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Day trader makes $5447 in 2 hours while working on friday


Mike, the priest is back. Friday, October 9th, 2020. Explaining the Domino's pizza trade.

I'm currently a gold member.

Uh, shout out to Leonardo Chris, Mike and Brandon. You guys are great. I just love Fridays.

Fridays are best trading days.

All right. Uh, here's the quick explanation of today's Domino's pizza trade.

Let's dive in.

Alright, classic move three, pretty much bought in, and I got an alert from the, uh, 13 market moves gold club, uh, right around, uh,  394 for the second...

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DayTrader makes $16,562 in just 2 trades this week while working 9-5


What's up everybody.

My name is Mike and I'm currently 21% VIP club member here at 13 market moves trading with Chris.

Who's an awesome senior trader trading coach and mentor.

So I currently work full time for FedEx as an analyst and also trade on the side.

So yes, guys, it can be done. You can have a full time, nine to five job and still trade. So I don't want to waste, uh, much of your time.

Let's jump right in.

So I'm here today to share with you the JB hunt day trade we took today that...

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$5k into $20k Which market move did Mike trade today to turn $5k into $20k in 1 daytrade?


Mike here again with another video.

Um, I am gold club member with 13 market moves trading with Chris.

Um, I'm here today to share with you my spy trade. I took today where I essentially took $5,000 to $20,000. As you can see the PNL day right here, these three 47 strike puts, um, you know, close to just over 20 K. So 5k to 2010. That's about a 300. That's exactly a 300% return.

So yeah, let's head over to the charts so I can walk you through that trade. So here we have the five minute, the...

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DayTrading $1.6k into $10k in 1 trade: using 13marketmoves strategy


Hey guys, this is Brandon from 13 market moves, and I wanted to share with you my, um, 628% Day trade today. I'm trading spy puts initiating my positions at 10:02 AM this morning. It says seven here, because I'm on Pacific time right now, but these are all, you know, you just add the three hours to it and you'll be fine. Um, I ended up taking 38 position, 30, 38 contract positions, um, of spy puts 'em basically I ended up taking the three 46 puts at an average price of roughly 44 cents. Okay....

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Another 13marketmoves Student Shows Details on How He Made+$8461 in 3 Days Trading Options


How's everybody doing?

My name is Dennis.

It is a pleasure to be back.

We'll do another trade with a part of the team 13 Market Moves formula.

Chris. I got to give 100% to Chris. He helped me out with wonderful trade, with wonderful execution.

So let's go ahead and jump right into it.

September 30th, early in the morning, by 11 o'clock we started accumulating the position here.

Every time it would go down, we would add more contracts. We would add more contracts on a call side. We'll swing it...

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13marketmoves Trading Training: Student Makes +$7759 in 1 Swing Trade


Trading wins and losses is just like everything else in life that is worth fighting for. Do you remember your marriage? Man, it was beautiful when you were getting married, but you had no idea how ugly the losses of this divorce were actually going to be. Like opening the business, thinking you'd get rich overnight. But in the midst of it, you ended up maxing all of your credit cards just to sustain that business for a few years before you even realize a tiny bit of your first profits. Like...

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Day Trading Student Gains 900% Using Simple 13 Market Moves Pattern


This was you at 09:30 this morning, feeling lucky when the market just opened up. Feeling lucky without any calculations.


Now, this was you at 4:01 PM when the markets closed. Suddenly realizing that some calculations would have definitely helped you out today. And this is you now, trying to figure out how to get it all back.

Great news.

You're only 13 moves away from figuring it all out. Calculate your next trading move before it happens, so you can celebrate each trading day. Get the...

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New 13marketmoves Student DOUBLES ACCOUNT in 2 trades +$3190


Hello. My name is Abi and I am recording this video on October 2nd, 2020 at a little past 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

I would like to talk about the two trades that I took. The first one was Peloton and the second was Boeing.

Peloton was for call options and Boeing was for puts.

But before I talk about my trades, I want to thank my mentor and my guide, Chris. Chris, from the 13 Markets Move Team has been helping me become a better trader. He's been coaching me and guiding me. And he's...

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