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During the last few months we have compiled a bunch of Q&A consultation calls wherein we answered all your burning questions about trading.

These are answers to your questions that can help you get better with your trading game.

Seriously, DO NOT START TRADING until you get all these information!

If you are struggling, feeling lost and stuck, these information will help you get over what's keeping you stuck with lousy trades.

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Sample Questions Answered In This Course

What is the best day to trade during the week?

What is the best time frame of the day to trade?

How many trades should you take in a day?

How to reach the point where markets can not shake up your emotions?

Leonardo, I can’t sleep at night can you help me?

What specific action could you take daily to master and learn from your emotions?

What are the 3 areas of trading to master to evolve into a great trader?

How to calculate the value of your option the day of expiration?

How to identify best entries and exits by understanding your emotional responses?

What type of mindset is beneficial when evaluating your next trade?

How to build a bull or bear case?

What should you do if your wife won't let you trade no more?

What is the recipe for getting your trading account back on track?

What is the basic way to search for stocks with high DTR for free?

How precise are "the Greeks"?

What strategy gives you a chance of beating probabilities of "the Greeks"?

What are the evidence you should identify to build a solid case?

What type of stocks should you focus on if you want to build your account faster? a lot more

What Are You Waiting For?

Over 230+ Answers to trading questions in video format with explanations.
+++ BONUS VIDEOS: (worth $1,000)
+ $12K to $466K Live Trading Video Course (worth $299)
+ 8 Habits of Highly Successful Trader (worth $199)
+ Live Trading Video Playlist (worth $199)
+ Rockstar Trader Video Bundle (worth $299)