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Options Trader Documentary:

$500K to $5.9 MILLION in 4 days!


If you're a trader, we have a special guest today who will be sharing his secrets of how he made over $5 million this week trading options with 13 market moves.

First of all, congratulations. And can you give us a quick summary of what happened in the last 10 days?


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Trading Options $50K into $504K in 4 Days | Trading With A 13 Market Moves Coach


I've been asked to do a testimonial about my experience with 13 market moves. My name is Keith Hadden. I'm from Houston, Texas. I am a, uh, I I'm really a day trader. I don't tell everybody that because I'm not a very good one, but now I can brag a little bit that I've been working with 13 market moves, a company that I found on the internet actually found them on YouTube as far back as 2018, and, uh, have watched and reviewed and studied many of their videos. And finally got up the nerve to...


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I Made $200K in 4 Days Trading Options - Here's What I Did


Hi, my name is Tom. I work for the federal government. I've been trading options for a while. I make a little bit of money. I lose a little bit of money. It was like a slow death. I couldn't get an attraction with my account. It was just, it was just mediocre.


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Trader Interview Documentary: Trading Options $40K to $161K in 3 days!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are interviewing today, Mr. OG, who is an options trader and is eager to share some trading insights on how to trade as high-performance options trader Mr. OG, could you tell us in a few words, the outcome of your trading this week with 13 market moves?


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Robert Trades with Coach Leo and Takes His Account from $65K to $1.3 MILLION!

For the fear of losing money. It was always the fear and having the mental thing that the money's going to disappear, that the money's gonna go away.
I blew the first account. I blew 40 K the first time.
I was devastated.
I tried to keep it from my wife.
I didn't know what to do...
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John Bertsch Trades with Coach Brandon and Takes his Account from $130K to over $1 MILLION!

It's not so much the money for me is it is the mastery that you've said it really is the mastery.
And the money for me is just a side benefit.

It's also gonna help my wife and daughter and having a more secure future.

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Trade Fearlessly

Trade Like A  Rockstar!


I had some trades that had an extreme upside, not go my way.

And I came close.

I blew up my account twice.

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Working with Leo is like riding in the roller coaster.

If you jump out, it can be dangerous to your account. Let me show you why.


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