to this moment on the chart right here. Let's move. Vote. Get Wednesday. Okay. Now this is Wednesday. Okay. First alert was Fs alert, a 90 points by the way, guys, this was at 700% trade route here, uh, at MRNs calls right here, because this is the message. Add MRNs cost 1 55. So you could have gotten them right here on Wednesday. So you've had multiple alerts leading you into this explosive, moving the stock higher, not let's analyze.

We're going to look at a trade or one trader two and trader three to help you understand what's actually going on here. All right. So here's trader one gets the alert Monday and clear. Look at the message on here. So if you're working with me individually, you will actually get some of these messages before the alert group gets this messages. So that's one of the advantages working with a coach. Okay. Is you will get some of these messages before the entire group does. And Mr. And I call 2 45. Now two K like this guy doesn't have a huge account, a two K trade at 2 45 calls at that point, guys. I mean, they were going for like couple of dollars. Okay. Cause the tr I mean on Monday, look where we're work. I mean, we're at two 30. So, uh, uh, 230 bucks, I'm sending the straight our message to buy 45 MRNs calls with two K.

She could have easily bought, you know, five to 10 contracts, easy, easy that would've not been a prime. And so I'm going to jump just a little bit ahead and you can tell, I literally see on Tuesday already on Tuesday, right here. I mean guys right here. Okay. I find out that he actually jumped out of the tray. So I sent him a message. I say, look, you can jump in and out of trades like this, you'll never make money like that. Using these jump in, jump out just because your account temporary goes negative. You will never make money as a trader if you do the ship. So if that pertains to you, you need to stop. You need to stop jumping in and out of trades. You are a victim of your P and L. So stop looking at your P and L don't look at your profit and loss because it's causing you to jump out of good trades.

You're sitting there and instead of focusing on the chart, but first you have to know some things to focus on the chart, on to base your decisions off. And so if you're blindly looking to chart and God forbid, you are considering yourself a day trader. So you're looking at the one day, one minute chart. Well, no. Things are going to look like, oh my God, this thing is collapsing. I got to get out right now. Nice. Don't be a victim of a one day, one minute chart that is going to cause you to make an emotional decision to jump out of a tray. Now, why shouldn't it is all right? Where would this guy be? If he stayed with the tray? Well, this Stan calls of MRNs calls, 2 45 strike. They were worth between 40 and $45. So this guy, literally right here, he jumped out of a tray and would've made him at least $40,000 at least.

And as you can see, when we're getting into Monday, so Monday is going to be on a weekly option, your most expensive day to buy options. It's it doesn't necessarily mean it's the worst date to buy options. If you expect an expose multi-state place at any time, that would be exactly the reason why you should initiate your position on the Monday. But in this particular instance, okay. He gets in right here. And when the market opens up the next day, what happens? Well, you're losing it and money. Why are you losing money? Like with options, right? If you're trading stocks, it's not a big deal. Okay. Maybe you got in, okay. You know, 2 32. And uh, or let's say you got in at the, at the higher level Monday, let's say you got this at 10 0 9, but you're like, well, no, uh, Leo, I'm going to sit and watch this.

So you didn't get a two 30 or 2 29. Good. Have gotten an a 2 29. But you, you waited all day. It just kept going higher and higher and said, okay, I'm going to get in right here. So don't make the mistake. I mean, timing is everything when it comes to weekly options. So when you get, when you get a man, you got to take action, guys, you can sit there and think about it. 20 times later in the video, I'm going to give you another crazy example, uh, that it just it's going to blow your mind. So like watch, watch the psychology of this is super, super important. Okay. Basically, let's say you got in, let's say, you know, he's getting in at 2 30, 4 and 35, then the next day, the stock dips, what? Two, $3. So automatically he sees his account in the red and he gets out off at trade that could have made him $40,000.

So this is trader one takes the tray, jumps out the next day. Why? Because of this conditioning of a day trader a day trade of things while I'm taking this trade. And if, for whatever reason, okay, my account is not in the green tomorrow. Oh. I got to jump the out. No, that's not how this works. If you take a trade route here and all the conditions, why you were taking the tray, which I'm going to touch upon here in just a few minutes, if all the conditions is still mad, look, it's a $230 stock. Okay. Would you be jumping out? Let's say you were trading at $10 stock. Would you be jumping if your stock dropped from $10 to $9 and 94 cents, would you? Well, that's exactly what this trader does right here. I mean, this stock moves to $3 lower. He says his account, uh, profit and loss going temporarily negative.

He jumps out. He wants to cop, but he's not focusing on the chart. He's focusing on his P and L. That's why he's making this mistake. So guys, if that pertains to you, if you can solve this, it's going to allow you to have an explosive growth as a trader. In order to do that, guys, you can click the link below and sign up to work with a coach here at 13 market moves. So the next trader, I mean, we'll call him trader too. All right. So very similar conditions, even though I'm personally encouraging this guy to stay with the trade. Now this is Tuesday, right? So the guy takes the trade when on Monday and he gets the alert Tuesday. Here's Tuesday, I'm sending him messages. Okay. Stay with all trades. Don't panic. All right. And yeah, the guy's got some bad trades there, guys.

I mean, some of these trades that were bad entries, some of these trades were brutal. Okay. But look, he does own five MRNs calls. Look at the strike on this $240 tripe. He bought them at $3 and 50 cents, $3 and 50 cents. I mean, so the two 40 fives were going for like dollar and some change, dollar 80. Okay. The two forties, we're going for three 50 at the time he pulled the trigger. So that's his cost guys understand that these very option was worth almost $50 right here by Friday. And yeah, you're going to say well, but Leonardo, it's impossible to stay with the trade for this long. No, it's not, not. If you understand the reason and behind the tray and you stick to the 13 market moves methodology of why you give them to trade. You understand that in order to do that, you've got to take all the courses that were offered at 13 market moves.

Okay? Click the link below if you want to do that. But the point here is this, does he have some bad traits? Yes. He's got a coin, two 50 call. He's got Amazon way out of the money calls and he's got five in Marnay. So these two trades could have gone completely bust and he would have still made 25 grand on the street. Well, Leonardo, how you coming out with that guys? These two 40 calls. Uh, they were going for almost 50 bucks right here. Well, five times 50 guys, the math is simple. It's just the bid shy of a 25 grand. Look what happened. So I I'm incarnation. The guy stayed with the trades. Don't panic. Okay. Get ready for this. He sells right here. All right. Look at this Wednesday. Hi Lee. You know, I sold all my position. Any place for today. W what? Hold on. Didn't we just stock about right here. Stay with all trades. Don't panic. Now this was on Tuesday. Stay with all trades. Don't panic comes Wednesday.

I sold all my position anyplace for today. Yeah. I gave you a play on Monday that you're supposed to manage and stay with it. I told you exactly. Don't panic state with a tray trader to gets out right here. So now notice how strong he actually has to be mostly to stay with his train. And I'm giving you some easy tips. Hi guys, here. Stop looking at your P and L it's on the chart. Focused, not on what the trade is doing right now. Focus on where the trade is going. So one guy, Trey, the one gets out right here and Tuesday trade are the two gets out on Wednesday. When right before the explosive move higher he's sales right here, guys. All of it. Now he, the math, you had five of our nine to 40 trucks. I called he sold them Wednesday.

Okay. There were going as much as 49 bucks. That's 25 grand. I mean, rounded 25. Just a bit shy of 25. All right. Let's move on to let's move on to trader three trader. Okay. So actually trade with his trainer on Friday, he had a small account with duke, some shots trying to shoot for the moon. And so he lost half of the account desk. So he's account was 2,800 bucks. He was down to $1,400. Okay. So Monday he's asking me any place today. What I say, M RNA do 35 to 40 calls. Now with fortune a hundred. How much would it he had been able to buy about four or five contracts again? What would these contracts would have made the straight or with 1400 bucks? He would have made $20,000. If you would've just taken the trade. Now here's the shocker. The guy never dates.

The trait never takes the trade 1400. Would've made him over 20 K. So here's your trader three who sit in there and just simply it's cherry picking. Well, you know, I I've taken some bad trades. Would you lay it out on Friday? Therefore I'm not going to take this trade. Okay. Again, when I was showing you the probabilities, okay. You can not change them at the dollars. You can not start cherry picking just because maybe the first few trades they go bust. All right. That's how you miss out on a $20,000 home run with what? With 1400 bucks, 1400. I mean, some of you that work with a decent size or kind of like a hundred grand, I mean, five grand in straight, I would have paid your car would have paid your house for some people. Guys. Don't be the guy that Sherry picks the trait, trader three cherry picker.

Doesn't take the 20 K trade. It's a 20 X trade, take the tray. Don't share it big. All right. And here is your fourth dot trader, which by the way, you guys are going to hear from some of these traders throughout the weekend. Some of the guys that, you know, made some money, took some losses here and there. I mean, you're going to see it all the good, the bad and ugly. But so this is the trader right here who takes the trade Monday, stays with the trade. Uh, now I'll do a little spoiler. He sells some of it right here. Well, Nope, no. It's not a bad idea, right? I mean, you get in at 2 29 and you cash out closer to 2 55 to 60 area. I mean, that's a $30 move. The guy is focusing on the biggest size move. And guess what?

He doesn't sell all. He takes a little bit off the table and then he guesses out pretty much at the top right here. So the result while trade or four makes an excess of 20, 25 grand. So again, it doesn't take many contracts. It doesn't take a huge investment. Okay. But look specifically, I told the guy to stay with the trade Bob Friday, cash out. And that's what the guy does. So here's your difference between trader one who jumps out on the next day after he takes the trade trader two, who jumps up on the third day after he takes the trade trader three, never, the trade and trader four stays with the trade executes. According to the plan he gets fake. Now you probably want her, okay. So what was the methodology behind the Mr. Lynch? Right? What's the trade structure, trade process here.

We don't have a ton of time to talk about it than this video guys, but will just shed some light on the main pattern on the main bullish pattern right here. And so it's got the handle, right? So if you draw this out, this is your cup of the handle pattern. This is your breakout point. And we were sending messages to get in here. Why? Because of these confirmation. So it had a chance to break below, uh, this, uh, initial answer level, but we caught it when we saw some strong move on Sean volume to the op side. And this was our auntie Ron here. So we've been following this chart very closely, uh, for actually a few weeks, but we filed a nail east and tree from where the stock broke out. Explosively had huge momentum higher, and we stayed with the trade guys.

It was easy to just stay with trade, look at the bond, just look at these volume bars, right? You've got a somewhat decent volume, but then volume each day, the stock goes higher. Volume is increasing and it's doing it when, when the dropping the market is crashing. This thing is going to explosively higher. Meg D breakout to the upside bullish cross Ron here, a ton about stuff. I don't have some indicators bloody in here, but again, we're trying to simplify this video. So visualize this better. And Scott with the handle, very bullish pattern. Okay. Breaks out right here. The initial breakout right here at some of the, uh, uh, sellers were shaken off another move, higher confirmation by the volume and tree. Ronnie that's the Andrew. All right. So let's talk about some other trades that similar pattern, but just didn't work out. I mean, this is probably the most unfortunate case for the week.

Guys. I had a trader that starts and loses 20 grand on this Amazon trade. Yes, no. This guy literally lost 20 grand and I really feel for him, but guess what? He got the message to get into Amazon calls right here on my, uh, on Tuesday when Amazon was at 3,700, I was watching these Amazon trade on Tuesday and basically this 36, 736 90 area was a strong level of support after Amazon started moving substantially higher, uh, in the prior week. And I was watching this area as an entry. So I sent a message right here, getting in right here. So at that point, Amazon was about 37, 10, and he didn't get in. He didn't get in and this move right here would have made him in access of $24,000. And then we end up getting in the trade right here, based off the same criteria based off the same everything.

Okay. This trade does not work out. Okay. The guy loses 20 grand. So, uh, why was Amazon potentially a very good tray, uh, going into the second half of the week? I mean, clearly that did not end up the case and ended up being a bad trade. Uh, we have multiple bed entries on the street, but Amazon cup with a handle, I posted the beat on July 5th saying the stock was going to break out from the scaffold, handled that. So the pattern is identical. Okay. However, sometimes the behavior after a couple of the handle banners is going to be such that the stock is going to pull back to a level near to that breakout point, and then it could resume the explosive move higher again. So if we're near that breakout point, so the question is, is it gonna move lower and, you know, break for that level lower?

Is this going to be your ultimate second perfect buying opportunity on Amazon calls right here. So the tray guys sink tray structure without going into a ton of details and a couple of the handle, Amazon, couple of the handle. Now, typically most of the couple of handles, they gonna run like this one and I've been comparing this MRN guys. I did post the video on MRNs about two weeks ago on our channel. You can go back and watch it. I said, am RNA is likely to resemble that behavior off in VDA. And I said, meaning, it's going to go higher day after day after day after day. And it's going to seem like, well, this thing just can't move higher anymore. And it keeps moving higher. So look in VDA it's same pattern, right? We told you to buy the hell out of it. All right.

So here's your pattern now recently we've been short and VDA. Okay. Not so long ago, we've been shortened it and it's finally making this move lower. But the part Ron here with the copy of the handle, I noticed the time for him. So almost for three weeks straight uninterrupted, this stock just keeps moving higher and higher and higher and higher. So same pattern, same conditions, right? Bullish cross right here. All right. Until, until we get break down on this beer moment around here on the Maggie, uh, now guys, the pattern is identical in all three charts. What I'm trying to reference is Amazon could have done exactly what in DDA would have done around here. It should have gone an interrupted higher day by day, not necessarily hundred dollars a day, but Amazon could have made basically a pattern just like this. And so when we're looking at this trade right here, early in the week, everything was confirmed, right?

Everything was confirmed based off the pattern based off that structure, based off the levels, based off everything, Amazon should have moved higher, but in this particular, it it's true. Isn't it it's breakup point around here that we've got to kill the trade on Amazon for you guys next week. Um, and so we have ton of guys. I mean, I have guys on three K to up to 50 K right here, and the sand is on trade. I know some of you missed it, so don't miss out next trade. But the point is the chart pattern is identical, slightly different behavior in the case of Amazon. So out of three trades, you've got three identical patterns and it's highly reasonable to expect this sort of continuation. Amazon just fails the pattern after the breakout possibly temporarily. Okay. So basically to summarize this guys, all three trades, same pattern, same reason for the trade and staying with the trade, but it does not guarantee a hundred percent success on each tray.

So what's the point don't cherry pick the trades, take every trade. All right. So the only way to beat the market guys with bottles to summarize it is to focus on the outcome of multiple traits. Don't look at your situation is like, okay, well I've taken two bad trades or three bad trades, or I've taken one bad trade. And I can't sleep at night. I mean, there's some guys like that out there. He's just emotionally, uh, deep turned into a total rap after a couple of bad traits. If you are a trader, you cannot afford to do that. Imagine if you opened the business and nobody would show up the first month, what would you close it down? I mean, maybe you were, maybe it was your dream to open a certain type of business. And you finally, after years and years of Flint and you finally got to open it and for the first month, you just not having any luck.

Okay. For the first month, Hey, you're losing money. Okay. What does that mean to give up on your drink? Is that a reason to not stay open for another month? Maybe another couple of years. Cause that what it really takes in the business, you gotta be in the business for a few years until you possibly finally turned profitable. Now it's not for every DAPL situation, but generally expect some difficulties expect that there's going to be some time to figure things out. Don't expect. Yeah. Some traders, you know, we basically take their count of the morning on the first few trades, but it doesn't necessarily work for everybody guys. Okay. You could come in and you could be down on 2, 3, 4 trades just don't miss the fifth trade. So don't look at your trading activities from the perspective of one trade. Oh, it was a bad trade or it was a good trade.

My account is up or down. Look at your trading activities as the outcome of multiple trades in a row, 10, 20, 50, a hundred trades. Now the only condition that has to be met, you can not change your trade and system, whatever you've got in place, you have to stay 100% true to it. Or if you don't have a trading system or specifics that you look at before you get into a tray and you know your answers, your exit guys, you've got to get some help. You've got to click the link below, schedule a 20 minute coaching call right now and talk to your senior trader here. 13 market moves. So you've got to stay true. If you're going to analyze the outcome of your trades over 10, 20, 30, 50, a hundred, a hundred instances, then you also have to commit to be 100% true. Do the trading methodology and execution each and every time.

So you can't afford to change your process each time because you will miss out on some 20, $30,000 traits. And that is with a small account. Imagine if you're working with a bigger account, what you could do. So at this point you probably have questions. Okay? So where's the marinade going to go next week, Leo where's Amazon's going to go. Where does the video going? Okay. And more importantly, the question I will be asking right now, not where am RNA and its own videos going, but specifically what Earnin splays are we focusing on next week? Earning season this year, guys, this common wig, it's going to be the big grand opening for the earning season. We've got multiple weeks of incredibly great market environment. Don't miss out on it, guys. The opportunity is here. The question is, are you going to be a part of it?

And you're sitting there fingered, but Leo, I missed out on this $1 special that you were mentioning in one of the videos recently, guys, I invite you to schedule a call. Okay? I will do this for those of you that watch this video till the very end that tells me that you're truly okay. Want to move to a better place in your trading and for that reason, okay? I invite you to visit right now, 13 and mtv.com trade with a coach. Click the link right here. You're going to go to this phase right here. $1 on it. I'm going to give you guys a second chance. One more time to those of you that have missed out now after you pay the $1. Okay. Make sure you schedule a [email protected] before you begin. Okay. Getting the alerts are trading with a coach. You will need to schedule a call and talk to a senior trader before you get started.

Okay. So with that said, guys, I hope this video was insightful about the chart patterns, similarities and how the same trade taken by four different traders could turn into entirely different result. So if you want to improve as a trader guys, I invite you to take the action to learn the third 10 markets, move formula, to get familiar with charts, patterns, and diverges. If you trade without it, it just like trying to run. If you're blind, you can't see anything. How can you run? It's a certain recipe. It's, it's a definite recipe for disaster to kill your account. So don't run blindly out there. Schedule a call 13marketmoves.com. Guys, I'll get you on the next trade soon. Let's roll.


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