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"I did a 3500% returns in 1 day!"

Hey, what's up guys? 
My name is Mike, coming to you from beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado, my home, and I want to tell you a little bit about the 13 Market Moves YouTube channel, something that I have used to great success. 
I have been trading for just a little bit under a year. I have a really good friend. I was best man at his wedding. 
He works for a trading firm at the CBOE in Chicago. They do coaching, things like that, and he got me...
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"I did some trading on Friday and was able to take $2,600 into $7,200..."

Hey, what's up guys? 
This is Mike. I want to make a short video here today regarding the 13 Market Moves channel and whether or not it actually works. 
I did some trading on Friday, two days ago. 
I'm recording this on Sunday and was able to take about $2,600 to $7,200. 
I use the principles that are taught in this channel to make those gains. I'm going to show you a little bit about how I did it and how I use some of the...
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